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Solutions to errors in website domain name resolution

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The problem of website domain name resolution is currently a very common website failure. If it is not resolved in time, it will not only affect the use of users, but may also be considered as a spam website by search engines, which is not conducive to website ranking.

Ⅰ. Analyze whether the website domain name is set incorrectly
Since many domain name resolution services are currently set up by domain name providers, of course, some users need to change some options during the operation of the website, resulting in a failure in the domain name resolution of the website.
If the website cannot be opened,
After analysis, if it is a domain name resolution problem, you must log in to the corresponding background provided by the domain name provider, select the corresponding option, and fill in the relevant parameters.And usually
In fact, if you can’t parse it, it’s actually very simple, just ask the customer service staff of the supplier to do the analysis.

Ⅱ. Analyze whether there is a problem with the website space
If you log in to the domain name provider's background and find that there are A records related to domain name resolution, MX priority and host record pointing, there is no problem, and the domain name has also been filed.
It still can't be opened, and the domain name resolution error is displayed. In fact, it is not a problem of domain name resolution, but a problem due to the website space, that is, the website space cannot be connected to the Internet
On the Internet, the corresponding domain name and the IP address of the virtual space cannot achieve a one-to-one correspondence. From the perspective of the wrong manifestation, the domain name resolution error will also be displayed. So you need to divide
Analyze the quality of the website space, if the website space is unstable, then it needs to be replaced in time, or IDC is required
(Internet Data Center)Suppliers improve as soon as possible.

Ⅲ. Is there a problem with the domain name provider
Now we need to register a domain name through a domain name registrar. These registrars usually have their own servers for domain name resolution. And this domain name server is generally
Dual-machine hot backup server, and keep normal operation for 24 hours, but once the server is down or the domain name A record and host record and other information changes, only wait for the server to restart
Start, or the server will have its own domain name information refresh function, which will usually be refreshed between one hour and two hours to update the domain name record table, so that the modified domain name or loss
Bad domain name resolution was restored.

Ⅳ. Check whether there is a virus in the website space, causing interference in domain name resolution
DNS hijacking is the key factor that causes the current domain name resolution error. Domain name hijacking is on the one hand on the server side, on the other hand is on the client side, for the webmaster friends, you need to solve the service
Virus infringement on the server side. In other words, the domain name of the server where the website space is located has been attacked by the hijacking virus Trojan, which makes it difficult for the website space to be correctly resolved. So at this time
Increasing the virus detection and killing of the server space and improving the security of the server space of the website. Only in this way can the problem of domain name resolution be effectively solved.

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