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Introduction of Sunac
Full-screen marketing + search marketing + social marketing + whole-network e-commerce
Into Sunac Media
Sunac Media-SME Internet-based SaaS operation service provider, Hebei ITO information technology service outsourcing enterprise, Hebei provincial and national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, national high-tech enterprise, with Sunac Cloud Foreign Trade Marketing System 16 software copyrights.

Since its establishment in 2002, Sunac Media has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with Google China, Focus Leader, Made-in-China (Made in China), LinkedIn, LinkedIn and Facebook. Foreign trade industry. Create a new marketing business model of \"full staff, full network, panoramic view\", solve the problem of \"poor promotion of foreign trade enterprises\", break the development bottleneck of enterprises \"borrowing ships\" and help enterprises build themselves \"E-commerce carrier\", providing enterprises with a sustainable and operable independent e-commerce platform, and at the same time solving the problems of the enterprise \"Dare not to accept orders, but unable to accept orders\", help foreign trade enterprises to obtain customers from marketing to Establish a standardized system for transaction security.

\"Sunac Cloud Foreign Trade Marketing System\", based on cloud computing SaaS technology, with the responsive marketing official website as the core, is led to the company's official website through multiple marketing technology channels such as B2B2C platform, search engine, and social media, quickly acquire customers, and integrate VR panoramic marketing allows customers to be immersed in the environment, and sets temptation scenes through marketing planning to guide customer interaction and improve customer conversion.

Sunac Media, as a strategic partner of Google China, Focus Leading, LinkedIn, Facebook and China Credit Insurance, will do its utmost to provide one-stop Internet marketing and operation solutions for foreign trade companies to help Foreign trade enterprises create greater value.

Strategic vision

Sunac Media's vision is to help companies build their own e-commerce business infrastructure and help global SMEs better participate in globalization. Sunac Media aims to help build every SME to become an e-commerce platform like Amazon, Alibaba, and Made in China. We believe that every company can become the industry's Alibaba and Made in China,
Company slogan: Integrate in the world, create the most of the times
Company vision: build the first brand of Internet foreign trade service
The company's mission: to create a foreign trade trump card and strive to be the industry leader
Company values: let customers enjoy perfect one-stop service
—— Shijiazhuang Rongchuang Media Co., Ltd.
Company style
◆ Integration: integration, integration
◆ Innovation: innovation, co-creation
◆ Sunac Media: a carrier of various network information. That is: we and customers are integrated into the latest Internet media to create a win-win situation.

The overall image of the logo comes from the perfect deformation design of the Chinese pinyin prefix R of Sunac Media;
The red part of the logo is like Qingtian Zhi, taking the first place in the industry, expressing the confidence and courage of Sunac to challenge themselves, determine the future, and build the first brand of integrated foreign trade services on the Internet;
The smooth arc trajectory in the logo is extremely penetrating, implying the speed and strength of the company's development, and represents the development speed and growth process of Sunac's five-year business diversification!
The main color of the logo is the perfect fusion of light gray and big red. Red represents the confidence and enthusiasm of Sunac to let customers enjoy the perfect one-stop service. Light gray represents the professional criteria of Sunac to be low-key and high-key.
◆ Integration: integration, integration
◆ Innovation: innovation, co-creation
Sunac Cloud Marketing Platform: Enterprise's global digital cloud marketing platform.
Cloud Marketing: (Cloud Marketing) is relying on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, integrating search engines and social media as media, through online networks, and integrating multiple digital marketing media through innovative cloud integration into An enterprise systemized cloud platform with powerful marketing capabilities!
The core idea is to continuously improve the marketing coverage of \"Cloud\" and the logical computing power between \"Cloud\" computing, so as to achieve online systematic marketing results,Innovative \"Full Staff\"\"Full Net\"\"Panorama\" New Business Model
Allow enterprises to obtain an unlimited number of quality customers and enjoy the powerful Internet benefits brought by cloud marketing platforms!
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