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CITIC Insurance provides policy financing services for foreign trade companies

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Policy financing
Ø After the insured company delivers the goods in accordance with the sales contract and the buyer accepts the goods, the risk of loss of accounts receivable due to the buyer’s insolvency or the buyer’s arrears in payment.

Ø Applicable to legal persons established within the territory of the People's Republic of China.

Ø The goods are sold in the territory of the People's Republic of China (including the bonded area).

Underwriting risk

Business risks arising from the buyer's bankruptcy, inability to pay debts, and the buyer's arrears of payment.

Loss compensation

For the loss of accounts receivable within the maximum annual compensation limit suffered by the insured enterprise, the insurance liability shall be assumed in accordance with the insurance contract.

Product Features

Seize domestic trade opportunities and improve competitiveness.

Improve credit rating and increase financing channels.

Strengthen risk management and reduce bad debts.

Use the compensation function to ensure continuous development.

Business Process

CITIC Insurance provides policy financing services for foreign trade companies

Typical Case

1. Buyers use credit insurance to realize the transition from cash purchase to credit purchase

Background: Production enterprise A originally used cash purchases to deal with upstream suppliers, which took a large amount of funds and affected the investment in technological transformation.

Measures: Company A obtained the China Credit Insurance Credit Line. Company A persuaded upstream suppliers to convert cash purchases to credit purchases. The upstream supplier’s risk to A company’s sales is guaranteed, and the bank’s credit rating is improved. Based on this, the bank’s trade financing is obtained, and the funds are recovered in time like cash transactions.

Effect: Company A has reduced the funding pressure in the procurement process and has more abundant funds to engage in production and operation. The upstream supplier's sales risks are guaranteed and trade finance is obtained. Supply and demand sides achieve a win-win situation, and the cooperation relationship is closer.

2. Production companies use credit insurance to expand sales

Background: Production company B trades with downstream buyers through credit sales. Because of the high quality and low price of its products, the buyer decides to increase the purchase volume. However, the production funds are insufficient and it is difficult to take orders.

Measures: By using China Credit Insurance to provide high-security domestic trade credit insurance services, Company B obtains the risk protection of accounts receivable, and thus obtains bank trade financing, thereby accelerating the capital turnover of Company B and increasing the production of Company B. ability.

Effect: Company B seized market opportunities, expanded product sales, and gained more profits.

3. With the help of credit insurance, production enterprises straighten out the supply chain relationship

Background: The credit environment of the industry chain of the manufacturing company C is not good. Downstream buyers often default on payment, which makes C’s capital turnover difficult and affects its relationship with upstream suppliers.

Measures: Using the domestic trade credit insurance service provided by China Credit Insurance, Company C has clarified the credit period of the sales link with upstream and downstream, streamlined the procurement, sales, and settlement links, and improved the trade credit system in the industry.

Effect: The buyer who deals with the C enterprise can pay the payment in time; the supplier can receive the payment in time, and the supply process is smooth. Enterprises can devote more energy to production and technology.

4. Listed companies have improved the structure of financial statements with the help of credit insurance

Background: Listed company D mainly sells by credit. The financial statements reflect the large amount of accounts receivable, and policyholders are concerned about the realization of income.

Measure: Company D uses the domestic trade credit insurance service provided by China Credit Insurance to ensure the risk of accounts receivable, obtain the bank trade financing buyout service, and recover the funds in advance. The accounts receivable in the original financial statements became sales revenue in advance .

Effect: Company D's financial statement structure has been improved, which has raised investors' enthusiasm for investment and won recognition from the investment market.

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