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Why ad extensions are not displayed

Views:4     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-06-28      Origin:Site Inquire

The extensions you add are sometimes not displayed with the ad. For example, if you enable multiple extensions for an ad, not all of them will be displayed.

Check if your ad extensions are displaying properly

To check the status of the ad extension, clickAd extensionlabel. Then, fromView:Select the type of additional information you need from the drop-down menu and check the \"Impressions\" column and \"Status\" column to confirm that your additional information is displayed normally and approved.


You can also add in the statistics view\"Policy details\" column. This column will show other reasons that may prevent your additional information from being displayed, including:

  • Disapproval reasons or other violations
  • Verification error caused by your extension setting

AdWords will display your additional information based on several factors:

  • YourAd rank, The metric is determined by the following factors: your bid, the quality of your ads and landing pages, and the expected performance of ad extensions and other ad formats. AdWords requires a minimum ad rank (which will take into account your additional information) to display additional information. Therefore, you may need to increase your bid or ad quality (or both) to get your extensions displayed.

The ranking of your ads on Google search results pages. Here are some points to note:

There is limited space above Google search results to display ad extensions, and higher-ranking ads can use this space to display additional information first.

The amount of additional information that can be accepted for each lower ad ranking is limited, and generally speaking, in terms of improving the visibility, the effect of ad additional information cannot exceed the effect of ad ranking moving up. For example, suppose your ad is currently in the second position. Assuming that the ranking rises to the first position will increase the visibility by 30%, and adding the second ad extension will increase the visibility by 40%. If this is the case, you will not be able to display the second piece of additional information. In order to get more clicks, you need to increase the bid or ad quality (or both) to move the ad up to the top position. Please note that this restriction does not apply to the top ads above the search results, as it is no longer possible to increase the visibility through this position.

Some extensions will only appear in ads above search results.

Additional ad extensions you have enabled. In each auction, we generally display the most useful combination of additional information and format that can bring the best advertising performance and the most useful display conditions.

See below for tips on additional information for specific ads.

Fix seller ratings

  • Seller ratings can be displayed below or next to the display URL of your ad. When seller ratings are displayed along with other extensions, they are often displayed next to your display URL.

    Seller ratings are indicators for sellers. This means that you must provide paid products or services to customers, or provide a shopping platform for buying or selling products or services before you can display seller ratings.

  • If your seller rating is not displayed, try the following solutions:
  • Make sure your seller rating has been added to the search network campaign.
  • Check if your ad is in the domain of Google.com, Google.co.uk, Google.de, Google.fr or Google.nl. Seller ratings are only available in the countries corresponding to these domains.
  • Make sure you have at least 30 reviews from unique users in the past 12 months, and that the overall score on Google Shopping is not less than Samsung’s half.
    • Of these reviews, at least 10 were written in the user’s Google interface language.
    • Google Shopping seller ratingsIs a comprehensive rating based on a summary of customer reviews from third-party websites and Google Wallet.

Fix sitelink

AdWords will display your sitelinks based on several factors, including:

  • The quality of your keywords and the maximum CPC bid.
  • The ranking of your ads on Google search results pages.
  • The relevance of your ads and sitelink landing pages.
  • The relevance of other ads on the page.
  • Additional ad extensions enabled in your campaign.
  • The search terms used by potential customers.

Here’s how to increase your chance of showing sitelinks:

  • Sitelink text should be as short as possible.
  • Try to add the most sitelinks to your campaign. Adding more sitelinks with different landing pages can increase your chance of showing sitelinks. The number of sitelinks exceeds the minimum required (two for desktop devices and one for mobile devices).
  • Create additional links that direct customers to web pages related to your product or service.
  • Make sure that your sitelink URL points to a unique, unique landing page. If there are multiple sitelinks pointing to the same content in a campaign, these sitelinks will not be displayed.
  • Improve your keywordsQuality score. If the ad’s ranking is just above or below Google’s search results, or if the ad’s keyword’s Quality Score is very high, then the chance of the ad’s sitelink showing with the ad is higher.
  • Please make sure your sitelinks are approved. You need to check the \"Status\" column next to each sitelink to confirm that \"Approved\" is displayed here. Modify or remove sitelinks that appear as \"Disapproved\".

Fix callout extension

  • AdWords will display your promotional message based on several factors, including:

  • Your keyword quality and maximum CPC bid
  • The ranking of your ads on Google search results pages.
  • The relevance of the landing page of your ads and promotional messages.
  • The relevance of other ads on the page.
  • Additional ad extensions enabled in your campaign.
  • The search terms used by potential customers.

  • Here are ways to improve your promotional information display opportunities:

  • Promotional text should be as short as possible.
  • The promotional information produced must be relevant to your product or service.
  • Add as much promotional information as possible to your campaign. Adding more promotional messages that contain specific promotional text can increase your chances of getting displayed.
  • Improve your keywordsQuality score. If the ad’s ranking is just above or below Google’s search results, or if the ad’s keyword’s Quality Score is very high, then the ad’s promotional message is more likely to show with the ad.
  • Ensure your promotional messageComply with our AdWords policies. Check the \"Status\" column next to each promotional message to ensure that the message has been approved, and to modify or remove any disapproved promotional messages.

Fix call extension (or Google forwarding phone number)

Your ad group needs a certain amount of traffic to display Google forwarding phone numbers. There are no minimum traffic requirements to display call extensions, but due to space, quality, and other constraints, call extensions may not always be displayed.

If you have activated call extensions with Google forwarding phone numbers (available forEligible countriesPhone number), you can get a detailed report on the number of calls. However, to display the forwarding phone number, your call extensions must reach a minimum number of clicks within 4 weeks.

Fix location extension

Location extensions are not displayed? The reason may be that the filter you set is incorrect, or your address information is not synchronized with \"Google My Business\". The following are specific solutions.

Make sure you have at least one business location information in the \"Google My Business\" account you linked

  1. Sign in to Google My Business (www.google.com/business/).
  2. Check if there is at least one \"\"pending\" or \"\"posted\" business location information in your account.
  3. If not, please refer toHow to add and verify business locations
  4. If there is at least one place of business information, please check your filters.
Check if the filter matches your business location information

Location extensions still don’t work?

You may need to improve your ad rank or keyword quality to allow location extensions to display. If you need us to help you solve the problem, you can alwayscontact us

Fix review extension

Additional review information is displayed below the search ads, and you can quote or rephrase the content of praise, testimonials, or compliments without change.

Review extensions will only appear with Google Search Network ads targeted to desktops and tablets, not with Display Network campaigns or mobile devices.

Only one review can be displayed with your ad at a time. If you submit multiple reviews, only the first approved review will serve with your ad. You can use the same review in multiple campaigns or ad groups.

To check the approval status of a review, go toAd extensionLabel and fromViewChoose from the drop-down menuAdditional review information. Check the \"Status\" column to see if your review has been approved or disapproved. If your review is disapproved, please check ourAdditional review information policyTo find a solution to the problem.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have the right to use specific reviews in your ads. The review publisher can fill inPublisher review exit form, Requiring advertisers that cite their reviews to remove their published content from the additional review information. After the publisher submits the form, we need about 1-2 business days to delete its content.

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