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Use broad match modifier

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You can add modifiers to broad match keywords to specify that only search terms that contain specific words can trigger your ads. Since the broad match modifier allows you to target searches that include at least one of your keywords, this feature helps you increase the relevance of traffic to your ads, which in turn improves your clickthrough rate and conversion rate. To create a broad match modifier, you simply add a plus sign (+) before one or more words of the broad match keyword.

By default, AdWords will useBroad matchOptions to target searches that meet the following criteria: one is any combination of words that contains your keywords, and the other is synonyms or other variations that contain the corresponding words (such as related searches). Therefore, although broad match keywords (such as \"tennis shoes\") may bring a lot of relevant click traffic to your website, the search queries it covers may exceed your initial expectations.

With the broad match modifier, you can require that users only use certain keyword terms in their search as potential customers, so that they can control and understand the reach of keywords. For example, if you specify that your ad will only be displayed when the user’s search contains both \"tennis\" and \"shoes\", your ad will immediately become more relevant to potential customers searching for \"tennis shoes\" Related. This precise advertising coverage helps your keywords achieve higherCTRTo help your site attract more users to make purchases or other conversions.

How broad match modifiers affect traffic and clicks

Modifiers can increase the specificity of broadly matched keywords, thereby reducing their coverage. Therefore, although the use of broad match modifiers can increase the relevance of keywords, it may in turn reduce the expected traffic.

For more relevant clicks, please refer to the following best practices:

  • Keep (do not modify or remove) existing broad match keywords.
  • Add new modified broad-matched keywords to existing campaigns in separate ad groups to make it easier to compare old and new keywords based on observed performance.
  • If you mainly use broad-match keywords, after adding more relevant broad-match keywords with modifiers, consider adjusting your bids. improveCost-per-clickBidding may increase your clicks and conversions.
  • If you mainly use exact and phrase matching, adding broad match keywords with modifiers can help you attract more users, and you can still control which search terms can match your keywords.

Please note that the broad match modifier feature is only available for broad match keywords. If you want to get higher CTR and conversion rate due to phrase matching or exact matching keywords, you can try to create separate ad groups and add corresponding modifiers for each phrase matching or exact matching keywords Of broad match keywords.

If you are currently using the following keywords ...You can add such modified broad-match keywords to get additional relevant clicks
\"Buy blue suede leather shoes\"
\"Purchase blue suede leather shoes\"
\"Purchase suede leather shoes\"
+purchase +blue +small suede +leather shoes
+shop +blue +small suede +leather shoes
+procurement +small suede +leather shoes
\"Blue suede leather shoes\"
\"Little suede blue leather shoes\"
\"Little suede leather shoes blue\"
+blue +small suede +leather shoes

Set broad match modifier

You only need to add a plus sign (+) before one or more words of a broad match keyword. Each word preceded by a plus sign must appear in the user’s search in full form or in close variant. Tight variations include spelling errors, singular and plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms, and stem variations (such as \"floor\" and \"flooring\"). Synonyms (such as \"Quick\" and \"Rapid\") and related searches (such as \"Shoes\" and \"Boots\") are not close variants.


Don't add spaces between the plus sign (+) prefix and the words you want to modify!

  • correct: +Leather +Shoes
  • error: + Leather + shoes
  • error: + Leather + shoes

To create a new broad match modifier from scratch, follow these steps:

  1. access https://adwords.google.cn And log in to your AdWords account.
  2. ClickCampaignlabel.
  3. All online campaignsNext, click the name of the campaign or ad group you want to edit.
  4. ClickKeywordlabel.
  5. Click + KeywordsButton.
  6. Enter broad match keywords to find the words you want to appear in the search for potential customers in exact or close variants, with a plus sign (+) in front.
  7. Clicksave

To add modifiers to existing broad match keywords, follow these steps:

  1. Repeat steps 1-4 to go toKeywordlabel.
  2. Click the keyword you want to edit quickly.
  3. Add a plus (+) prefix before everything you want to be a required word.
  4. Clicksave

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