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Simple color application in website construction

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When opening a website, it is not the rich content of the website or the reasonable layout of the website that gives the first impression to the visitors, but the color of the website. The color of the website needs to be carefully designed, rationally matched, and the perfect color application can improve the quality of the website, give people a bright feeling, and relax the visitors' body and mind.

Simple color application in website construction

Principles of color matching

1. Distinctive features

The color of a website must have its own unique style, so that it can show a distinctive personality and leave a deep impression on the viewer.

2. Reasonable collocation

Although web design belongs to the category of graphic design, it is different from other graphic design. While complying with the laws of art, it also considers the physiological characteristics of people. The color matching must be reasonable, giving a harmonious and pleasant feeling and avoiding Use a single color with high purity, which is easy to cause visual fatigue.

3. Pay attention to artistry

Website design is also an art activity, so it must follow the laws of art, while taking into account the characteristics of the website itself, in accordance with the principle of content to determine the form, boldly innovate in art, design a website that meets the requirements of the website and has certain artistic characteristics .

Matters needing attention in color matching

1. Use monochrome

Although the website design should avoid using a single color, so as not to produce a monotonous feeling, but by adjusting the color saturation and transparency can also produce changes, so that the website avoids monotony.

2. Use adjacent colors

The so-called adjacent colors are the colors adjacent to each other on the color band, such as green and blue, and red and yellow are adjacent colors of each other. Adopting adjacent colors to design webpages can prevent webpages from cluttered colors, and it is easy to achieve harmony and unity of the pages.

3. Use contrasting colors

Contrasting colors can highlight the key points and produce a strong visual effect. By using contrasting colors reasonably, the website can have distinctive characteristics and focus. In the design, one color is generally the main tone, and the contrast color is used as an embellishment, which can play a finishing touch.

4. Use of black

Black is a special color. If it is used properly and the design is reasonable, it often produces a strong artistic effect. Black is generally used as a background color and is used in conjunction with other purity colors.

5. Use of background color

The background color is generally plain and elegant. Avoid using pictures with complicated patterns and high purity colors as the background color. At the same time, the background color should be strongly contrasted with the color of the text.

6. The number of colors

Generally, beginners often use multiple colors when designing web pages. The colors of websites lack uniformity and coordination. On the surface, they look fancy, but they lack inner beauty. In fact, the more colors used on a website, the better. It is generally controlled within three colors, and changes are made by adjusting various attributes of the colors.

The color of the website requires a long time of accumulation and continuous learning to master. Good art is also the key to the success of website design. Pay attention to the use of website colors and build a perfect website.

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