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Step 4: Analysis of the exhibition effect

First, the return on investment has improved.

Users can continue to be touched through user matching, similar audiences, and remarketing performance tracking.

At this time, the return on investment of online marketing is higher. It includes not only offline investment, but also online investment. It not only includes the number of offline inquiries, but also includes the online marketing. Inquiry quantity.

Second, the conversion rate has increased significantly.

The customers brought through the online layout are much higher than those passively waiting at the exhibition. Because if the customer arrives at the exhibition page after actively searching, it means that the customer's own intention is very strong, so the conversion rate can be improved.

Exhibition O2O Case
Exhibition O2O case: effect improvement
Description: Significant improvement in customer quality
3 Online mode

The core features of online mode:

It is through online means to arouse customer interest, display products to customers, so that customers come to the company's online marketing page. We define this model as an exhibition marketing model that rubs the hot spots of the exhibition.

Next, you will definitely ask the second question: During the epidemic, you cannot participate in overseas exhibitions on the spot. Can you obtain users through online means? Here we can apply \"Xu exhibition hot spots\" all online exhibition marketing model.

①User path

*The single-page information in step ③ is very important, which is to ultimately guide customers to the marketing website.

In this process, the website of step ⑤ is the same as the website of step ③, the difference is that when customers search for exhibition information, there will be an exhibition guide page to guide customers.

Information on the single page of the exhibition: It is necessary to present some information related to the exhibition, and at the same time, it should guide customers to your marketing website to understand the advantages of the enterprise, products, services, applications, and cases.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t happen, because the customer’s goal is to search for information related to the exhibition. After the exhibition, he will also do research on the Internet. We can also find customers back through remarketing and take your products. Presented in front of customers, so that customers are brought back to the company's online marketing website.

② \"Ru exhibition hot spots\" marketing solutions
\"Ru exhibition hot spots\"Recommended products for marketing
2. How should different types of enterprises choose the exhibition mode to achieve their business goals
Type 1 of the enterprise The exhibition budget of the enterprise is very sufficient, and the number of exhibitors reaches 5 to 8 each year
  • All participating exhibitions are fully deployed into O2O exhibition mode
  • Through the exhibition business, the company's online exposure time for the whole year is up to 70%~90%
  • In the first/second quarter of the special period, the \"Zhu exhibition hot spots\" mode was implemented
Type 2 of the enterprise The budget of the exhibition is limited, and 2 to 3 exhibitions are selected every year to participate
  • For this kind of enterprise, we suggest to implement the O2O exhibition model for the exhibition you think is the most important
  • Choose 2~3 exhibitors who are not present on the spot and implement influential exhibitions in the industry
  • Ensure that through the exhibition business, the online exposure time of the enterprise for the whole year is >70%
Enterprise Type 3 The export business started late and only participated in 1 important industry exhibition every year
  • For this kind of enterprise, we recommend implementing the O2O exhibition model for the most important exhibitions in the industry
  • Choose 2~3 exhibitors who are not present on the spot and implement influential exhibitions in the industry
  • Through the exhibition business, ensure that the online exposure time of the enterprise for the whole year is >50%

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