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development path
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development path

  • Year 2003
    Zhengri Business (predecessor of Sunac Media) was established, working with Sina and NetEase to commit to corporate websites and promotion services
  • year 2004
    Cooperation with Baidu to become Shijiazhuang Hengshui Baidu bid ranking service center
  • 2005
    Cooperate with China Internet Information Center to start promotion of universal website
  • year 2006
    Became the authorized service center of Google and Yahoo Hebei in English
  • Year 2008
    In March, Shijiazhuang Rongchuang Media Co., Ltd. was established in the High-tech Zone of Hebei Province, dedicated to foreign trade information services
    In August, cooperated with China Internet News Center to become the official registration service center of Hebei, the official e-commerce platform for Chinese suppliers
  • Year 2009
    In May, the company made major adjustments and cooperated with China Shipping Network to become the general agent of Hebei Province, responsible for the registration service of foreign trade customers in Hebei Province
    The only silk screen industry English platform in the global silk screen industry
  • year 2010
    Leading the development of the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce to launch the nation's first county economic e-commerce platform manufacturer network
  • 2012
    On May 18, at the 5.18 E-Commerce Conference of the China Manufacturers' Network and China Silk Screen Trading Network, the cooperation starter was signed by the Secretary-General of the China Electronic Commerce Association and the Director of the Hebei Chamber of Commerce Shi Yuqiang.
    Hebei Governor Zhang Qingwei visited the research and guidance of China Silk Screen Trading Network and made a report
    China Manufacturer Network participated in the International Dalian Soft Trade Fair under the leadership of Director Liu of Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and Director Qiao Shuli of the Department of Commerce, and visited Dalian Software Park and Dalian Science and Technology Museum
    Nie Chenxi, vice governor of Hebei, visited and guided the China Wire Mesh Trading Network and offered guidance
  • year 2013
    On October 21, Vice Governor Qin Boyong of Hebei Province visited China Silk Screen Trading Network and offered guidance
  • Year 2014
    China Silk Screen Trading Network and China Export Credit Insurance Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement
    Established a comprehensive service platform for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises in Hengshui under the guidance of the Hebei Department of Commerce and China Credit Insurance Corporation
  • 2015
    Cooperate with China Manufacturing Network (Focus Technology) to become a strategic partner
    He focused on becoming a strategic partner of Hebei Province
    Launched Sunac Cloud Enterprise Marketing Platform-a new business model for foreign trade
  • 2016
    Introducing Linkedin's commercial advertising service
    Established a modern business practice base with Hebei University of Economics and Business and awarded a license
    Established an internship practice base with Hebei Institute of Technology
    Established a practice base for interns with Hebei Business
    Successfully developed and operated cross-border e-commerce platform
  • 2017
    Signed Hebei Caizhi Network platform operation project with Hebei Foreign Experts Bureau
    Established (those things in foreign trade) training brands, and conducted relevant training for foreign trade enterprises
  • 2018
    Was rated as a provincial science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise
    Was rated as a national science and technology small and medium enterprise
    Was rated as a national high-tech enterprise
    Signed an international talent city platform operation project with Shijiazhuang International Talent City
  • 2019
    The company strategically cooperates with the International Talent City and settles in the International Talent City
    Introduce Facebook (Facebook) as Hebei Operation Service Center
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