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Lead user manual This document mainly introduces the use of leading responsive websites, mainly including the following parts: 1. Things you need to know at the first time; 2. Must-see videos; 3. Answers to some questions that users often encounter; 4. Website version release content; 5. Help center and contact information. 1.63MB 120 Download
Leading V2.1.9 release notes.pdf New requirements: 1. Add a variety of picture mask interaction methods in the style of the picture collection component: from bottom to top, from left to right, from right to left, from the middle to Thursday and Friday; 2. In sharing WeChat sharing is added to the component. Click the WeChat icon to pop up a QR code window. Optimization needs... 466KB 241 Download
Leading V2.1.7 release manual.pdf Optimization needs: The button style of the information collection form (online form) is improved, and a variety of button colors are supported. Because the button of the previous form cannot be used in the foreground after the color is selected in the background, most of the buttons on the website were gray in the past. This version supports it after modification. 481KB 220 Download
Leading V2.1.6 release manual.pdf The quick contact component supports the function of personalizing the background and changing the picture; the picture in the rich text editor supports the personalized title attribute; solves the problem that the dark comment is not displayed in the IE browser 498KB 224 Download
Leading V2.1.2 Release Notes.pdf The background preview can be positioned to the current editing page; the social attention component adds Instagram; the h1~h6 tag identification is added to the paragraph in the toolbar of the rich text editor 456KB 244 Download
Leading V2.1.3 Release Notes.pdf New requirements: new \"rolling news\" component, new download category in download management system\"download category sorting\" function, button component can be inserted into icon font function. Optimization needs: style optimization of background component operation items, etc. 795KB 215 Download
Leading V2.1.0 Release Notes.pdf New demand: add \"icon font\" component; add picture component, you can adjust the color and transparency function of the picture mask. Optimization needs: The icon font is integrated into the article list component and so on. When adding articles, when the author and source are empty, default values ​​are given at the front desk. 849KB 231 Download
Leading V2.0.8 Release Notes.pdf New demand: product detail page, the size of the large product image is increased by 350*350 and 400*400; the product classification component adds the default expanded and collapsed control items; optimization needs: the quick contact component is changed from the default gray icon to the image Bright icons... 758KB 206 Download
Leading V2.0.7 release manual.pdf New requirements: 1. The product list component adds multiple sets of button styles with animation effects; 2. The fast navigation component adds multiple sets of display styles; 3. The new \"keyword analysis tool\" submodule under the SEO module, Provide links to multiple keyword analysis tools. Optimization needs... 1.36MB 234 Download
Leading V2.0.6 Release Notes.pdf New demand: 3 sets of themes are newly launched for users of the newly launched website; the function entry of \"add similar products\" is added to the background product management list; the article search component is added to realize the search of article titles, abstracts and contents . 1.27MB 216 Download
Leading V2.0.5 Release Notes.pdf New function: Add multiple sets of button styles for selection on the product details page; Optimize function: optimize the setting items of the article list component; add \"clear style\" function to the text component. 1.02MB 218 Download
Leading V2.0.4 release manual.pdf New requirement: Improvement of scrolling picture components, addition of multiple sets of left and right arrows and paging to switch display methods.....Optimization requirement: change the value of \"component height\" in the edit style of the component to \"adaptive\" And \"fixed height\", warning text is given when fixed height is selected... 870KB 253 Download
Leading V2.0.3 release manual.pdf The following new functions are added: 1. The line setting function is strengthened, and many functions such as line border, line margin, content area border, margin, and column margin are added to meet the needs of multiple specific application scenarios; 2. Product categories are newly added Vertical expansion to collapse the general style; 3. The article category newly added vertical expansion to collapse the general style. 1.24MB 235 Download
Leading V2.0.2 Release Notes.pdf You need to experience these functions on the new version: 1. Add advanced slide components to support multi-layer graphic separation of text and picture buttons; 2. Add a style to product search; 3. The new version V2.0 background is online, and you can switch in the upper right corner New and old version background, I suggest you gradually move to the new version background 427KB 234 Download
Leading V2.0.1 release manual.pdf New requirement: The video component adds a choice of playback methods, you can choose whether the video is embedded in the current page or pop-up window...Optimization requirements: the button component is enhanced, and the button style can be flexibly set... 371KB 212 Download
Leading V1.2.7 release manual.pdf New requirements: two new styles are added to the article list, and the date is separately highlighted on the left; in the editing style of the component, the color and style settings of the mouse up are added for ordinary text and link text, etc.; optimization needs... 362KB 221 Download
Leading Responsive Station Building Platform-Operation Guide.pdf This document mainly introduces the related operations of leading the responsive website building platform function, and is divided into three parts to introduce: 1. Browsers supported by the background login of the responsive website building platform; 2. Some operation methods of background general functions; 3. For selection Answers to some questions that users of boutique websites often encounter. 2.34MB 190 Download
Website information preparation template.zip The website information preparation template is divided into 5 folders. Website idea and logical framework, how to enhance customers' understanding, how to enhance customers' trust, how to stimulate customers' actions, and start SEO. Please fill in the content in the corresponding folder to improve the efficiency of website production. 54KB 217 Download
Leading V1.2.4 release manual.pdf Add a file download system, add a \"sort priority\" function to the back-end product management list, add a social platform marketing system, add product classification and article sorting functions in the background, and respond to form components. 1.29MB 214 Download
Leading V1.2.5 version release manual.pdf Newly added account multi-site function, added background product management and article management list operation items, added \"copy link\" function Google map component optimization and so on. 520KB 233 Download
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