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Social network marketing
Let the brand spread like \"virus\"

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Weibo, QQ space, WeChat and other social platforms have gathered the vast majority of audiences and fans. They are happy to share and forward information of interest to their friends, and lead the cloud marketing platform to help companies connect with them efficiently. , Share corporate information in a timely manner, and quickly spread the corporate brand; support the distribution of videos on YouTube, Youku and other video sites to the corporate marketing platform for display and dissemination; teaching people to fish is better than teaching people to fish, leading not only to provide platforms, but also to provide knowledge and Training

Sunac-Social marketingservice

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
One-click sharing to spread the world
Whether it is a visitor, a customer, or an enterprise operator, it can be shared with one click and spread quickly;
No matter it is the front-end page or the management background, it can be connected to major mainstream social platforms with one click, so as to achieve rapid communication efficiently.
Seamlessly connect to WeChat for easier communication
Manage the custom menu of WeChat public account on the leading marketing platform;
The custom menu is the navigation of the WeChat public account, and the direct link jumps to the enterprise marketing platform;
Through the WeChat portal, you can log in to the enterprise marketing platform without registration, and users can directly interact with the marketing platform or place online orders to pay;
In addition to B2B platform, search engine, QR code and other traffic entrances, WeChat will also become a traffic entrance for enterprise marketing platforms.
Social platform marketing agency operation service plan
Provide you with the following social platform marketing services
1. Register an account on behalf of
On behalf of the registered company's exclusive account, logo, banner professional design and page design and other related information.
2. Market analysis
Perform product and industry analysis based on customers' products; locate customer groups and distribution areas, and at the same time study successful cases of competitors and peers.
3. Operation Planning
Operation specialists promote products on social platforms in the form of pictures and texts, carry out copywriting and planning, and can create topics based on hotspots and facts to attract customers. The specific operation planning is as follows:
1. Edit and plan articles related to the product, focusing on planning the title, abstract, and content of the article, with attractive pictures to guide visitors to the website.
2. Use social media management tools to set the release time to achieve automated management.
3. Develop a combination of articles, a variety of combinations to diversify the way of publishing.
4. Choose the best time to publish the article to maximize the value of the article.
4. Promotion
There are two forms of online promotion and offline promotion. Online promotion: use the potential customer group online to forward and comment; offline promotion: carry out accurate advertising of QR codes and other advertisements in the target customer group area.
V. Interaction
Maintain customer relationships and enhance previous trust with customers.
Social is king, seize the commanding heights of communication
Social platform marketing is an important part of enterprise marketing in the era of mobile Internet, and one of the core competitiveness of enterprises.
And need to be differentiated. How to stay differentiated?
Need a deep understanding of the market
Need to have a full understanding of peers
Need to have a 100% professional in the product
Need to be very clear about company strategy
The key is to write a good copy of the scene
Teaching people to fish is worse than teaching people to fish. On the road of online marketing, we not only help you get started, but also help you escort you through the shortcut of the Internet marketing platform to realize the Internet + brand marketing strategy

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