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Social media marketing

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Although the content participation rate of social media users has declined in the past three years50%,but92% Of marketers still thinkSocial media marketingIs their important marketing channel becauseSocial media marketingCloser to the user itself than traditional sales.

The interaction on social media establishes the relationship between the customer and the brand, enhances brand loyalty, and promotes word-of-mouth promotion, which is a more effective communication method than advertising.

Well, in recent yearssocial mediaWhat is the reason for the decline in the content participation of the previous users?

There are many factors, includingFacebookOf news pushes to reduce page coverage, brand delays or reluctance to actually participate in social conversations, and companies misunderstand that it only exists on social media.

But only\"Existence\" is not enough.

Savvy marketers know that you can’t post a bunch of posts and then expect something to continue to ferment.

Today’s audience is numb with the flood of content, so brands need to find new ways to reach their audience, rather than passively waiting for them to participate.

The key is participation-Two-way, meaningful, high-value conversation, capturing the essence-\"Social media marketing\"The \"Social\" section.

If you notice a decrease in user engagement, here are10Tips can stimulate your new ideas and help you get out of trouble.

1.Respond positively to comments and information

Social media marketingThe key to successful participation is to establish a long-term and meaningful relationship with the audience.

What the audience really wants is to interact with the dialogue of the response. Although up to65% Of brands ownsocial mediaAccounts, but they are usually one-way promotions-They use social networks as megaphones instead of walkie-talkies.

Social media marketingIt is one of the most effective ways to promote new marketing. If brands do not reply to comments or messages, the true message they convey is:\"We really don’t care about you.\"

Solution: Talk to your audience in good faith.

If done well, this may have a knock-on effect, improve the organic impact of posts, increase information flow, gain higher audience participation, and so on.

Reply as many comments as possible quickly and consistently, and try not to use\"Copy and paste\" to reply. For private information, the standard unified answer is acceptable, but when you put the same content one by one in a public comment, it may look a bit bad.

2.Create \"Character\" Characteristics for Brand

People judge brands based on how they interact on social media\"Character\", so it will always be authentic. Understand your social media brand positioning-There are different brand positioning in front of different audiences.

This is especially important because80% Of social media users choose whether to follow or not based on whether the content posted by the brand is authentic.

In fact, people often don’t pay attention to brands because they lack characteristics, or they don’t pay attention to brands because they use slang and jargon that doesn’t match the brand’s positioning.

Social media expertJay BaerSay:

\"Don’t just give your customers some discussion topics and let them discuss the brand itself.\"

So whether you are likeWendy's(American fast-food chain) Such a fashionable and lively brand, or an optimistic and powerful brand like Starbucks Coffee, should recognize your brand positioning and don’t be afraid to show your personality.

In addition, occasionally try to useGIFAnimations or expressions to reply to comments and messages-This is a very simple way to add fun to the page.

This will make your audience more interested in participating in the interaction as they look forward to your response.

3.Integrate appropriate images into the article

There are a lot of statistics and research mentioning an important discovery-Visual content.

BuzzSumoOf research shows (\"BuzzSumo\" is a content marketing platform that helps users filter the most popular subject content on the Internet, fromSocial media marketingCollect content data in statistics and share content research knowledge through blog sites. ), add visualFacebookContent increases user engagement2.3Times, and the content with images is higher than ordinary text150%.

But if your understanding of these statistics is to post more pictures, then you are wrong.

Since images cannot be hyperlinked, most publishers solve this problem by placing hyperlinks in the title, but this is half the effect of publishing attractive preview images.

Marketers can also passTwitterUpTwitterThe card gets good user engagement. by usingShareKitService, you can create these files without modifying any code.

Twitter CardAllow users to post more than140Character-restricted content, attach photos or videos to the content, which can make tweets stand out in a large number of text streams. No need to leaveTwitter, Users can passTwitter CardDownload an application, visit other pages, register an account, etc.

If you need some nice and trendy photos, then you can choose fromPexelsUnsplashThere are many beautiful and free pictures.

4.Seek user feedback and reply to comments

Do you think you need to make a focus group for user research? In fact, you have the best research object at hand.

Social media marketingAsk your followers for their feedback on your product or service, and reply to each of their comments (especially negative comments).

Start a conversation on a hot topic and ask them to check the answers to these questions in the next blog post or webinar.

Ask them how to deal with certain challenges or their best experience on the product or platform (this is a great way for people who study user experience).

Or, start voting to have fun.TwitterFacebookInstagramAll have voting functions.

The more you know your audience, the easier it is to ask questions and publish better content.Social media marketingThe interactive participation needs to change from liking, sharing and commenting to establishing a true connection with consumers.

5.Post the latest and popular events related content

Consider hot topics and hot event marketing.

You don't have to stick to traditional festivals, such as Valentine's Day or Christmas. You can consider some interesting festivals, such as Star Wars Day or National Puppy Day. These festivals are more interesting and have more sharing.

There are some great free tools that can help you master popular trends. If you are looking for more real-time, more popular content, please tryHootsuiteSprout Social

These tools can help analyze trends in popular events, related content, etc.

6.Express information and appeal clearly and honestly

Today is an era of transparency. Experienced viewers know when they are deceived (not justSocial media marketingOn, but in all other ads),66% Of viewers think they are tempted to read paid or sponsored content.

The most important thing is: openly and honestly explain what you want.

Use clear words such as\"Download\", \"Follow\" or \"Forward\", compared with articles without detailed records, can increase participation23Times.

If you post the article directly, your audience may prefer to interact with your article, which will clearly express your appeal.

7.Identify your fans and postUGC(User generated content)

There are many benefits to using user-generated content, the most important of which is to increase userSocial media marketingOf participation.

Fans like to be recognized by their favorite brands, and publishing user-generated content is a great way to strengthen the community and engage consumers in conversations.

8.Plan daily content

There is an old saying:\"If you have no plan, you will definitely fail.\"

Planning with a content calendar or similar tool is to ensure thatsocial mediaA very important step in the consistency and timeliness of the content posted on the website.

BufferedKevan Lee(OneSocial media marketingManagement platform) proposed a concept he called \"consistent pizza\". Assuming that there is already a lot of high-quality content, the key to the success of social media operations is \"consistency\".

CoScheduleIt is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth content calendar tools in the industry. The site is very generous, providing a large number of free templates and operation tips, including what to post on social media, when to send, where to send, etc., to help users carry out promotional activities.

No need to feel pressured to create original content for each post. Planning and sharing other people’s content is also a great way to increase user attention.

9.Change content and try different content forms

Each post will receive different feedback from different audiences.

The video may leave a deeper impression on the viewer, but they may not participate in the interaction because it is easier for the audience to view it as a performance rather than a conversation.

Similarly, technology-relatedsocial mediaAudience may focus on important infographics rather than easy-to-useGIFAnimation.

There is a good strategy to try various content or forms-News, quotes, humorous content, research, videos, pictures, infographics, etc. Analyze which form is effective, and then adjust your page style accordingly.

10.Listening to audience needs is more than publishing what you want to publish.

As Robhucht, associate professor of marketing at Baruch College in New York, said:

\"If the published content strategy relies too much on the brand strategy, rather than the needs of the target customers, then the content will not be shared and forwarded by the audience.\"

This is why social listening is so important, you need to understand the reaction of your target audience, not just what you want to post.

In fact,BufferAn experiment was done to explain why \"no\" talking about yourself might be good for the brand.

Prior to this, they often avoided organized content because it would not directly affect their key statistics-Traffic, subscriptions, sales, etc. However, once they publish some irrelevant business activities, only the content of user interaction will make their fans more active.

Result: When sales are most needed, more promotions will backfire.

Likeable MediaChief Executive OfficerDave KerpenMeans,Social media marketingThe best analogy is to compare it with the largest cocktail party in the world, but people will not drink at this cocktail party. \"Cocktail party\"The size is also incredible.

\"At a cocktail party, you don’t go to someone to say'Oh, I’m Dave, I can enjoy my stuff20%the discount of. \"

All you do is ask questions, tell stories, listen to others, and get along with others.

Then you sell your product.

Social media marketingIt is an investment in a long-term relationship.

Social media is used to build relationships, so it is necessary to follow certain principles, like any other social relationship-Be a good listener, treat others with sincerity, and be consistent, but adjust from time to time.

Remember, this is not just about you and your needs.

In return, you can better understand your customers, which will help you provide better products or better services, both of which are key components of your business.

It takes time to build relationships, so if your audience participation does not rise rapidly overnight, don’t be discouraged (but if they do get up, go and see the reaction of the audience, then pick it up and let it take a little And re-examine.)

the most important is,Social media marketingIt is a constantly changing field, so be prepared to adjust your strategy.

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