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Responsive website construction price

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In the current web design industry,Responsive website designIt is already a standard configuration. The most important thing for responsive website design is to match the increasingly detailed screen size, so designers also try to improve themselves to solve these difficulties, and the picture design on the web page is indeed responsive design. A big difficulty, so what are some techniques that can handle the response of these pictures without involving the code, here Donghao Lianchuang Responsive Website Design Company will talk about it for everyone! !


First, consider the aspect ratio of the picture
There is no doubt that the picture browsing experience on the desktop is completely different from that on the mobile. For the vast majority of websites, the location of the pictures is very similar, the same. The designer's task is to ensure that when the website changes with the screen and device, the picture display will not become strange and distorted during the expansion and contraction of the page layout.
At this time, we must always keep in mind the aspect ratio of the picture, and always control the aspect ratio will not change.
Back to the desktop webpage, the large background image or the picture placed at the top of the page looks very beautiful, but when it is switched to the mobile device, the screen ratio and orientation are different first, so is it still so beautiful What? Will the presentation of information be lost after the picture is reduced? Will it be stretched?
At this time, the control of the aspect ratio of the picture becomes particularly important. Control the original image not to be stretched, and at the same time make the aspect ratio of the part displayed in the image match the corresponding screen as reasonably as possible, so that you don’t have to worry about too many responsive breakpoints, which leads to you need to upload too many images .

Second, prioritize the design of the smallest screen
You may think that you should start with a large-screen device first, but you will find that the content on the large screen is compressed and displayed on the mobile phone, and there will be a problem of inconsistent proportions, and the picture will become flat. But if the initial design is on the mobile phone, then basically there will be no big problems on the big screen. And it can be better designed according to core products and functional areas.

Third, cut unnecessary elements
Although carousel and gallery controls are very easy to use, many designers often add a lot of junk content to them. The most common is to cram a bunch of navigation arrows, buttons, text, and even behavior call buttons. The list goes on.
In general, users are actually familiar with how to interact with controls like carousel images. Unless your design is so different from our perception, you must use other navigation methods to guide users.
Try to keep only the elements that users need, simplify things, and don't give too many choices. In fact, the simplified design can improve your conversion rate.

Finally, a unified user experience can increase the user's sense of dependence on your product, can easily use your product on different devices, and can ensure that the user can better complete the task when using it, thereby improving the economic benefit of the product .

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