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Should companies choose multilingual websites?

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Multilingual website9 advantages

1. Improve communication

This may not be surprising, butMultilingual websiteImprove communication! English can still dominate the Internet, but this does not mean that everyone wants to buy from English websites. A Common Sense Advisory survey found that 75% of non-English online shoppers tend to purchase products in their native language.

Another 60% rarely visit English websites. If you start thinking about the size of the world and the fact that more than half of all Internet users are in the Asia-Pacific region, then it starts to become clear. Localizing your website into other languages ​​will improve global communications.

2. Reach a wider audience

Less than one-fifth of all Internet traffic comes from the United States. This means that if you have a popular product or service at home, 80% of people in the world do not see it! But people all over the world have similar needs and needs. French people take a bath, Russians need productivity apps, and Chinese customers like to stay healthy. The similarities continue. Taste blends globally. Speaking multiple languages ​​allows you to reach more viewers, who may also be interested in what you want to sell.

3. Better customer satisfaction

Localized websites can increase customer satisfaction. Suppose you have spent time localizing it. Your user experience is optimal, your shopping cart is running, and your information is attractive. If customers think you really care about them, and you are already troubled by customizing your products or services to meet their needs, then this will naturally foster higher customer satisfaction. This means better reviews, repeat business, more customers and a common win-win situation.

4. Search engine promotion

Wait, did anyone say that search engines have improved? Like better SEO? Yes! Localizing your website into different languages ​​can improve your local SERP ranking. How could this be? Because when you translate and localize the website into different languages ​​in different regions, you can meet customer needs.

You are optimizing your website for key search criteria in Germany, Colombia, United Kingdom, or wherever you plan to conduct business. You translate the French customer's website into French. You are really listening to users’ needs and paying attention to how they search. This means that the ranking has risen and started from Google Drive!

5. Higher ranking due to lower competition

Although this statement may be true and depends on your niche, one thing is certain: you need to complete it as soon as possible. With the rest of the world exposed to the fact that website localization is vital, it will not be a competitive advantage for a long time. What happens if you don’t localize? You will be at a competitive disadvantage. Not only will you lose a company that is well-known and passionate about the local area. But you will fight better localization with other foreign companies.

6. Significantly increase your audience

Localizing your website will not only give you access to a wider audience. It will give you the opportunity to increase your audience on a large scale. You will be seen by a large number of potential buyers. There were more than 3.5 billion Internet users registered in 2016, which is a huge market!

7. The translated website will not be punished for duplicate content

If you are worried about being punished by search engines for duplicate content, don't do it. The translated website will not be punished for duplicate content! You need to set the hreflang tag to let Google know that the webpage it is scanning is in German, French or Arabic. Setting hreflang tags for your multilingual website is very simple, avoiding the problem of duplicate content. It can also help Google index your website pages.

8. Increase your sales and conversions

If it doesn’t result in a higher conversion rate and a higher return on investment, then you will not invest all your time and money in localizing your website. it will. As long as you do well. Just because there are more than three billion Internet users worldwide, it does not mean that they will be all candidate products for you. So, when you decide which languages ​​to localize, please choose carefully.

This will require more than 7000 languages ​​to reach everyone in the world. Reduce your focus on previous research and decide where product demand may be higher. View your website visitors and analyze your customers first. This will result in maximized localized ROI.

9. Meet the majority

Although you may argue that you cannot please everyone, you can make yourMultilingual websiteCome to please most people. Nearly 90% of Internet users in the European Union believe that websites should use their mother tongue. This means that nine out of ten European customers will be very grateful for your localization work.

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