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Reference process for website filing

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Leading domestic servers use Tencent Cloud servers, so they need to file on Tencent Cloud for the website. The following is the process of filing. This process is just a reference for everyone. The actual filling and information to be provided are subject to the requirements in the system. Among them, \"additional record\" process requires a record authorization code,Click to get

The filing process includes: registering a Tencent Cloud account → adding a new record → filling in the main body information → filling in the website information → uploading the material → submitting the audit → mailing the material → handling the photo → submitting to the Authority → the record is completed.
Register Tencent Cloud Account
Step 1: Register Tencent Cloud account. Enter the URL www.qcloud.com in the address bar of the browser, open the Tencent Cloud platform page, and click the \"Register\" button;
Step 2: Use QQ number to register Tencent Cloud account. It is recommended that enterprise customers register a new QQ number for website filing, click \"Register new QQ number\", and follow the prompts until the QQ number is successfully registered. (Note: Individual users can directly use their personal QQ, enter the QQ number, click \"Verify QQ Number\" and then skip to the fourth step below to continue the operation.)
Register QQ number.jpg
Step 3: Log in to this page www.qcloud.com, click the \"Login\" button in the upper right corner, enter the newly registered QQ account information on the login page to log in to this platform;
Click Login.jpg
Step 4: After login, this page appears, fill in the relevant information, and then click the \"Agree to Agreement and Submit\" button;
Step 5: Then log in to the mailbox, find the received email, and click the link in the text to complete the registration. If you have not received the email, please click the \"Resend\" link on the following page;
Step 6: After successful registration, the registration completion page will pop up.

New record
The first step: open this page beian.qcloud.com, log in with QQ number, and click \"New record\";
Click Add Record.jpg
The second step: fill in the domain name you want to record, if you want to record multiple domain names, you can write one here, followed by more detailed steps to write the domain name and website information. Then click \"Next\";

Enter the domain name to be filed
Step 3: Select the server IP to place the website. userObtainFor the record authorization code, just fill in the obtained record authorization code. Clicking the \"Get\" link in the system is invalid.

Fill in the subject information
The fourth step: fill in the main information of the record, that is to say, who runs this website, if the individual records, it is you, and if the enterprise records, it is to fill in the enterprise information. After entering \"Organizer ID Number\", the system will intelligently determine whether this subject has been filed, if it has been filed, two fields \"\Sponsor File Number\", \"Record Password\" will be added below, and The organizer’s record number is generated by default. If the access domain name has been recorded, the password here must be filled in correctly before proceeding to the next step. If the subject has been recorded but the domain name has not been recorded, the organizer’s record number and record password will still be automatically generated. You can fill in inaccurately or go to the next step. After filling in, click \"Next, fill in the website information\". (If you have forgotten the record password, please go toMinistry of Industry and Information TechnologyIn the upper right corner \"Recover the record password\" Provide relevant information to retrieve, the password will be sent to the corporate legal person's mobile phone or email by default. )
Fill in the subject information
Fill in the website information
Step 5: Fill in the website information for the record. Three websites can be added here. One website can submit 3 domain names. You can fill in the information according to your own situation. After filling in, click \"Next, upload information\";

Upload information
The sixth step: uploading information, you need to upload the scanned copy of the original document and the scanned copy of the information security management agreement, the original checklist and other materials, as required;

Submit review
Step 7: After the materials have been transmitted, you can submit for the first review. After the submission, the prompt is as follows, and then you can wait for the reviewer to do the first review~

Step 8: If you pass the preliminary review, you will see this prompt in the background, reminding you to mail the information and handle the photo:

Mailing materials, taking photos
The ninth step: click \"Next, mail the information, handle the photo\", enter the next step, you can see the address and number of copies of the mailing information, and how to take pictures.
This picture shows the materials and the number of copies you want to mail, and the recipient address. The mailing address is divided into different provinces. Please refer to the prompt in your system~

After receiving the mailed material, the filing party will review it as soon as possible. After the review is passed, the system will prompt \"paper material has been approved\", as shown in the following figure:

The picture below tells you how to handle the photo, click \"View Verification Point Address\", and then select the province to be registered, you can see the free photo point, you can go to our free photo point to take photos, or you can apply By mailing free curtains, you can leave the address, contact person and other information, and you will be able to send it to you~~Generally, it will be sent on the day of application before 16:00 on the same day, and will be sent on the day after 16:00. After sending the curtain, you can view the express information:
Click to view the address of the verification point.jpg

Click on a province.jpg
Application Screen.jpg
Step 10: Upload the taken photos. If your page displays like this after uploading, it means that your photos have been uploaded successfully~ This is only for users who take pictures of themselves. If you take a photo at the photo spot, you don’t need to upload it yourself. The photo spot will upload it for you. After you take the photo, you can send the information. After receiving the photo, Tencent Cloud will review it. After the review is passed, it will prompt \"Your verification photo has been approved\", as shown in the figure below.
Submit to the Authority
Step 11: If the photos and materials are approved, your information will be submitted to the Communications Authority, and you will see the following prompt:

Submit to the Authority.jpg
Filing completed
The twelfth step: If the authority passes the review, it means that your filing is successful, and the account number of your website will be displayed in your account, as shown below:


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