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Solve the problem of placement (that is, the ad is not displayed)

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Sometimes, you may find that your ads are not showing on the websites or other placements you added; or although they are showing, they are not showing in the places you expect. If your ads aren’t showing, you can find out why by performing placement diagnosis and understand the steps to improve your ads’ performance. For details, please refer to our list of common problems and solutions.

If you feel that your ads are not appearing on the Display Network’s placements, you can perform placement diagnostics to understand why. The specific method is as follows:

  1. access https://adwords.google.cn And log in to your AdWords account.
  2. ClickDisplay NetworkTab and clickPlacementthemelabel.
    • PlacementLabel: Under the \"Status\" column, point to the bubble icon next to the status of one of your placements bubble. You will now see diagnostic information.
    • themeLabel: Under the \"Status\" column, point to the bubble icon next to the status of one of your topics bubble. You will now see diagnostic information.


To diagnose and repair placements, you must use the following types of campaigns:

  • \"Display Network only-all features\"
  • \"Display Network only-ads shown in mobile apps\"
  • \"Display Network only-Remarketing\"

If your campaign is not one of the above campaign types, you will not be able to diagnose or repair your placement. Learn about AdWords Campaign type

In addition to performing placement diagnostics, you can also review these common problems and find solutions. Please click the corresponding link according to your own situation.

Ads not showing

Check your campaign settings

Please make sure your settings, ad formats and targeting methods will not prevent your ads from showing.Learn more about campaign settings and where ads can show

  • Campaign type is incorrect
    If your campaign is not part of \"Search Network and Select Display Network\", \"Display Network only-all features\", \"Display Network only-mobile app\" and \"only Display Network-Remarketing\", your ads will not show on the Display Network. Please check the campaign'sSet upLabel to ensure you are using one of the above campaign types.

  • Coverage may be too narrow
    Too many targeting methods (such as subject and keyword targeting in addition to placement targeting) will reduce the number of pages that meet all your criteria. For example, if you addedCustom placementAnd keywords, your ads will only show on pages on specific websites that match the keywords you selected. In other words, your ad may only be displayed on a few pages, and there may not even be a chance to show it. If your ad is not showing, try to choose only one or two targeting methods to increase reach.

  • Your daily budget is too low
    In useStandard delivery optionsOf your campaigns, if your daily budget is low, it’s not enough to meet yourCPM biddingCPC bidding, Our system will spread your ad serving opportunities throughout the day to avoid running out of your daily budget too quickly. In this case, your ad will not be displayed every time it is possible to show. To maximize the number of ad impressions in a day, tryDaily budgetIncrease to an amount much higher than the CPM bid or CPC bid.

  • Your ad cannot be found due to ad schedule
    If you set your ads to run only during certain times of the day or days of the week, you may not see your ads.View your ad schedule

  • Keywords are not relevant
    Your keywords may not match the content of the placements you want them to appear. Your ads will show on websites with content that matches your keywords. For example, if you designate a car supply website as a placement but select the two keywords \"tulip\" and \"rose\", your ad may not show because your keywords are The content of this placement is not relevant.

  • Placement cannot accept display ad format size
    If your display ads aren’t showing, it’s possible that some placements will not accept the format size you selected for your ads. For example, if you create a 250 x 300 rectangular ad, and the site where you want to display the ad does not provide that size of ad space, your ad will not show. useDisplay Advertising PlannerUnderstand what sizes of ads your placement accepts.

View your managed placements

  • You are targeting managed placements, but you forgot to check whether your ads are showing on these placements
    If you specify that your ads only show on specific placements (management placements) on the Display Network, and you are not viewing these websites or webpages, you may not see your ads. Follow the steps below to view the placements you target:
    1. Enter the ad group levelDisplay Networklabel.
    2. ClickPlacementTags, and then look for placements with a status of \"\"Managed placements\".
  • You don’t have enough managed placements
    If you only target your ads to a few managed placements, your chances of showing your ads will decrease. Please try adding other placements with the same theme.

  • Bid is too low
    The bidding competition on the Google Display Network is fierce. If the managed placements you choose are very popular and your ad group bids are very low, your ads may not show on the placements. You can try to increase the placement bid for the entire ad group, or just increase the bid for this managed placement. Learn howEdit bid

Ads may be awaiting approval

Ads must pass our review in accordance with our advertising guidelines before they can appear on various sites in the Google advertising network. If your ad is waiting for approval, please be patient and wait for us to complete the review of the ad. In the meantime, you can refer to ourAdvertising policies and guidelinesTo ensure that your ads comply with relevant regulations. Please also checkReasons that may cause your ad to be disapprovedList.

The ad is showing, but the placement does not meet the requirements

Ads appear on placements with irrelevant content

Sometimes, your ads may appear on placements that appear to be unrelated to the display keywords you are targeting. If this happens, it’s probably because your ad was shown to the user based on their recent browsing history (not the content of the page). Therefore, your ads are still relevant to the users who saw them.

For example, some users may search for content related to car purchases when they first start browsing the web, and then read the information. Then, we may display your ads on the information websites they browse, even if these pages themselves have nothing to do with cars.

If you think that these placements are not performing as you expected, please try the following:

  • Add keywords and related topics to the same ad group. Then, set your topic targeting to \"\"Targeting and Bidding\". In this way, combining keywords and topic targeting can narrow the scope of targeting.
  • Exclude irrelevant websites and categories
  • Exclude irrelevant websites and other placements from brand campaigns
  • Exclude pages with irrelevant topics

Check your campaign settings

Please make sure that your settings, ad formats, and targeting methods will not cause your ads to appear where you don’t want them.Learn more about campaign settings and where ads can show

  • Keywords are too vague
    If your keywords are too vague, or less relevant to the products or services you provide, your ads may appear on placements that you think are not the most appropriate. The following tips can help you achieve better results:
    • Use Keyword PlannerFind other keywords you may want to add.
    • Negative keywords
    • Exclude placementsTo exclude placements where you don’t want to show ads.
  • Some placements cannot be targeted
    If you find that the system does not allow you to add managed placements to an ad group, you can consider the following situations and possible reasons.
    • There is no option to add managed placements in your account
      • Check your target language: Only if at least one campaign is selected Google AdSense You can only add managed placements to ad groups in a language supported by the publisher as the target language. This will ensure that the system can provide a large number of websites in the display network for you to serve ads. View AdSense supported languages
      • If the campaign does not select any of the above languages ​​as the target language, you will not be able to add managed placements to new or existing ad groups in the campaign. you canIn the campaign settingsChange the target language of the adTo enable managed placements. Your placement-targeted ads will only be displayed when customers view content in the effective language you added. If your campaign targets other languages ​​that are not supported, you can’t enable placement targeting even if you add a new language.
    • Ability to add managed placements, but I can’t find the placement I need in Display Planner
      • The required placement is not on the Google Display Network: Your ads can’t be shown on sites that are not part of the Google Display Network.
      • The publisher has chosen to disable placement targeting: Publishers on the Google Network can choose not to participate in placement targeting. If a website chooses to do this, you cannot target ads to that website.
Ads appear on placements you have paused or removed

You can pause or remove placements in any ad group at any time. If you set up keywords, interest categories, topics, remarketing lists, and other targeting methods in the same ad group that uses managed placements, your ads may appear on placements that you have paused or removed. This may happen if the website is related to other targeting methods.

you canExclude sites or site categoriesTo avoid showing ads. If you don’t want your ads to appear in any other places than the placements you choose, you can create a new ad group that only adds placements.

Ads appear on inappropriate or inaccurate websites

You can add the websiteExclude from campaignTo prevent ads from appearing on any websites you don’t want to show.

  • Appear on inappropriate websites
    We want to know about any inappropriate websites. pleaseUse this form to report the page to The Google AdSense team. We will investigate based on the information you report. If we confirm that the website in question violates our website policy, we will immediately take action to remove it from the Google advertising network.

    We have multiple systems to ensure that the site does not provide content that violates Google’s advertising network program policies. The following describes the automatic and manual review process at each level:

    • Preliminary review: Before being approved to join the Google advertising network, the site undergoes an automatic and manual review process.
    • Review conducted at ad serving: Whenever a visitor arrives at a page on the Google advertising network, our system looks at the content of that page to determine which ads should be served. If the system detects content that violates our policies, it will not serve any ads to it. This review is conducted almost in real time.
    • Automatic review: Our system continuously scans all sites in the Google advertising network to find content that violates the policy. As soon as a possible violation is detected, a manual review will be triggered. If the violation is confirmed, we will remove the site from the ad network.
    • Responsive review: We will investigate all reports submitted by advertisers and other Google users, and we will prioritize actions that have obvious potential for violations. If the violation is more serious, we can stop all ads on the site within five minutes.

      However, due to the dynamic nature of website content, we cannot immediately detect changes in content that violate these policies every time. Therefore, any report you submit to us will help us maintain the quality of the Google advertising network.

  • On an inaccurate website
    Sometimes, an ad placement defined by a publisher does not display ads in a way that matches the name or description of the placement. If you find that an ad placement is not accurately described, you can use itExclude from campaignTo prevent ads from showing there.

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