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Set a budget for your campaign

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If you have ever planned a vacation, you will know how important it is to set a spending limit and reserve space for unexpected expenses. Similarly, you can set your campaign’s daily budget through AdWords, and you can change it at any time.

Determine expenses

In AdWords, you can choose a daily budget for each campaign based on your advertising goals and the approximate amount you are willing to pay each day.


Suppose yourCost-per-clickThe average is 0.10 yuan, and you want to get about 100 clicks per day. You can set the budget to 10 yuan per day.

For this example, you can calculate the daily budget using the following formula:

$0.1 x 100 = $10/day (cost-per-click x daily clicks = daily budget)

If you are used to using monthly advertising budgets, you can calculate the daily budget this way: divide the monthly budget by 30.4 (the average number of days in a month).


Suppose you generally spend 304 yuan on advertising each month. Then, to calculate the daily budget, simply divide 304 yuan by 30.4, and you can get a daily budget of 10 yuan.

For this example, you can calculate the daily budget using the following formula:

304 yuan/30.4=10 yuan/day (monthly budget/average days per month=daily budget)

You can also createShared budget, This budget allows you to allocate budgets for multiple campaigns.

Set a daily budget

The daily budget applies to a single campaign, not all campaigns in your account. Here are the specific steps to set a daily budget for a new campaign:

  1. accesshttp://adwords.google.cnAnd log in to your AdWords account.
  2. ClickCampaignlabel.
  3. Click+CampaignAnd select the one you want to createCampaign type
    • \"Search Network and Featured Display Network\"
    • \"Search network only\"
    • \"Display Network only\"
  4. On the \"Select campaign settings\" page, scroll to the \"Budget\" section and enter a separate daily budget or use a shared budget.
    Set budget
  5. Choose another campaign setting or skip this action and clickSave and continue


  • Get suggestions. If a campaign frequently runs out of daily budget and has the potential to get more clicks and impressions, AdWords will provide budget recommendations.
  • Don't let go after setting a budget. Please check your account regularly to see if any campaigns have budget constraints or excesses. Restricted budget means that you will miss some of the clicks and impressions you can get; if you use automatic bidding, an excessive budget may increase your ad’sCost-per-click. You can check the \"Status\" column of the \"Campaigns\" tab to see if any campaigns are in \"Limited by budget\" status.

You can change the daily budget (an unlimited number of times) at any time. You canCampaignEdit the campaign’s daily budget under the tab, as follows:

  1. CampaignIn the table, click the budget you want to edit.
    Change the budget of a campaign
  2. Enter a new campaign budget.
  3. Clicksave

You canSet upEdit the campaign’s daily budget under the tab, as follows:

  1. Select the campaign to edit.
  2. ClickSet uplabel.
  3. In the \"Budget\" section, click next to the campaign’s daily budgetmodifylink.
    Change the budget of a campaign
  4. Enter a new budget.
  5. Clicksave

If you want to modify the budget for multiple campaigns at the same time, follow these steps:

  1. accesshttps://adwords.google.cnAnd log in to your AdWords account.
  2. ClickCampaignlabel.
  3. Check the box next to the campaign you want to edit. You can also click the checkbox next to the \"Campaigns\" column header at the top to select all campaigns.
  4. modifySelect from menuChange budget...
  5. In the window displayed on the screen, you can set the budget to a specific amount, and you can increase or decrease the budget by percentage or specific amount.
  6. ClickPreview changesView the modification result, or clickMake changesEdit selected campaigns.
How budget changes take effect

You will see these adjustments in your account immediately after changing the campaign’s daily budget. Depending on when you modify the budget, your campaign will use the budget in different ways. Specifically, your budget will change as follows due to the time or frequency of your changes:


Campaigns usually use up 50% of the budget in the first half of each day and the remaining 50% in the second half. However, if the user’s demand for your ads reaches a peak in the morning, your daily budget may be used up by 70% in the morning.

At this time, if you modify the budget around noon, you may need to spend an additional 50% of the new daily budget in the afternoon, which may result in the total expenditure on the day being slightly higher than either of the new daily budget and the old daily budget. The reason for this is that, within your monthly cost limit, the system will slightly overuse your daily budget during the days with high traffic within a month to offset each Daily budget remaining.

If you significantly reduce your daily budget, you may also cause your ads to slow down significantly for the rest of the day

Multiple times a day

The system will charge you according to the highest daily budget you selected on that day.


The amount you will pay in the current month will not exceed the following amount: New budgetMultiplyDays remaining in the month,PlusThe total cost of the campaign before the budget change.

For example, suppose your daily budget on November 24 is 5 yuan, and you have already spent 113 yuan in that month. If you change the daily budget to 10 yuan on the 24th, what you need to pay in November The fee will not exceed the following amount:

113 yuan spent before the 24th + (10 yuan/day X the remaining 7 days) = 183 yuan

Multiple times a month

The calculation method is the same as when the budget is changed in the middle of the month.


Even if you did not intend to change the daily budget of your campaign, the following actions will be considered as budget changes (used to calculate your maximum payment amount in a natural month):
  • Change the campaign end date.
  • Change delivery mode (standard delivery or accelerated delivery).
  • Choose a different time zone for your AdWords account.

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