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When the exhibition is postponed or cancelled, where is the marketing road for foreign trade exhibitions under the epidemic situation?
A new model of Google Exhibition Marketing! The following process explains how to play the hot spots of the exhibition, and inquiries: 400-0430-678
Under the severe epidemic situation, China's foreign trade industry is suffering a huge impact. The export trade industry, which contributed 17.23 trillion yuan in performance, also faced a difficult dilemma. Starting from the spring of last year, foreign trade companies will enter an important stage of market development and business expansion: participating in various international and domestic exhibitions, pushing customers abroad, visiting customers, and receiving visiting buyers. However, the advent of the epidemic has brought all this to a halt: immigration control and business activities were forced to be cancelled; the German Cologne exhibition, Canton Fair, and more than 120 important international and domestic trade shows have been postponed or cancelled. What is even more worrying is that it will take a few months to get a full victory in the war.
The source of customers cannot be interrupted and the business cannot be stopped. Where are the outlets for a large number of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to develop markets and customers? According to the current situation of China's foreign trade epidemic, Google launched a new marketing strategy for exhibitions in the new economic era!
Maybe you need to change an idea?
If you want to continue to achieve the purpose of the exhibition under the situation that the offline exhibition is completely suspended, the online exhibition is a good choice.
Sunac, like foreign traders and overseas companies, pays close attention to the development trend of the exhibition, brings in exhibition suggestions for special periods, and works together with foreign traders to overcome difficulties.
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The first exhibition in 2018 launched the VR-E viewing exhibition. Through the real scene technology, the real scene of the venue booth at the time of the first exhibition will be restored on the Internet, and people who are unable to visit the exhibition site can also be immersive. Glimpse of entering the Expo.
For foreign traders, the benefits of online participation include the following:
01 Low cost of participation
There is no travel of exhibitors, no long-distance transportation costs for exhibited goods, no need to make exhibition materials, as long as relevant products and company introductions are published on the target exhibition online platform, you can freely communicate with exhibitors from all over the world.
02 \"Sufficient\"Exhibiting\"Time
Online exhibitions are not restricted by time and space. As long as you have your own line and booth, you can communicate with customers anytime, anywhere.

03 Big data collection
Online exhibitions can use big data to accurately analyze, track the total traffic of the exhibition, the number of booths visited, and inquiry information. Compared with the analysis of business card information of offline exhibitions, it saves time and effort.

04 Safety and Environmental Protection
The online exhibition will not produce a large amount of exhibition garbage to pollute the environment, nor worry about the release of toxic substances from the construction materials to endanger the health of the participants. It is really safe and environmentally friendly.

Under the predicament, online exhibitions are undoubtedly a great tool for breaking the foreign trade deadlock. Enterprises that are unable to participate in the exhibition due to epidemic situations may wish to try to change from offline to online. Through Google's massive platform and user data, they can achieve epidemic prevention and exhibition control.First of all, the excellent exhibition single page is the first step to open the door to a new world:
The single page of the exhibition should indicate the original planned exhibition, it is recommended to match the previous exhibition pictures, and explain the reasons for the epidemic situation can not attend the exhibition, but can ensure product safety and supply, and provide free samples;
It is recommended to embody functions such as \"download product introduction\", \"download customer success stories\", \"apply for free samples\" and other functions to facilitate users to download related files and sample applications. While acquiring more potential users, achieve remarketing;
Install remarketing code and conversion tracking on a single page, build a list of remarketing audiences for different users, and repeat the brand exposure of the audience on the list through Google advertising
So, what should companies pay attention to when participating in online exhibitions?
01Online booth browsing experience
The quality, introduction form, and product features of the products displayed at the online exhibition should be focused and the picture should be comfortable;
BoothCommunication channels are as diverse and convenient as possible, so that customers can communicate smoothly
The electronic version of the supply price strategy and the introduction of new products should also
Prepare the corresponding documents. Reduce communication costs;
02Introducing traffic from online booths
Planned wellDesign, marketing and promotion of online exhibitions are the top priority.
Introduce effective traffic, expand exhibition views, increase booth reputation, and effectively solve
\"Buyer traffic\" problem.

03Flexible use of tools can do more with less

Keyword strategyIt is based on the user's behavior in search and citation. We need to use appropriate key to promote, so that our content can appear in the user's search results.

SufficientuserExperienceAfter that, set up keywords that match your site's strengths. ,

To make the set keywords appear in the user's search list. Google Ads search campaigns can help youGoals, Effectively promote keywords.

Google Display AdvertisingCan be placed on an advertising network composed of many websites and applications. Online exhibitors combine special products andFocus on the image information of the new product material, use the broader audience targeting category in Google Ads display ads, push the booth information to the customer's browsing page, and increase the positional traffic.

Google Ads video adsThe series can vividly display booth information and corporate stories, attracting in the most intuitive and vivid wayuser. YouTube action call for advertising, spread out the video materials and corporate stories of the current booth on the YouTube platform,Through regular exposure at the same time to directly obtain conversions, increase the number of booth views of more target users, to achieve product quality and integration.

Change your mind, the turning point is at hand. Under the wave of big data, all walks of life are eager to embrace\"Cloud Times\"Now, the current special period of the epidemic. The superiority of e-commerce is particularly prominent.

With the future5G and VRThe technology is maturing. Online exhibitions may become a new trend. Take this opportunity to becomeThe first wave of foreign traders who eat crabs!

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