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Internet sales elite 5 people

Monthly salary:8000-12000 yuan

LinkedIn Marketing Officer 5

Monthly salary: 8000-12000 yuan

Internet Sales Manager 1

Monthly salary: 10000-18000 yuan
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for formulating and implementing the brand communication operation strategy of the export enterprise direct market LinkedIn throughout the year;
2. On one hand, take control of LinkedIn projects or cross-team integrated marketing planning and get the results, organize communication and training through the circle salon, and know how to use cooperation.
3. More than 2 years of marketing experience, strong professionalism in brand promotion and planning, and the ability to effectively use new media communication; such as: LinkedIn
4. Have creative ideas, excellent planning and organization skills, and can quickly and practically land;
5. Those with Internet brand marketing experience and those with new media operations are preferred;
6. The self-motivated person can actively provide marketing advice for LinkedIn's business;
7. Combined with the company's product characteristics, develop customers in all directions through multiple channels
8. According to the company's sales plan, complete the sales task
9. Make full use of the company's existing customer resources to carry out sales work, and actively strive to open up new markets
10. Complete the sales tasks formulated by the company, and other work contents arranged by the leader
11. In the sales process, constantly put forward his own reasonable suggestions
12. Familiar with cross-border trade or English proficiency is preferred

job requirements:
1. Be ambitious. Monthly salary of over 10,000 is our bottom line
2. Have the ability to support ambition, continuous self-learning, self-charge, self-growth
3. Have a sense of service, treat customers as friends, and keep customer relations warming up
4. Have a high degree of self-discipline, not rules and regulations

SEO operations supervisor, website optimization, website promotion, e-commerce operation,
Linkedin, Fecebook social operation

Monthly salary: 4000-8000 yuan
Job Responsibilities:
1. Implement the SEO optimization of customers in accordance with the company's SEO standard manual, be responsible for the operation of Google advertisers and social media customers, and provide monthly performance reports and analysis suggestion reports on a monthly basis. Maintain the normal operation of customer enterprise marketing platforms.
2. Familiar with SEO principles and strategies, evaluate and analyze website keywords, plan and edit products and articles, improve search engine keyword rankings and social media information flow visits. Familiar with search engine and social media operation drainage.

job requirements:
1. Like to share, engaged in e-commerce, social media and related SEO training
2. Possess related majors in e-commerce, advertising communication, journalism
3. More than one year of experience in social media or SEO and SEM operations
4. Able to show creative product cases
5. Experience in new media content/search engine marketing
6. In-depth understanding of different social media platforms and corresponding user groups (WeChat, Weibo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Instagram, etc.)
7. Excellent planning, writing and language skills
8. Understand the principles of SNS media and SEO, evaluate and analyze website keywords, and improve keyword ranking. Familiar with social media operation and drainage.
9. The native language is Mandarin (or equivalent) and requires fluent English editing level
10. Stable personality, patience and perseverance.
Remarks: Those who have related work in Beijing or have experience in import and export trade or Internet e-commerce are preferred; related industries: (Global Trade, Huicong, Google, Baidu, Made in China, Alibaba, Foreign Express, Four Seas Ark , Global Sources, LinkedIn, Facebook (Facebook) Global Tradelink,)
We provide not only a job and a salary: a global perspective, a business platform, and the most trusted service platform for global trading companies. This is not what ordinary companies can give you!

SEO operations supervisor, website optimization, website promotion, e-commerce operation,
Linkedin, Fecebook social operation

Monthly salary: 4000-8000 yuan
Job Responsibilities:
1. Make full use of the company's good network platform, actively and seriously develop customers to sell the company's products
2. Receiving and following up foreign customers, analyzing the needs of foreign customers, proactively contacting and solving customer problems;
3. Regularly return visits to customers, maintain customer relationships, communicate effectively with customers and tap customers;
4. Develop and promote commercial cooperation with potential customers and existing customers to maintain the company's business growth;
5. Signing and performance of foreign trade contracts;
6. Regularly or timely organize, archive, summarize and analyze business data to provide reference and support for foreign trade related work.
job requirements:
1. Love the cause of foreign trade, good at thinking, strong learning ability, self-motivated and responsible
2. College degree or above, international economics and trade, business English,
3. Experience in foreign trade or knowledge of the wire mesh industry is preferred; good expression skills; skilled social new media development and use such as: linkedin
4. Correct facial features, good language skills, like training and expression, willing to share knowledge
We provide not only a job and a salary: a global perspective, a business platform, and the most trusted service platform for global trading companies. This is not what ordinary companies can give you!
We provide highly competitive compensation in the industry, and a performance-based incentive system: help you achieve financial freedom as soon as possible;
Our flexible working hours: give you more free and controllable time, taking into account work and life;
There are enough intimate life partners: microwave oven, refrigerator, air conditioner, recliner...what to eat and what to eat at noon, take a perfect nap, take a charge after charging, and then charge;
Free drinks served open every day: make you full of energy, all challenges and pressures are not to mention;
Independent job selection, complete career development planning and training, and sufficient promotion space to follow the company's rapid development: your future is yours;
Our reward mechanism: excellent newcomers, monthly sales, quarterly stars, annual stars... maybe the next one is you;
Insurance, travel, employee birthdays, holiday benefits, team gatherings: that must be dropped;

Choosing us is the beginning of your success!

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