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What must be known for the promotion of foreign trade enterprise website

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What foreign trade enterprises must know is about the analysis technology of search engines for external links and the quality judgment of external links of websites.

Things to know about the construction of the foreign chain of foreign trade enterprise websites

1. Search engine analysis technology for external links

1. The greater the number of backlinks, the better the ranking.

2. High-weight web pages have a greater impact on rankings, and quality is far more important than quantity.

3. The speed of the link increase is too fast, hey, it will enter the sandbox period.

4. Links from related content sites have a greater impact on rankings, and links from unrelated sites have less impact.

5. The content of the page where the back link is located can also improve relevance.

6. The description of backlinks is one of the important factors that influence ranking.

7. The search engine can actually distinguish the navigation, body and bottom area of ​​the website according to the calculation, so the external links in the body are the best links.

8. Externally linked domain names: The longer the domain name, the better the quality, but the domain name will only start to accumulate weights after the domain name is included for the first time, and the domain name that has changed hands will be re-evaluated.

9. Whether the content of the linked page has changed. If the theme of the linked page changes suddenly, the effect of the link will be greatly reduced.

10. The earlier the link appears, the stronger the ranking ability, and the sudden increase of the link will enter the trial period.

11. If the backlink is modified, it will give the impression of search engine optimization.

12. Whether the other links of the back link are relevant, if the other links of the back link have a high weight, then the weight that can be obtained by themselves also rises accordingly.

13. The quality of external links: Blog comments and forum signatures are low-quality external links. If a website is mostly such external links, it means that the quality of external links of this website is very low.

14. The click-through rate and depth of visit of a link: an external link can bring traffic and conversion, and it is a truly valuable and meaningful external link

Second, the quality judgment of external links

1. Traffic: External links are the most direct means to improve rankings, but click traffic is the core meaning of links.

2. Single link: A friendly link is like two people have to hug each other, and a single link represents complete appreciation of the other!

3. Spontaneous link: Spontaneous link means that when the other party is updating the web page article, he can actively think of adding a link to your website, indicating that the content of your website is truly recognized and valuable!

4. Relevance of content: This is equivalent to interlacing, and only external links between the same industry are more credible. And this content relevance is not applied to the entire site, but also applies to the internal pages. At the same time, upstream or downstream industries also have good results (related industries).

5. Descriptive text: The appearance of target keywords in external links has a great effect on ranking improvement. According to the primary and secondary of keywords, different weighted websites are linked, that is, unimportant keywords can be linked to low-weight websites. Descriptive text The types of must also be diversified.

6. The location of the link: Usually the friendly links we make are the homepage of the link, and it is a dedicated section, and the really best external link is the link in the body, because this is the most likely external link to form spontaneously. .

7. Domain weight and ranking: The registration time of the domain name that issued the link and the ranking of the target keywords directly affect the effectiveness of the link. Domain names where target keywords can rank in the top tens are also a good source of links.

8. Page weight and ranking: When doing external links with some large websites, it is usually not reflected on the homepage, so the weight and ranking of the pages that issue general links are also very important. Sometimes the external links of an internal page are no more than the homepage. Has poor external links.

9. Number of exported links: Generally, the more exported links, the less weight each link gets. Generally, the homepage of a small website does not exceed 30 exported links.

10. Page update and snapshot: under normal circumstances, the faster the page update, the higher the weight, otherwise, it is not true.

11. The overall health of the website: including the website's collection, traffic, page layout, article value, and whether it has been punished or whether it is a spam website. Generally, people think that the websites of domain names such as edu, gov and others are spam websites. low.

Foreign trade enterprises know this knowledge about the construction of external chains, and can perfect website promotion.

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