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Understanding Chinese LinkedIn

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Chinese LinkedInIt is a professional social platform with Chinese characteristics focused on creating for the Chinese region, but at the same time retainslinked in its own brand, culture and its independence.In February 2014, China LinkedIn officially launched,Provide a new generation of job seekers with more interesting and convenient workplace knowledge,Help ChinaNew generationProfessionalAnd enterprise development andgrowing up.

One,What are the user groups on the platform

1.Maintain connections

For general professional websites, the social function is not very powerful, andChinese LinkedInIt is a combination of social and professional aspects, we can build our business circle on the platform, maintain social relations,After user registration informationCan invite people you know to becomeFriends, we can also pay attention to friends or companies,CurrentlyThe number of users has reached200000000As much, On average every secondThere will beThe addition of a new member.

2.job seeker

When we can't find a job with a higher match on the current job search website, let's try Chinese LinkedIn, which may bring us new opportunities.As a job seeker, after registering personal information, you should first complete your own file. This file should be considered as a detailed professional personal resume, including work experience, job title, educational background, and a complete professional file is more easily exposed, and Improve job matching.

3.Corporate recruiters and headhunters

For corporate recruitment, we can only get the resume information of the talents on the usual recruitment website, and know nothing about others. On this platform, we can learn more about their professional social status and working background. CurrentlyOverMore than one thousandCompaniesRecruit through LinkedInHigh-quality talents to build business and employer brandsAll overInternet, manufacturing, procurement and trade, retail, energy, services, finance, communications,car, Building materials, raw materialsAnd other industries.

4.Foreign trade enterprise doing brand exposure and marketing

Over the past decade or so, with the development of the globalization of the market economy, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises in China have joined exports to camps around the world. The rapid growth of the number of export enterprises, and with the development of traditional marketing models,The competition on the B2B platform is intensifying, and the effect of the exhibition is not satisfactory. At this time, professional social mediaChinese LinkedInHas undoubtedly provided a new marketing channel for foreign trade enterprises' marketing! By conducting brand exposure and product promotion on this social platform, it has won a certain number of high-quality potential customers.

two,How to proceed on the platformmarketing

Chinese LinkedInThe use of the platform seems to be very simple, registering information, adding friends, searching for customers, etc. But most people's operation methods not only waste time but also fail to achieve the desired results.

We mustDon’t blindly add friends, this operation method is easy to be limited to adding friends or even blocked by LinkedIn. Secondly, adding friends who have not been selected by category is a waste of time. So in useHave the following suggestions

1.Make your resume more professional

We will build a professional personal image only after we have built our resume, and the professional image is undoubtedly the basis for customers to trust you, soThe stage is marketing to individuals.

2.learnExpand the corresponding network

Expanding the network of contacts must not blindly add friends, you can expand the corresponding network of contacts from the dimensions of education background, school, company, work experience, job title, group and other dimensions.

3.share itDry goods that attract customers

Chinese LinkedInPlatform, we are not forcibly pushing our products and constantly advertising our products. This is very easy to cause customers' resentment and resistance. High-quality marketing is required to provide valuable content that is helpful to others. When valuable dry goods content isAfter being forwarded by contacts or potential customers at 1st and 2nd, the reading volume will even be as much as 10 times the number of friends. Then there will be unlimited business opportunities that we need to dig, and even come to us to find us!

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