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The influence and function of internet marketing to enterprises

Views:0     Author:Zhao Pengkang     Publish Time: 2017-10-18      Origin:Site Inquire

When other countries in the world are vigorously developing the Internet, China is no exception. According to relevant surveys, China is2009The number of netizens reached2.98Billion, while2010In 2001, the number of Chinese netizens increased dramatically4100 million people, from another aspect, also tells us that there is a huge consumer market in the network. This market has a huge consumer group. This is undoubtedly a big \"cake\" for enterprises, but who can be the most Go first, who can win the most \"cake\".

However, how can companies get the most benefits and win the most consumers (in this case can be called traffic)\"The cake game\" the biggest winner? Internet marketing is a key way to achieve success. Making full use of this new marketing method to obtain maximum benefits is of vital importance to the development of the enterprise.

Website marketing

What does internet marketing mean? How to understand it?

In a broad sense: synonyms for the concept of online marketing include:Online marketingInternet marketingOnline marketingInternet MarketingInternet marketingWait. Broadly speaking, Internet marketing is a marketing activity that uses the Internet as the main means. Internet marketing has strong practical characteristics, and the general methods and laws of Internet marketing are discovered from practice. Therefore, how to define online marketing is not the most important thing. The key is how to understand the true meaning and purpose of online marketing, fully understand the new marketing environment of the Internet, and use various Internet tools to provide effective support for corporate marketing.From a macro perspective: Internet marketing refers to a series of business activities done by an organization or individual on products and services based on an open and convenient internet, so as to achieve the entire process of meeting the needs of the organization or individual.

Internet marketing

As a marketing method derived from the development of the Internet, it has many advantages over traditional marketing methods: First, online marketingRelatively low costCompared with print media advertising, the price advantage of online marketing is a foothold for large companies to optimistic about the Internet; Second,The needs of the development of the timesNow has entered the era of networking, e-commerce is developing rapidly, foreign80%The above sales are all realized by internet marketing. With the maturity of international online marketing technology, in order to gain a foothold, Chinese companies must remain competitive, and online marketing has naturally become a required course; There is justLarge-scale, all-round promotion of online marketing without geographical restrictionsRelative to offline promotion, there is no geographical restriction and the company can be publicized on a large scale. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, due to limited operating resources, there are few publicity opportunities such as news release, advertising, and large-scale promotional activities. Therefore, the significance of website promotion through Internet means is even more important. The main reason for cravingEven for large enterprises, website promotion is very necessary;Simultaneously,The difference between network marketing and traditional marketing mode lies in its unique interaction mode. The communication between people in the traditional marketing mode is very important. The marketing method is relatively simple. Network marketing can be based on the characteristics of its own company’s products and according to specific target customer groups. , A unique corporate culture to enhance interaction, save money, novel and diverse forms, avoiding the stereotype of the original marketing modeland many more. It is these advantages that have made online marketing an important means for companies to promote their products, increase their popularity, and attract consumers, which has enabled the rapid development of online marketing.

Network-wide marketing

So far, although the application of Internet marketing as a new type of marketing in domestic enterprises is gradually going deeper, there are still manyMany problems, such as: the basic idea and content of the optimization design of the enterprise website have not been at least reflected; the enterprise website has a small amount of visits and urgently needs effectiveWebsite Promotion Strategy; Enterprise websites lack basic support in the accumulation of online marketing resources; enterprise website services, especially online customer service, are lacking;Corporate websiteThe support for sales and after-sales services has not been properly played; corporate website promotion awareness is not clear; corporate website column planning is unreasonable, navigation system is imperfect; corporate website overall planning purpose is unclear, lack of online marketing ideological guidance and a series of problems These are also the reasons why many companies cannot make full use of this method of online marketing, and even achieve counterproductive effects in this process.

Internet marketing has a huge impact and effect on the development and growth of modern enterprises. If it can be properly applied and its potential capabilities can be fully utilized, then companies can stand out from thousands of competitors and become fierce market competition. The best of the world.Therefore, with the continuous development of e-commerce,The internetIn progressMarketing will becomeBusiness inA market with considerable potential and room for developmentMarketing strategy

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