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Your privacy
The Sunac Online Software Service (hereinafter referred to as \"Sunac\") is developed and operated by Shijiazhuang Rongchuang Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \"Sunac\"). Units and individuals who use Sunac services and can independently assume corresponding legal responsibilities are Sunac users. Respecting your privacy is our basic principle. The following is our privacy policy when you use Sunac. As part of the User Agreement, this strategy must be fully accepted when you choose to use the services we provide. The following strategies may be changed as more new services are provided in the future. Once the relevant terms are modified, we will remind and explain on important pages, and will take effect immediately. If you do not agree to the revised privacy policy, you can actively cancel the service you have obtained; if you continue to use the service, it is deemed to accept the modification of the policy. It is recommended that you check it regularly.
What information does Sunac collect?
account informationWe mainly collect the account information submitted according to the requirements when you become a Sunac user, including company information, company name, address, contact person, telephone, fax, e-mail and other company information that need to be submitted in the account (you can modify the above part through the login name and password ).
Entry Information We collect the information you entered into Sunac, including but not limited to your email, contacts, products, and company information.
Implied informationWe also collect hidden information that can be referenced or used by Sunac, which is a necessary measure to prevent Sunac from being maliciously attacked. It is also to make our website interface more friendly and to provide you with more targeted services. Such information comes from \"user access records\", including but not limited to
\"Cookies\"(Access to Sunac requires you to accept\"Cookies\"), \"IP address\".
How does Sunac deal with the collected information?
You have control over the information entered into the Sunac system. You have the right to choose whether to update, modify or publish your information. Sunac does not process the information entered.
You can use Sunac to publish company name, address, contact person, telephone, product and other information on the company website, so that potential partners can get in touch with you in time to promote trade cooperation. You are fully responsible for the information posted. Therefore, we recommend that you consider carefully before posting any personal information.
What kind of responsibilities do you and Sunac take in protecting privacy?
We will do our best to ensure the stability and security of the information you enter through Sunac, but we will not bear the risks caused by the special nature of network transmission, nor will we make any kind of guarantee for this.
We will disclose your information in good faith when:
1. The need to implement Sunac's service terms;
2. With your consent, disclose to a third party;
3. In maintenance and guarantee
SunacAs required by the legitimate interests of other users and the public;
4. When working with a third party to provide users with better services, but the third party will be immediately prohibited from accessing relevant information after the cooperation is over;
5. Corresponding law or state authority
SunacCooperate in providing relevant information.
At the same time, you should also handle all information entered through Sunac carefully, especially personal data; keep your Sunac account and password properly to ensure the safety, accuracy, authenticity and effectiveness of the information. If the login name and password are compromised for some reason, please contact us immediately.
What kind of responsibilities do you and Sunac take in protecting privacy?

If you have any comments or suggestions on our privacy policy, please contactContact us
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