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The confusion of a foreign trade person: How to drain the materials when the exhibition materials are ready?

Views:0     Author:Sunac Media     Publish Time: 2020-05-15      Origin:Sunac Media Inquire

A week ago, all the private letters I received were:

How to prepare materials for Canton Fair? (sigh)

What do our companies need to do in three dimensions?

What functions can VR Panorama include?


PS: Click the link to give directions→Material preparation for Canton Fair

A week later, the style of private letters became like this:

Hurry! How to invite online exhibitors?

Crying, where did the show drain come from?

So worried, no one will come to the exhibition


Canton Fair Materials

Before solving this problem, we must first clarify several important exhibition nodes:

The first stage:

This online Canton Fair will be heldHeld on June 15-24, the official requirement for exhibitors toBefore May 25Improve the layout of the platform exhibition hall so that the next stage of work can proceed smoothly. Keeping pace with the Canton Fair, enterprises should build and improve other online exhibition hallsCompleted at the end of May

second stage:

At the beginning of June, about 15 days before the exhibition, the exhibitors began to collect information and make invitations.There will be an outbreak of exhibition traffic.At this time, the exhibitor needs to drain the online exhibition hall, so that the online exhibition information constantly appears in front of potential customers, through Google search for advertisements,Facebook / LinkedIn display ads, YouTube ads, Gmail ads and other unlimited forms, layout key products and keywords and highly appealing ads let customers enter your showroom or live room, understand your products, and further interaction.

The third stage:

From June 15th to 24th, the Canton Fair will be launched, and enterprises will continue to promote and focus on the key traffic.Adjust the advertising slogan, focus on the main products, introduce the company's success stories and influential customers to attract customers. Pay attention to the online exhibition mode of the Canton Fair, followFB live advertising format, pay attention to whether the Canton Fair has provided welcoming customer benefits, and attract customers with the same drainage methods.

The fourth stage:

One month after the show, staggering peaks to get customers, placing advertising forms such as remarketing ads,Continue to recommend to users who have been to the site to speed up the subsequent conversion of exhibiting customers.

Social drainage

Next is the most important and the most concerned part of the exhibitors— Where does the drainage come from?

Whether it is an offline exhibition or an online exhibition, it is just a form for exhibitors to develop customers, and the most important thing is to attract flow. No traffic, no matter how many exhibitions you attend, it is useless!

Online exhibition-The advantage of social customer acquisition is that it can be directed according to industry portrait customers, industry exhibition social home page fan placement, Canton Fair and each country industry exhibition customer directory listing!

1. Google Ads advertising

Google advertising buyers will definitely search the relevant keywords of the online Canton Fair on the search engine. At this time, enterprises can use the form of Google advertising to display the information of the company's exhibition hall and now attract clicks to enter the exhibition hall.

Large and medium-sized enterprises can focus their marketing on attracting more new customers, while small and medium-sized foreign tradeB2B companies need to accurately position, control costs, and find ways to attract customers through multiple channels.Find out the sources of traffic and the products that visitors pay attention to, and focus them on key national markets.

2. Invitation to Facebook/Linkedin Exhibition

When Facebook/Linkedin advertising buyers browse the page, the corporate showroom information will appear in the information flow in the form of advertisements, attracting click activities or leaving contact information.

New landing page for advertisements during the online Canton Fair, before the start of the Canton FairFrom 10 days to 10 days after the end, new and remarketing advertisements will be launched for those interested in the exhibition.

Facebook Exhibition Invitation

Text ad copy: Exhibition name+booth number+online booth address+brand name

Key words:Exhibition name, exhibition hall name, online booth address, brand name

extra information:Promotional information, product selling points

Display creative:BrandLogo + highlight booth link + call to action

Of course, how to write words before the exhibition is a knowledge. It is not recommended that you use boring notifications (time, location, booth number). Imagine how many exhibiting companies stand out.

Here are some ideas for everyone:Appetite for new products, attractive market information sharing, new product development stories trigger visits, empathy+Social tone attractive type etc.

The main point: there are certain benefits, why should youExhibition?

3. YouTube video marketing

In the process of exhibition research, YouTube advertising buyers will use YouTube search to watch related exhibition videos, search and watch the process, and the information of the company exhibition hall can appear in the form of advertisements to attract clicks into the exhibition hall.

I suggest you buildYouTube enterprise channel, uploading a slightly higher quality product production and manufacturing process video, will attract more visitors to click.

Canton Fair-YouTube

The entrance to the online Canton Fair is an online port. Buyers will definitely choose fromThe three overseas mainstream platforms Google/YouTube/FB enter the Canton Fair page, the video platform YouTube and the social platform FB/LinkedIn are also important for online Canton Fair customers!So exhibitorsWhile preparing the material,for sureDon't forget to drain, Quicker one step to have the opportunity to stand out!

In this issue:

What problems did you encounter during the Canton Fair?

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