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Cross-border export e-commerce solutions

It is designed to help foreign trade companies easily build B2C malls and become independent sellers.
Help platform sellers develop channels for independent stations.

Core functions

We have carefully created every function, hoping to create a valuable cross-border export e-commerce stand-alone solution for foreign trade enterprises.

Product management

Professional product SKU, label, attribute, specification multi-dimensional management, flexible product multi-level classification structure, diverse product display forms, rich product content description, are very conducive to search engine optimization (SEO).

Article management

Through the article system, you can publish industry news, blogs, new product introductions and other content. By constantly updating articles, you can bring unexpected traffic to the mall. In the era when content is king, all we can do is make it easy for you to publish content.

Member Management

Perfect member management system, the front desk members can maintain their personal registration information, view order information, etc., the background administrator can customize the membership level, members of different levels enjoy different discount prices, increase membership viscosity.

Order management

Powerful and complete order life cycle support, you can view order details, adjust order prices, adjust order status, meet the needs of order management in various business scenarios through custom order status, and personalize order printing functions to facilitate your business.

Freight management

The flexible and convenient freight system supports the division of continents, countries, provinces and cities around the world. Different regions can set different freight calculation modes (by weight, by volume, etc.), and the freight can be automatically calculated when placing an order at the front desk.

Tax management

On the basis of the delivery country set by the freight system, it supports the setting of different taxes for different regions. It also supports multiple combinations of national taxes and local/state taxes to fully meet the global personalized tax settings.

Online payments

It supports multiple online payment methods such as Paypal, Payssion, DHpay, and realizes multi-currency settlement for more than 200 countries and regions around the world, providing buyers with simple, safe, and fast cross-border payment solutions.


Support for setting different discounts for different membership levels, supporting various activities such as package mail, special prices, wholesale, etc. (full reduction, group purchase, limited time spike, combination purchase, coupons and other activities are also planned), and the marketing methods are diversified.

Free login to buy

For independent stations, simplifying the shopping process and making it easier for visitors to place purchases is the direction of our efforts. By turning on login-free purchases, visitors can purchase products that they like at any time with one click to increase conversion rates.

email alert

The system will send different reminder emails for different business scenarios, such as: mailbox activation email, registration welcome email, new order confirmation email, order status change reminder email, etc., so that visitors and sellers maintain a high degree of information exchange channel.

online service

It supports multi-channel online communication tools such as Skype, WhatsApp, Email, and online forms. It also supports third-party online customer service plug-in code, which can interact with visitors in real time without missing any business opportunities.

Third-party code

Support to add plug-in codes provided by third parties, such as the common ones: Google statistics, Google verification, third-party customer service tools, third-party sharing codes, email subscription tools, third-party comment tools, etc., with strong scalability.


The security of transactions is particularly important for malls. We recommend enabling HTTPS for all mall independent sites, providing confidentiality, reliability, and integrity mechanisms through SSL certificates, preventing interception and eavesdropping, and displaying a green address bar.

Dual point deployment

Sunac provides cross-border dual-server intelligent deployment solutions for independent shopping mall customers, supports overseas customers to access overseas websites quickly, and also supports domestic MIIT filing services, public security filing services, and special industry filings, so that the filing and business are both correct.

SEO optimization

Sunac Intelligent SEO Optimization System caters to search engine preferences, professionally customizes multiple sets of high-quality SEO promotion codes, the system automatically matches TKD parameters, and sets global SEO with one click, making optimization simple, convenient, and efficient.

SMO optimization

Sunac inserts a structured sharing code for each page to ensure that the links shared to the mainstream social platforms of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can be displayed in the form of cards that describe the links in pictures and text.

Sunac Features

Focusing on customer needs and facing different industries and different product sales characteristics, we will tailor the mall solution.

Multi-terminal response

The responsive mall built with a responsive layout can automatically adapt to screens of all sizes such as PC, Pad, and mobile phone, and build a multi-end experience at a time. There is no need to separately develop and maintain PC stations and mobile phone stations, which greatly reduces development costs.

Multilingual mall

Foreign trade export is not limited to the establishment of an English mall. In addition to English, we also support the establishment of more than a dozen small language malls. Establishing a multilingual responsive mall based on the language of the exporting country will make your market more accurate.

Multilingual interface

The back-end supports Chinese and English operating languages, both domestic and foreign operations are barrier-free, which is also a significant advantage compared to other website-building companies.

Multi-account collaboration

The operation of the mall requires a team to complete, so the collaborative management of multiple accounts is extremely important. You can assign different types of products to different salesmen to take care of them. The division of labor and cooperation are methodical.

Multi-platform interworking

It supports interworking with B2B and third-party e-commerce platforms. You can add shopping buttons on third-party platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc. on the product page to facilitate independent sellers to carry out marketing business on third-party platforms.

Multimedia marketing

Sunac’s social assistant tool connects with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn’s mainstream foreign social media, promotes products, brands, and promotional information to major social media with one click, and spreads globally with one click.

Technical advantages

With 21 years of valuable experience and excellent genes in foreign trade and e-commerce, we provide mature technical solutions.

Multi-point cloud deployment

The server has reliable technical guarantees from listed companies, integrates multiple network service providers, enables your website to achieve multi-point deployment around the world, and improves the domestic and foreign access experience.

Multi-level cache architecture

The website uses an innovative static page cache publishing technology, combined with a multi-path cache server, to achieve multi-level caching, to speed up your website access and enhance the user experience.

Disaster recovery

The cloud database is automatically backed up, and regular safety inspections are performed to ensure that the online rate is 99.99%. The website is automatically switched within 30 seconds of a website failure, and one-key deployment of a multi-center architecture in two places.


SSL online authentication, safe and worry-free, with DDoS protection capabilities and application protection capabilities, can automatically switch IP in case of attack, provide monitoring and alarm services for cloud services.
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