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H5 Responsive Official WebsiteThe platform is the core, with the purpose of promoting brand image and introducing information flow, and carrying out multi-channel integrated marketing based on customer needs and habits, so that customer attention is turned to the company's own brand. Position potential customers precisely, quickly increase the number of high-quality customer enquiries, and comprehensively improve the promotion conversion rate. Build a dedicated e-commerce platform, bring a large number of visits through all-round multi-channel marketing, effectively expand the market, enhance the brand image and competitiveness, let customers fully understand the company and products through the website to issue one-to-one inquiry, effectively get rid of the tradition B2B group inquiry and group reply quotations are plagued, avoiding vicious price competition and improving the quality of inquiry. Break the traditional model of over-reliance on the B2B platform \"borrowing a ship to the sea\", achieve your own \"commercial aircraft carrier\". Perfect user experience, same traffic, more enquiries.
Responsive platform, compatiblePC, PAD, mobile phoneVarious devices
Cross-screen marketing, responsive design, According to the type of visitor’s device, automatically adjust the page layout to adapt
Computers, tablets, mobile phones, Internet TVs and other screens of various sizes and resolutions
To any network terminal that may appear, there is no need to develop multiple versions for various devices, let your network
Standing on the computer, tablet, and mobile phone has the ultimate experience, making it easier for potential customers to find you.
72% of users will use multiple devices at the same time
(The data is compiled from the Internet, the average)
At least 60% of users want corporate PC websites
Suitable for mobile browsing and access
66% of mobile device users report mobile website features
And the content is not as good as the PC website
And imminent
Data-oriented, real-time monitoring of the company's official website marketing effects, customer conditions and sales data, and scientific management of customer enquiries
20Over the years, WEB R&D technology has accumulated,Responsive website, So precipitated
Since 1996, more than 20 years so far, with 18 years of experience in R&D, operation and maintenance of well-known B2B e-commerce platforms and technical resources, proficient inSEO search engine optimizationSMO Social Media Excellence化Strategy.
The bottom layer of the platform adopts responsive layout concept and Bootstrap technology
The front end of the platform uses HTML5+CSS3 standard language
Fully comply with W3C WEB technical standards
Why choose our service
Improve conversion through rapid construction, personalized customization and precision marketing
The best of both professionalism and beauty
1Customized website building makes the website stand out and leads through the brand
We always stand on the customer's point of view, creating accurate and feasible, highly commercial value for customers
Brand. According to the user group portrait, corporate brand positioning, product attributes and characteristics,
Create exclusive and corporate brand official websites to deepen customer participation and loyalty. Every micro
Small user experience designs are all specifically tailored.
2Rendering design improves user experience
Starting from customer needs, combined with the marketing direction, use a global awareness to guide the design.
Enhance product value in the details of planning, help customers create a brand image with great commercial value.
The station maintains a consistent personality with the brand and has a unique atmosphere. Attract more users to generate interest
Interesting, and then improve the conversion rate of the website.
3Digital product layout, sales increase killer
Through professional and rigorous product details page, let users to the company's products, prices, services
Fully understand the quality, enterprise strength, satisfaction, etc. Combine content marketing to make products
Has a strong spread of power. Directly hit the customer's pain point, and then the desire to consult and buy.
Our website willspeak
who am I? What can it provide?
What problem can I solve?
Why choose me over others?
Why cooperate now?
success case
Customer Reviews
Social evidence/honor
Production/service process
Promote visitors based on understanding and trust
The force of further action is persuading
Elements that guide interaction in logic
Website marketing strategy16Big factor
One-click access to search engines, social media operationsProgram


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