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Under the global epidemic situation, how do foreign trade enterprises turn \"crisis\" into \"machine\"?

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Global outbreak is grim

WHO local time20The data of the daily epidemic report released in the early morning show that the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the world has reached209839example.

WHO's daily outbreak report shows that as of Central European Time190Hours (Beijing time197Time), the number of confirmed cases of global new pneumonia increased from the previous day16556Example, reach209839Cases; deaths increased from the previous day828Example, reach8778example. (Xinhuanet)

Global outbreak data

(World Health Organization)

Difficulties of foreign trade enterprises under the epidemic

The recent outbreak and spread of overseas epidemics have increased the downward pressure on the global economy. The situation facing my country's foreign trade development is extremely complex and severe, and uncertainties have been increasing. As the most important link in the global supply chain, the second round of impact of the overseas epidemic on China's imports and exports may be even greater than the negative impact of the domestic epidemic caused by shutdowns and production shutdowns.

① Affected by management and control, the cost of poor logistics increases

② The outbreak caused panic to foreign merchants

Order delivery cycle extendedExhibition or postponement or cancellation

Offline communication reduces the impact of merchant trust

Most foreign trade companies in China mainly follow\"produce-Exhibition-visit\"Way to open up the market. The global epidemic has made us clearly see the shortcomings of traditional methods. A single offline marketing will be greatly hindered, foreign trade companies need to adjust marketing strategies, increase online marketingchannel

Thinking of foreign trade enterprises under epidemic situation

globalDuring the epidemic,Foreign Trade EnterprisesIt is necessary to stabilize important customers, increase the development of potential customers, and actively develop online customersTo find potential customers online. In this section\"Extraordinary\" period seize the opportunity to occupy the future market!

1) Try to prepare for the upstream semi-finished products or raw materials needed for production in the future, and beware of the global outbreak of the epidemic, which will interrupt the supply chain.

2) Strengthen internal risk control, do a good job of communication, understanding and negotiation with foreign customers, and strengthen communication with upstream and downstream partners of the supply chain.

3Increase online marketing efforts.Affected by the epidemic, a large number of buyers of traditional exhibitions will soon switch to online procurement.LinkedInFacebookGoogle AdsYouTubeVROnline channels such as technology are the solutions for foreign trade companies to establish brands, increase exposure, and tap customers. Traditional online+The multi-channel development of emerging offline can effectively reduce corporate risks and improve conversion efficiency. The following is the specific manifestation of online marketing:

Marketing form one: online advertising

Currently, online advertising channels for overseas users generally haveLinkedInFacebookGoogle AdsAnd other platforms. According to the crowd portraits of the target customers of foreign trade enterprises, targeted advertisements of specific products or services are placed, and leads of potential target customers are collected or drained to the official website to achieve further conversion.

LinkedIn AdvertisingFacebook ads

Google Advertising

Multilingual layout


Marketing Form 2-YouTubevideo

YouTubeAs a global large-scale video website and search engine, traffic cannot be underestimated. Dabo overseas buyers are gathered hereThe growth rate of video search far exceeds the growth rate of ordinary search, so inYouTubeOur products and brands can get better customers and get exposure.


Marketing form three-VRpanoramic display

VRThe panoramic display system is3DPanorama andVRTechnology appliedForeign Trade EnterprisesImage and productOn display. It generally includes the factory scene, product library, company profile, contact information, etc., so that multinational customers can fully investigate the factory and product details online. Especially in the current situation where the global epidemic situation is tense, field visits have become difficult,VRThe panoramic display solves this problem very well. Overseas target customers can visit the factory directly through the website, experience the products, increase trust, and thus improve the chance of closing the transaction.

VR panorama

VR panorama

The epidemic is a crisis and a turning point!

When unable to communicate with customers offline,Foreign Trade EnterprisesMust learn a lesson,Seize the opportunity, change the traditional marketing methods, letoverseasBuyers seeweAnd choose us

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