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Why is LinkedIn China lukewarm

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Facebook2009year;Twitter, Later that year; Google,2010year. Time and time again, in the face of government pressure and scramble for censorship, Western Internet giants are kneeling in the hands of China.

Then just four years ago, in2014The budding stage of the year,LinkedInI found myself asking if I might be David of Western technology. Have400Million Chinese users integrate themselves organicallyLinkedInBrand,LinkedInI saw a huge opportunity to provide services for the fastest-growing professional economy in the world.LinkedInHope to control its underdeveloped infrastructure for career development and job search.LinkedInWant to crack China.

\"Through this website, we hope to exceed1.4Billion Chinese professionals and more than2.77Connect with 100 million existing members. Our mission is to connect professionals around the world and create greater economic opportunities-This is an important step towards achieving this goal.\"They did it, about2year.

LinkedInroll out\"LinkedIn\"On the occasion,LinkedInIt seems that finally found this formula. In order to operate freely in China, the leadership reached an agreement to comply with China's censorship requirements and data requirements. along withLinkedInEstablished a cooperative relationship with Sequoia China and China Broadband Capital, and they have established a close relationship in China and domestic investment. They even quickly found a Chinese superstarVCSponsorship agreement with Hu Haiquan and Xu Xiaoping Angel Investor. This investment in fair competition in China, rather than trying to destroy it, makesLinkedInBroke out in a year and a half1000Million users.

After the success of these two years, the news report after the news report and the technical report after the technology report recordedLinkedInA road to success that was previously considered impassable in China.

2018year,LinkedIn ChinaInvolved in their review options,LinkedInChinaPyramid plan, revocation of the function of posting individual posts,LinkedInHead of ChinaDerek ShenAnd how to choose controversial competitors in ChinaMaiMaiHas been replacedLinkedInBecome a major professional social network in China.

So what happened?LinkedIn ChinaWhy not lukewarm

You don't just use land language, you have to use culture. And forLinkedInIn general, this may be a bullet that is difficult to bite.

Entering the countryside

Study Chinese carefullyLinkedIn, Some values ​​are not aligned at all. When dealing with a culture in which there is no self-promoting culture, the workplace places more emphasis on humility, humility, and self-control, and creating a space where you place yourself and individuals on the pedestal completely violates reality. In fact,\"Harvard Business Review\"Published some articles about the topic of self-promotion in foreign workplace self-promotion.

These articles emphasize the importance of adjusting communication, patience and ultimate compromise. In fact, the Western Chinese concept of self-improvement will produce a feeling of unreality and distrust that will only weaken your relationship with your peers. Study hard, study hard, develop your interpersonal relationships, and provide you with strong support behind the scenes, which is your way to success.

When observing the Chinese cultural environment,LinkedInIs extremely opposite to the Chinese workplace, soLinkedIn ChinaIt has not developed faster than expected.

Relationship-led job search

Although asking your parents to ask their college friend’s brother-in-law about their company’s job vacancies may seem strange in the West, in China, contact with your secondary or tertiary network often occurs.

This shows that the concept of relationship can be interpreted literally as relationship or network. Although it is undeniable that your network and relationships with people are vital anywhere in the world, relationships have a deeper and intimate connotation.

Since China’s governance and legal system have not been so complete until recently, the Chinese rely on and still rely on development relationships as the most direct means of ensuring safety, responsibility and core trust.

In terms of job search functions, relationships determine the vast majority of opportunities. Although universities, especially science and technology students, have begun to organize job fairs and campus recruitment, most students rely on their parents to expose them to the best opportunities. Especially when the family has a greater background and meaning in Chinese culture, relationships are often the way of professional development.

In today's China, career development and progress is a behind-the-scenes affair. Joining a platform that publicly announces your job search status may be more like a road to be despised than a key to open the door.

despite this,LinkedIn ChinaHas developed into a3000The platform of 10,000 Chinese professionals undoubtedly shows that there is room for an online platform to find opportunities where relationships cannot be realized. These cultural views areMaimaiIt seems to make better use of the anonymous function clues of their job search and workplace teasing.

Being able to adjust its language, express and eventually find a platform for compromise between self-promotion and deep-rooted culture of humility may still find itself possessing an incredible piece of valuable Chinese faction.

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