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Google marks HTTP as "insecure" website since July

Google recently announced that from July 2018, the address bar of the Chrome browser will mark all HTTP as insecure sites! Leading has sorted out the relevant requirements and policy changes for SSL certificates in 2018 for users to understand in advance and make corresponding preparations.

HTTP was blocked by Google! Installing an SSL certificate is imminent!

The five major shocks to companies without SSL certificates

Some common misunderstandings about SSL certificates

2018 global website SSL trends

Facing the new pattern and surpassing the opponent, now is the best time

Leading Cloud platform cooperates with world-renowned third-party digital certificate certification, issuance and service organizations to provide users with SSL certificate application services.
Only one step is required to complete the application and deployment of the certificate!

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Learn more about SSL certificates

SSL:SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the secure socket layer, and its successor Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a security protocol that provides security and data integrity for network communications. TLS and SSL encrypt the network connection at the transport layer.
HTTPS:HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer) is an HTTP channel for security. It is a secure version of HTTP, that is, an SSL layer is added under HTTP.
SSL digital certificate (SSL certificate):A type of digital certificate, similar to an electronic copy of a driver’s license, passport and business license. Because it is configured on the server, it is also called an SSL server certificate. The SSL certificate is to comply with the SSL protocol, and is issued by a trusted digital certificate authority CA (such as GlobalSign, wosign) after verifying the identity of the server, with server identity verification and data transmission encryption functions.
CA:Certificate Authority (CA, Certificate Authority). The CA is the agency responsible for issuing certificates, certifying certificates, and managing issued certificates. After the user submits an application to the CA, the CA is responsible for reviewing the user's information, and then uses the private key to \"sign\" the key information and publish the corresponding public key. The client can use the public key to verify the signature.
CSR:CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is the certificate request file, that is, when the certificate applicant applies for the digital certificate, the CSP (encryption service provider) generates the certificate request file while generating the private key. The certificate applicant only needs to submit the CSR file to After the certificate authority, the certificate authority uses its root certificate private key signature to generate the certificate public key file, that is, the certificate issued to the user.
DV certificate:Domain-level verification certificate: Class 1. Suitable for small websites.
OV certificate:Certificate of enterprise authentication: Class 3. Valid corporate qualifications such as business licenses need to be submitted. Suitable for enterprises and institutions.
EV certificate:Enhanced verification certificate: Class 4. It is necessary to submit valid business qualifications such as business licenses for the most stringent verification. It belongs to the highest level SSL certificate. The address bar of the browser is marked in green and displays the name of the certified company. Suitable for Internet companies, large websites, government, finance, insurance and other industries.

  • Q What is an SSL certificate?

    A An SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that complies with the SSL protocol and is issued by a trusted digital certificate authority CA (such as Symantec) after verifying the identity of the server. It has server identity verification and data transmission encryption functions. After the server deploys the SSL certificate, it can ensure that the transmission link from the user's computer to the server is encrypted with high strength. The confidential information entered by the user on the browser and the information queried from the server cannot be illegally tampered with. Stolen. At the same time, it proves to the website visitors the true identity of the server, which is verified by a third-party authority.
  • Q What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

    HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a transfer protocol used to transfer hypertext on the Internet. It can make browsers more efficient and reduce network transmission. However, the HTTP protocol uses plain text to transmit information, and there is a risk of information eavesdropping, information tampering and information hijacking.
    HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a secure communication channel. It is developed based on HTTP and is used to exchange information between client computers and servers. HTTPS uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for information exchange. Simply put, HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP, which is an HTTP protocol that uses TLS/SSL encryption.
  • Q Why do you want to do SSL?

    Google will increase the search weight of HTTPS websites with SSL certificates; from July 2017, Google browsers will be non-HTTPS websites and will prompt non-secure websites. Let's take a look at the specific aspects of the SSL certificate to reflect its importance.
    1) Ensure the security of information transmission: When users log in to the website for online transactions, they need to transmit some transaction information to the server. Most of this information directly relates to the user's private information and economic interests, and SSL certificates can prevent information leakage .
    2) Improve the authenticity of the website: There are some irregular websites on the Internet today, which has made many users to be more vigilant to prevent network spoofing, and whether they have an SSL certificate has also become an important indicator for the majority of users to judge the authenticity of the website .
    3) Improve website visits and transaction success rate: It can be said that this is a chain reaction caused by users confirming the authenticity of the website. After the user has established a sense of trust in the website, it is possible to continue browsing the website or conducting transactions.
    4) Contribute to the healthy development of the enterprise: deploying an SSL certificate proves that the website has taken reliable technical measures in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, which is very important for the healthy development of the enterprise.
  • Q Typical usage scenarios of SSL certificates

    Enterprise website security encryption
    Enterprise application security encryption
    Security encryption of government information
    Payment system security encryption
    API interface security encryption
  • Q The difference between the leading shared version SSL certificate (standard) and the professional version (brand) SSL certificate

    The shared version of the certificate can be installed on a shared server or an independent server. It is installed automatically and is only a DV type certificate.
    The professional version certificate can only be installed on an independent server, and manual installation, independent certification, higher price, the certificate is generally accompanied by insurance, you can use DV, OV, EV type.
  • Q Certificate, domain name, server relationship

    The DV type certificate is only related to the domain name. If the domain name changes, the certificate must be re-applied. The generated certificate needs to be installed on the server to take effect.
    For multiple languages, if you only use one domain name and one server, you only need to purchase a certificate once. If multiple servers are used, each server must support SSL and a certificate must be installed.
  • Q Differences in certificates installed at home and abroad

    A The difference between the server location at home and abroad is not related to the certificate.
  • Q Multi-point deployment + intelligent analysis

    Multi-point deployment, as the name suggests, multiple servers in different locations. The most commonly used is the dual deployment at home and abroad to facilitate the filing.
    Intelligent parsing is to cooperate with multi-point deployment to allow different visitors to visit nearby.
  • Q Why is it more expensive to divide continents

    A The only thing is the analysis of infrastructure and sub-continents.
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