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When the exhibition is postponed or cancelled, where is the marketing road for foreign trade exhibitions under the epidemic situation?
A new model of Google Exhibition Marketing! The following process explains how to play the hot spots of the exhibition, and inquiries: 400-0430-678
Under the severe epidemic situation, China's foreign trade industry is suffering a huge impact. The export trade industry, which contributed 17.23 trillion yuan in performance, also faced a difficult dilemma.
Starting from the spring of last year, foreign trade companies will enter an important stage of market development and business expansion: participating in various international and domestic exhibitions, pushing customers abroad, visiting customers, and receiving visiting buyers.
However, the advent of the epidemic has brought all this to a halt: immigration control and business activities were forced to be cancelled; the German Cologne exhibition, Canton Fair, and more than 120 important international and domestic trade shows have been postponed or cancelled.
What is even more worrying is that it will take a few months to get a full victory in the war.
The source of customers cannot be interrupted and the business cannot be stopped. Where are the outlets for a large number of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to develop markets and customers?
According to the current situation of China's foreign trade epidemic, Google launched a new marketing strategy for exhibitions in the new economic era!
Overview of Chinese companies exhibiting overseas
The data shows that from 2012 to 2019, the number of overseas exhibitions is about 1700 each year. In the past two years, the number of companies participating in overseas international exhibitions every year has continued to exceed 60,000 (nearly 60,000 in 17 years). ).
The above data shows that participating in overseas exhibitions is a rigid demand for B2B companies to do export marketing.
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In the context of the new economic era, combined with the current special period, how to seize the new opportunities of exhibition marketing?
1. Diversified exhibition marketing modes in the new economic era
In the era of digital economy, exhibition marketing is mainly divided into three types:
  • In the era of digital economy, exhibition marketing is mainly divided into three types:
  • · Offline mode, traditional offline exhibition centered on enterprises
  • · Offline and online combined mode (O2O)
    • · Pure online mode
*The first three modes require companies to send people to the exhibition site to acquire customers
1 Offline mode-traditional offline exhibition centered on enterprises
Before the exhibition
-Choose an exhibition and book a booth
-Choose the main products for exhibition
-Identify exhibitors
-Research exhibition industry information
-Investigate peer exhibit information
-Preparing exhibition boards, promotional materials/interactive small gifts
-Preparation of product samples and molds
-Book a flight ticket hotel and learn about local culture and customs
-Send Emaio to existing customer resources
-Invite customers to the exhibition
Before the exhibition
-Recommend products to new customers,
Display of enterprise products and advantages
-One-to-one communication with key customers
-Visit regular customers on the spot
Maintaining customer relations
-Collect visiting business cards
And corporate information, etc.

Before the exhibition
-Collect and collect customer information, file
To CRM system
-Communicate with customers through Emal and establish
-Implement new business requirements of old customers
-Follow up high-intention customers, deal with inquiry reply

Why can online marketing help improve the effectiveness of exhibition marketing? Here we can split into two problems.
1) What are the challenges facing offline exhibitions?
Cannot be reached before the show
New customers, during the exhibition
Short contact can't let customers
Households are deeply interested in exhibiting companies
Cannot be reached before the show
New customers, during the exhibition
Short contact can't let customers
Households are deeply interested in exhibiting companies
  • · Unable to reach new customers before the exhibition, short-term contact during the exhibition, customers cannot be deeply impressed by exhibitors;
  • · During the exhibition, peer competition is fierce, and it is difficult for exhibiting companies to stand out and win customer attention;
  • · Communicate with customers after the exhibition. There is no effective way to continuously communicate and interact with customers, and ROI is difficult to measure.
2) What opportunities can we see behind the data?
BAUMA is the world's largest and most professional construction, mining and construction machinery exhibition
Held every three years, the time is in early April.
Before and after the exhibition, the period of time that customers pay close attention to brings the customer's attention to the entrance of the exhibitor's information. Based on the facts, online marketing can be carried out at a specific time period
CES case
The US Consumer Electronics Show CES is an international exhibition with large scale, large influence and many exhibitors
Held once a year, in early January
Before and after the exhibition, you can also see a similar pattern, bringing customers over at the micro moments of the exhibition.

We take the data from the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show as an example. The annual consumption of the Consumer Electronics Show exceeds 170,000, the number of participating companies exceeds 4,500, and the number of speakers exceeds 1000+. It is a global influential exhibition.

Through Google Trends, we can see that in January of each year, the online attention of the exhibition is very high, especially during the period before and after the exhibition.

Based on this fact, before the exhibition and during the exhibition, we should take advantage of the phenomenon that customers pay close attention to the exhibition, pull potential customers into your customer list, and let the company and customers have a good continuous communication in advance .

2 Offline and online combined mode (O2O

There are two modes of O2O exhibition:

One is an O2O exhibition centered on the organizer of the exhibition

The second is the O2O exhibition centered on the enterprise

O2O exhibition refers to the large-scale exposure based on the traditional model and the Internet. Online advertising covers 3-5 days before the start of the exhibition and 15 days after the end of the exhibition.

Let the enterprise exposure go from online to offline exhibition, and then return to online for continuous communication with customers.

With the organizer as the center, for example, the Canton Fair guides overseas customers to the exhibition.
① O2O exhibition marketing user path
Online ①②——Offline ③——Online is ④⑤⑥——Offline ⑦⑧

The entire user path:

  • · Customers search the exhibition information online and enter the website of the enterprise exhibition——①②
  • · Communicate at the company booth during the exhibition-③
  • · After the exhibition, online access to corporate information again, and continuous interaction-④ ⑤ ⑥
  • · Finally, the process of signing and delivering to offline is completed, we define it as the marketing path of O2O exhibition ⑦⑧
② How to prepare enterprises for O2O exhibition marketing
Selected exhibitions. The preparation of the exhibition refers to the previous talk
Build a website for business
Single-page website supporting exhibition marketing (specially designed for different exhibitions)
Build a marketing website (more general introduction of companies/products/services/technology)

Formulate special online marketing budget and do online marketing layout
The core question: When high-potential customers search for information on the Internet/browse websites/receive emails/watch videos, do they have a chance to see your products?
Corporate-centric online and offline exhibition marketing (O2O)
Industry market opportunities?
Target countries and customers?
Cross-device support
Website performance evaluation
Marketing budget setting
Marketing product selection
Marketing effectiveness evaluation
Implementation of optimization recommendations
Step 1: Analysis of exhibition opportunities

How to analyze an exhibition can be analyzed in terms of exhibition scale, exhibition influence, and analysis of exhibitors.

*Exhibition influence-can be analyzed with the help of Google Trends (exhibition + time / + product word)

*Analysis of Exhibitors——Analysis of enterprises to competitiveness by using tools

[The tool can not only see the effect of a specific exhibition, but also support the comparison of the effect between different exhibitions in a specific country. You can choose several exhibitions of interest and put them in this tool at the same time. It will tell you which one in a year. The relative attention of the exhibition is high, and which exhibition is relatively low. 】
Step 2: Single-page website construction

The difference between exhibition marketing websites and standard online marketing websites:

1. The standard online marketing website assumes that the customer has reached the website and markets the product. The core content presented on the website is the company's advantage, product advantage, service advantage or after-sales support advantage;

2. The purpose of the exhibition marketing website is to guide customers to the offline booth of the enterprise through this website and guide the establishment of communication.

Ways to take action to attract customers to the exhibition:
  • The benefits of free admission tickets are suitable for customers who want to follow your business online.
  • Provide an appointment to receive samples of the enterprise. If the product is more expensive, you can provide molds to attract high-potential customers.
  • Gift collection appointment, encourage registration, use electronic vouchers to collect gifts at the booth.
Showcase the company's core products and advantages:
Industry advantage, regional advantage, excellent case
  • Highlight the company's position in the industry or senior experience in participating in the exhibition
  • Qualification certification of enterprises capable of conducting business abroad
  • Successful customer endorsement
In addition, you can set up a one-to-one online reservation at the end, so that interested users can leave contact information, product information they care about, and then let sales interact with customers based on the information received.

Step 3: Exhibition marketing solutions

  • 30 days before the exhibition: the largest online exposure
  • 3-5 days in the exhibition: continuous online exposure, offline interest
  • 14 days after the exhibition, online customers are reached repeatedly

Before the exhibition starts, we can let potential customers know your company's information before they arrive at the exhibition. The Google Display Alliance has 2 million high-quality websites worldwide, which can cover more than 90% of the global Internet users, and can help you reach your potential customers on a large scale.

When large-scale online exposure comes into play, customers come to the exhibition's single-page website to understand the advantages of the enterprise through the website information and arrive at the enterprise's booth during the exhibition. As for the operation of the exhibition, I believe everyone has experience.
After customers participate in the exhibition, they will continue to search for information on the Internet. If you can continue to do online marketing, you can interact with customers again. We call this product remarketing.
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Step 4: Analysis of the exhibition effect

First, the return on investment has improved.

Users can continue to be touched through user matching, similar audiences, and remarketing performance tracking.

At this time, the return on investment of online marketing is higher. It includes not only offline investment, but also online investment. It not only includes the number of offline inquiries, but also includes the online marketing. Inquiry quantity.

Second, the conversion rate has increased significantly.

The customers brought through the online layout are much higher than those passively waiting at the exhibition. Because if the customer arrives at the exhibition page after actively searching, it means that the customer's own intention is very strong, so the conversion rate can be improved.

Exhibition O2O Case
Exhibition O2O case: effect improvement
Description: Significant improvement in customer quality
3 Online mode

The core features of online mode:

It is through online means to arouse customer interest, display products to customers, so that customers come to the company's online marketing page. We define this model as an exhibition marketing model that rubs the hot spots of the exhibition.

Next, you will definitely ask the second question: During the epidemic, you cannot participate in overseas exhibitions on the spot. Can you obtain users through online means? Here we can apply \"Xu exhibition hot spots\" all online exhibition marketing model.

①User path

*The single-page information in step ③ is very important, which is to ultimately guide customers to the marketing website.

In this process, the website of step ⑤ is the same as the website of step ③, the difference is that when customers search for exhibition information, there will be an exhibition guide page to guide customers.

Information on the single page of the exhibition: It is necessary to present some information related to the exhibition, and at the same time, it should guide customers to your marketing website to understand the advantages of the enterprise, products, services, applications, and cases.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t happen, because the customer’s goal is to search for information related to the exhibition. After the exhibition, he will also do research on the Internet. We can also find customers back through remarketing and take your products. Presented in front of customers, so that customers are brought back to the company's online marketing website.

② \"Ru exhibition hot spots\" marketing solutions
\"Ru exhibition hot spots\"Recommended products for marketing
2. How should different types of enterprises choose the exhibition mode to achieve their business goals
Type 1 of the enterprise The exhibition budget of the enterprise is very sufficient, and the number of exhibitors reaches 5 to 8 each year
  • All participating exhibitions are fully deployed into O2O exhibition mode
  • Through the exhibition business, the company's online exposure time for the whole year is up to 70%~90%
  • In the first/second quarter of the special period, the \"Zhu exhibition hot spots\" mode was implemented
Type 2 of the enterprise The budget of the exhibition is limited, and 2 to 3 exhibitions are selected every year to participate
  • For this kind of enterprise, we suggest to implement the O2O exhibition model for the exhibition you think is the most important
  • Choose 2~3 exhibitors who are not present on the spot and implement influential exhibitions in the industry
  • Ensure that through the exhibition business, the online exposure time of the enterprise for the whole year is >70%
Enterprise Type 3 The export business started late and only participated in 1 important industry exhibition every year
  • For this kind of enterprise, we recommend implementing the O2O exhibition model for the most important exhibitions in the industry
  • Choose 2~3 exhibitors who are not present on the spot and implement influential exhibitions in the industry
  • Through the exhibition business, ensure that the online exposure time of the enterprise for the whole year is >50%
Suggestions for the annual marketing plan
to sum up
Online marketing needs to pay attention to the above four things. To sum up, there are four keywords-tools, products, websites, data

1 Tools

The tool is used to find your target market, target customers, and analysis of benchmarking companies. To understand market trends and popularity, you can use Google Trends; select priority markets can use Global Business Opportunities, and analysis benchmarking companies can use SimilarWeb.

Enterprises should pay attention to sorting out the data accumulated in the past offline marketing and customer portraits to determine what kind of customers and what kind of market is your target customer market.

2 products

After companies have clear marketing goals, they can use Google's product portfolio to take advantage of customers' online micro moments and fully expose themselves.

3 Website

The website is the facade of the enterprise. The enterprise must use the website to continuously interact with customers to facilitate inquiries and orders. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to website construction and provide material text, pictures, videos and certifications that highlight the advantages of products and services.

The biggest obstacle to online marketing is trust, and trust is not built overnight, but through the various details presented by the enterprise on the Internet, let customers gradually know you and trust you.

4 Data

Without the use of accumulated customer data, companies cannot maximize the effect of data. We need to use data to look at the essence through phenomena and analyze marketing effects, so as to adjust and optimize corporate marketing strategies, such as: product strategy prior to market strategy. Here you can use GA to accumulate and interpret data.

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