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Several factors affecting the speed of website opening

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Website opening speed is an important factor in judging whether a website is healthy. No matter how good a website is, if it opens slowly, 9 out of 10 people will choose to leave. There are many factors that affect the opening speed of the website. The editor summarizes about 9 factors that affect the opening speed of the website, including server performance, network transmission quality, website bandwidth, DNS resolution, and web page content including the JS code, pictures and videos involved. The size and other factors.
1: Network minimum bandwidth
This is the most important factor. The access speed is as fast as a slow website under good bandwidth (that is, it costs more). The network bandwidth includes the server bandwidth of the website and the user's location. The docking point refers to the exit The end and the entrance end (such as the connection point of telecommunications to Netcom), the other is the minimum bandwidth of the user itself.
2: DNS resolution time
DNS resolution includes the number of round-trip resolutions and the time spent in each resolution. The product of these two is the time consumed by DNS resolution. Therefore, many people ignore the problem of DNS. In fact, DNS is also very important for the speed of website resolution. , Such as the Page Speed ​​Service and the domestic DNSPOD launched by Google for free DNS acceleration for domain names, you can give it a try.
3: The configuration of the machine
Including the hardware configuration of the server and client. Under the same network environment, the computing power of the dual-core server must be stronger. There is no doubt that in the same network environment, you use computers with different processor configurations to open the same Web pages and speeds are definitely different.
4: Server software
How much and stable the software and the correct configuration of the software will affect the server environment and thus the network speed. Installing a software firewall on the server will sacrifice some network speed, so it is sufficient for VPS or independent server users to install a firewall.
5: Size of web content (important)
The size of the web page file is the most important factor for whether the website can be opened quickly. If we can’t decide on the hardware such as the server, I strongly recommend that you start from here. Whether it is a table or DIV+CSS, appropriate optimization code can reduce the size of the web page. . Try to optimize the code as much as possible and use the least amount of code. At the same time, a large number of errors and redundant code is also one of the slowing down of the website.
6: Large number of database operations
When a small website performs a large number of database operations, it will also affect the opening speed of the website. This makes the asp+access structure of the website particularly obvious, especially when a large number of users submit comments at the same time, the database is locked and the website cannot be opened. For example, when a blog posts an article, it will take a few minutes to reduce the speed of the website.
7: Use a lot of javascript
It is taboo to use a lot of JS on the website. Not only can the search engine not be included, but it will continue to submit requests to increase the burden on the server, such as mouse effects, column effects, status bar effects, and so on. The principle of these special effects is first downloaded by the server to your local machine, and then run on your local machine to generate, and then you can see it. More effects are done, and it will take more than half a day to complete on your local machine, and if your host configuration is average, it will be even slower. Therefore, it is recommended to use less JavaScript effects.
8: Use large pictures and FLASH on the page
We know that pictures are the most important factor that slows down the internet speed. After pictures are processed, the picture space can be made smaller. In the private customized website made by Leading, all the pictures on the website have been processed, otherwise many pictures will be started. Occupying a lot of space makes the website opening speed very slow, the same is true for FLASH.
9: Excessive references to the content of other websites
Including pictures, video files, etc. that you cite from other websites. If you directly cite something from another website on the page, and the speed of that website is slow, or the page of that website no longer exists, then you will open very fast slow.

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