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Tips for building a foreign trade marketing website

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Tips for building a foreign trade marketing website

First locate the website, and clearly define the appeal style of the marketing website. Generally speaking, there are three types of rational appeals and emotional appeals and comprehensive styles on the website. Rational appeals emphasize theory and logic, are based on facts, and are mainly based on introductory text; perceptual appeals emphasize intuition and value. The foundation is based on image creation.
A website that emphasizes rational appeal is based on facts and products or technologies as the core. Through products or technologies, it highlights the characteristics of enterprises and conducts marketing activities, focusing on the visual impact and attractiveness of products or technologies. This type of website often spares no effort in product or technology, establishes its marketing position with rational appeal, and strives to create a technology-leading atmosphere in the minds of customers, thereby generating a sense of trust in the enterprise. Obviously, this kind of site is relatively low in design, but it must be rendered in terms of technology, product promotion, display and application, and its specific role in reality. It must be consistent in style to maintain the enterprise. A continuous image of consumers' online and offline images, thus establishing a consolidated position.
Most of the websites that emphasize emotional appeals are mainly based on establishing corporate image and service-oriented. The service here has two meanings. One is the service provided by the enterprise itself, such as the service industry; the second is the company's pre-sales and after-sales service. Through the service to enhance the status of the enterprise in the minds of customers, thereby promoting marketing, this type must pay attention to the style design and creativity of the website, focusing on the emotional appeal, focusing on rendering or creating a unique corporate atmosphere, focusing on reflecting a website Or the sense of value of products and services must not be laid out flatly, nor can they simply move traditional services online. In reality, the credibility of an enterprise is as effective as online. The market economy is competitive. Therefore, on the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the creation of a special atmosphere, work hard on the emotional appeal, eliminate the distance between the enterprise and customers in time and space, establish customer loyalty, increase customer value, and expand, establish, maintain and strengthen customer relations. Maximize its own benefits; on the other hand, designing a website well, unique design can create a unique corporate culture-Internet corporate culture.
Comprehensive types are also relatively common, that is, combining the above two, because for the same product, different people may be based on different decisions-sometimes the characteristics of the product itself can decide whether it is rational or emotional. Therefore, we must pay attention to distinguishing the atmosphere of the website: if a certain aspect cannot fully describe the characteristics of the product or service, we must combine the two and make rational and emotional appeals in different parts to impress different types. Of customers, not only highlighting the company's technical advantages with a large number of facts, but also creating a perceptual atmosphere, emphasizing the value of products or services to people, through the combination of the two, to jointly create a unique atmosphere of the enterprise.
Clarifying the style of the website's appeal will directly affect the focus of the following material preparation. Carefully prepare materials for the website, this is a very important task in the process of website creation. It is best to find a person in charge to organize the text information. It is best to be someone who is familiar with marketing and has a certain text organization ability. They can consider the organization of the text from multiple perspectives of enterprises, markets and consumers.

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