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\"One Belt One Road\" Initiative Economic Dividend
Bring new opportunities to Chinese foreign trade companies
The \"Belt and Road\" includes more than 60 countries along the route, covering 4.4 billion people, accounting for 63% of the world; the economic scale reaches 21 trillion US dollars, accounting for 1/3 of global GDP, and its invaluable role in promoting economic development in Asia and the world .
This strategic layout has spurred trade between my country and the countries along the route and opened a broad market for domestic enterprises. Emerging markets such as Thailand, Laos, and the Middle East have developed rapidly since the second half of 2016, and orders have increased sharply. 2017 is also known as the year of good harvest for foreign trade, especially the demand from small-language countries such as Russia, Brazil, and Ukraine, so that their foreign trade orders have skyrocketed.

French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, etc. are common languages ​​in many countries and regions. French is the most spoken language in the country except English. In addition to the French mainland, 40% of users are distributed in Africa, and the number of users worldwide exceeds 200 million.
The combined population of Spain and Portugal is just over 50 million people, but in Latin America alone, nearly 600 million people speak these two languages. Spanish is spoken in more than 20 countries in Latin America, and the official language of Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, is Portuguese. The global Spanish population even surpasses English.

The rapid development of the small language market

The small-language website is an emerging blue ocean market. In the import and export trade, 60% of the buyers use English, but 40% of the buyers still obtain information through their mother tongue.
Different from the increasingly fierce competition of English websites, the competition of small language websites is very small. Under the global layout, the small language market is the blue ocean market. The earlier the layout, the easier it is to gain market share.
Popularity of small language markets
Language country User population
English · EuropeUnited Kingdom Republic of Ireland Malta
· AmericaUnited States Canada Jamaica Antigua Barbuda Bahamas Barbados Grenada Guyana Saint Kitts Nevis Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent Grenadines Tobago Dominica
· AfricaZambia Gambia Ghana Kenya Nigeria Namibia Malawi Mauritius Rwanda Seychelles Sierra Leone
Tanzania South Africa Swaziland Zimbabwe Liberia
· AsiaIndia Pakistan Philippines Singapore
· OceaniaAustralia Fiji Kiribati Marshall New Zealand Papua New Guinea Vanuatu
2.135 billion people
Spanish · EuropeSpain
· South AmericaMexico Peru Chile Argentina Cuba Guatemala Honduras Uruguay El Salvador Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama
Dominican Republic Puerto Rico Colombia Venezuela Ecuador Bolivia Paraguay
570 million people
Arabic ·AfricaEgypt Libya Tunisia Algeria Morocco Sudan Somalia Djibouti Comoros
· middle EastUAE Saudi Arabia Qatar Iraq Oman Yemen Kuwait Bahrain Jordan Lebanon Syria Palestine
422 million people
French · Western EuropeFrance Belgium Luxembourg Monaco Western Switzerland Andorra
· AmericaCanada (Quebec) Haiti Martinique Guadeloupe Guyana
· AfricaAlgeria Libya Tunisia Madagascar Côte d’Ivoire Mauritania Reunion New Caledonia Mauritius Chad
Rwanda Central Africa Togo Gabon Mali Futuna Burkina Faso Congo (DRC) Congo (Brazzaville) Cameroon Benin Niger Wallis
Burundi Senegal Djibouti Comoros Seychelles Tunisia Morocco
· OceaniaVanuatu Polynesia
338 million people
Russian · Eastern EuropeRussia Belarus Ukraine Lithuania Estonia Latvia Azerbaijan
· Central AsiaKazakhstan Tajikistan Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan
285 million people
Portuguese · EuropePortugal
· AfricaAngola Cape Verde Guinea-Bissau Mozambique Sao Tome Principe
· South AmericaBrazil
250 million people
German · EuropeGermany Austria Liechtenstein Hungary Czechoslovakia Luxembourg Switzerland (Eastern and Central) 175 million people
Italian · EuropeItaly Switzerland (Southern) San Marino Slovenia Vatican 100 million people
Turkish · AsiaTurkey Cyprus 73 million people
Polish · EuropePoland Lithuania 55 million people
Malay · Southeast AsiaMalaysia Indonesia Brunei Singapore 30 million people
Thai · Southeast AsiaThailand 60 million people
Vietnam South · Southeast AsiaVietnam 95 million people
Japanese · East AsiaJapan 127 million people
Korean · East AsiaNorth Korea 80 million people
Dutch · EuropeNetherlands Belgium
· AfricaSouth Africa
· South AmericaSuriname Aruba Caribbean Netherlands Antilles
28 million people
Indonesian · Southeast AsiaIndonesia Malaysia 200000000
Burmese · AsiaMyanmar 32 million people
Lao · AsiaLaos 6 million people
Filipino · AsiaPhilippines 22 million people
Tamil · AsiaIndia Sri Lanka 74 million people
Cambodian · AsiaCambodia 17 million people

Difficulties encountered by foreign trade companies due to language

Chinese foreign trade enterprise owner
Lack of professional foreign trade talents in small languages
The lack of business owners who master language and culture, understand local laws, policies and cultural customs, as well as trade, finance, logistics, energy and other professional knowledge skills hinders the recruitment of more customers.

inaccurate translation
Resulting in very low conversion rates
Due to the low accuracy of translation software, it is not easy for Chinese foreign trade companies to obtain orders from it.

Translation costs, operating personnel costs,
High website promotion cost
In the case of high translation costs, operating personnel costs, and website promotion costs, it will cut a lot of the company's profits.

English to communicate with buyers
Difficult to tie the customer's heart
Although general communication can be conducted in English and other common languages, it is still necessary to communicate with the local people in order to truly understand the cultural thinking patterns of neighboring countries and nations and to narrow the feelings with the locals.

Small language marketing website shocked online

Small language marketing website, with its full terminal device support, global language support, full background connection, comprehensive search engine optimization, full marketing promotion docking,
Omni-channel entrance promotion provides an integrated platform for many foreign trade enterprises!

22 small languages ​​of Sunac Cloud Platform

Six advantages of small language websites


Increase search volume of target customers

The more languages ​​the website uses, the greater the international space covered by the product, which in turn increases the search volume of target customers.


The target market is more precise, and the order conversion rate is greatly improved

Through the website, customers expand their products and services to every corner of the world, attracting many customers from small languages, and the order conversion rate can be greatly improved.


Many languages, improve customer trust

Currently Sunachuang Cloud Platform has developed 25 small languages ​​with large selectivity. When the product introduction of your website happens to be the native language of the website visitor, the customer's purchase trust and cooperation desire will be greatly improved.


Native search ranking is more accurate

If the website has a local native language version, you may have your website on the free snapshot ranking interface. Even with keyword promotion, your landing page is more in line with the customer experience and improving keyword quality scores.


Meet various small languages, change product data and quickly copy

It can quickly add other languages, and modify the product data to be copied to the small language website synchronously, without the need for a second operation.


Accurate translation, barrier-free translation

Translation preparation is extremely high, and big data automatically detects professional terminology. No translation is required for any language translation.

Small language website package fee

service Features price
New customer packages English + 10 small languages 19800 yuan
Old customer expansion pack 10 small languages 9880 yuan
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