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Sunac Cloud Panoramic Marketing helps companies overcome difficulties

Global epidemic situation spreads, offline exhibition situation is grim
According to a survey by the China Association of Exhibition Halls, it is estimated that the loss of the exhibition companies exceeds 6 million yuan for 66.15%, and 16.92% for 500,000 yuan to 1 million yuan. Among the 298 enterprises responding to the questionnaire survey of the China Convention and Exhibition Society, it is estimated that 136 companies have reduced annual revenue by more than 50%, accounting for 45.64%; 62 companies are estimated to lose 40%, accounting for 20.81%; and 60 companies are estimated to lose 30% Home, accounting for 20.13%.
The uncertainty of the business during the recovery period of the exhibition has increased. The preparation period for convention and exhibition activities is long, the industrial chain is complex, the countries and regions of the participants are wide, and many related industries are involved. Therefore, it is impossible to resume operations once the policy is released like in the industries of tourism and catering. The venue operator faces the uncertainty of the schedule after the cancellation and extension of the exhibition project; the exhibition organizer faces the uncertainty of the intentions of exhibitors and buyers; the exhibition service provider faces the uncertainty of Party A's budget and price. At the same time, domestic exhibition activities are more directly affected by the global epidemic.
Under such circumstances, the meeting held on April 7State Council executive meetingDecided that the 127thChina Import and Export Fair (referred to as \"Canton Fair\")Will be in mid to late JuneOnlineThis will be the first time that China's long-established trade fair is held online.
Relevant departments actively promote online exhibitions
Sunac Cloud panoramic marketing officially launched
Sunac Cloud panoramic marketing platform technology is developed and operated by Sunac Media and Focus Technology (002315), mainly for exhibition organizers, providing a comprehensive online visual exhibition platform for full-stack services such as group exhibitions and exhibition arrangements. From the pre-heating before the exhibition, the online exhibition organization (exhibition hall, booth, exhibition hall), to the online negotiation, online factory inspection, online meeting room and other functions involved in the online exhibition, the functions required for the marketing of exhibitors, as well as Exhibitors need to display the contents of the cloud exhibition(3D product display, panoramic VR video, etc.), Can be fully enjoyed on Sunac Cloud Panorama Marketing Platform.
Sunac Cloud Panoramic Marketing is not a simple aggregation of enterprise pages to the exhibition page, but a real VR exhibition scene, through the simulation of the exhibition scene to enhance the experience of both buyers and sellers of the exhibition, that is, to provide a scenario-based marketing model. At the same time, the product display in the exhibition scene also fully considers the user experience, and provides products based on traditional graphics and video.3D display (internal structure, operation, disassembly), panoramic VR video display, With the scene as the marketing atmosphere, and interaction as the starting point for marketing, providing brand new online exhibition services.
With the landing of the online Canton Fair, we judge that around the exhibition, it will bring about two trends: one is that the organizers of exhibitions around the world will launch their own online exhibitions; one is that the majority of companies will have to pay attention and be active Participate in online exhibitions. Along with online exhibitions, there will also be two rises in marketing methods: first, scene marketing through the combination of VR\AR and other technologies will gradually become the mainstream; first, the use of video display and live broadcast will gradually become the standard Match.
To put it simply, the organizers of the exhibition want to go online and offline. In addition to providing offline exhibitions in the future, they also need to match online exhibitions. The online exhibition will be launched earlier than the offline exhibition. Through the online warm-up in the early stage, on the one hand, it is convenient for the purchaser to pre-understand the target supplier through the online exhibition, so as to go straight to the theme during the online exhibition; It can also attract buyers who cannot reach the exhibition, which actually expands the influence of the original offline exhibition and strengthens its penetration. For the majority of enterprises, it is necessary to actively prepare in order to be able to participate in various online exhibitions with quality. Compared with the traditional offline exhibition layout decoration, personnel products in place, etc., the online exhibition corresponds to the preparation of the exhibition content in advance, which can be reused for other online exhibitions. Let the history of the company's participation in the exhibition be restricted by distance, time, budget, etc.
For this trend, those who know what to do need to understand more, and those who don't understand must also understand.
This era is developing too fast, and we will not say hello when we are eliminated.
Sunac Cloud Panoramic Marketing and enterprises work together to overcome all difficulties
How to deal with online cloud exhibition
Among the many preparations for enterprises to participate in the online cloud exhibition, the most important thing is the display link. Just as with offline exhibitions, personalized decoration and colorful booth construction are the key to attracting the attention of the audience. Then, the same is true for online exhibitions. How to achieve \"standard new\", attracting people is the key first step . The second step is how to retain visitors as much as possible. It can provide marketing atmosphere scenes, allow visitors to interact with products, and mobilize visitors' senses. Such display content will help companies better retain customers and stay in online booths.
Prepare an exclusive panoramic VR showroom
The purpose is to build a product showroom dedicated to you, so that visitors can be immersed in it (the average visit duration is> 2.5 minutes) to obtain marketing conversion;
Prepare 3D display of main product
Attract customers' attention through visual stimulation experience. At the same time, it is also used as a marketing staff to introduce and explain the use of rhetoric and examples;
Ready-to-play animation display
Visualize product value characteristics. Such as product disassembly, operation and use, even after-sales service, etc.;
Prepare modular video
Around the marketers often explain to customers, make a modular video, one is for publicity and display, and the other is for daily communication;
Prepare panoramic video
Powerful enterprises can prepare panoramic videos, immerse them in an experiential view from a full perspective, and input product quality, enterprise advantages, etc. to customers;
Ready to broadcast
On the premise that there are products, scenes, stories (live script), and anchors (good men and women + languages), you can set up a live show;
Ready to go, spring blossoms

The epidemic will eventually pass and spring has arrived. Opportunity does not mean success. Seize the opportunity to succeed. It’s better to plan ahead and make up for it. We always have to face the difficulties. In the face of death, it takes courage; in the face of life, it takes courage.
Sunac Media is willing to work together with the vast number of enterprises to overcome difficulties and provide corresponding services and support for enterprises in the relevant dimensions of marketing scenarios, product display quality, and how to retain customers.

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