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Prevent ads from showing in specific geographic locations

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For your campaign to be successful, it is important not only where your ads should be displayed, but also where they should not be displayed. byGeolocation exclusion, You can prevent ads from serving to specific areas in a specified geographic location, such as a specific area in a country or a city in a province. This can help you prevent the display of ads to users in geographic areas that don’t belong to your products/services, so you can allocate your budget more reasonably.

You can exclude geographic locations one by one to achieve greater control; if you want to enjoy greater convenience, you can use \"Batch location multiple geographic locations\" function to exclude a large number of geographic locations at once.

It may be possible to exclude specific areas within a specified geographic locationBenefitOf advertisers:

  • Enterprises that do not ship or provide services to specific areas or cities in a large area.
  • Enterprises that are carrying out preferential promotions, but the activities are not targeted at several areas within the scope of advertising targeting.


If you are advertising a campaign for an independent real estate agency in Zhejiang Province, and the company does not have an office in Zhoushan, you can target the campaign to the entire Zhejiang province, but only Zhoushan is excluded.

How to exclude specific areas

The method for setting up location exclusions is very similar to setting up location targeting. All you need to do is enter the name of the area you want to exclude.

To exclude specific areas within a selected geographic location, please follow these steps:

  1. access http://adwords.google.cn And log in to your AdWords account.
  2. ClickCampaignlabel.
  3. Click the name of the campaign you want to edit to open the campaign settings.
  4. ClickSet uplabel.
  5. Click next to \"Geography\"modify
  6. There are two ways to exclude geographic locations:
    • Search for the area to be excluded in the search box and clickexclude
    • ClickAdvanced Search, Search for the area to exclude and clickexclude. After excluding the location, clickcarry out
  7. ClicksaveTo save your settings. Your excluded locations will appear under \"Excluded Locations\".

If you choose \"Show location on map\", excluded geographic locations will also be displayed on the map, outlined in red.

How to exclude regions in bulk

To help you exclude multiple locations in bulk, AdWords allows you to add up to 1000 locations to be excluded at a time instead of adding them one by one.

To exclude multiple areas within a selected geographic location, please follow these steps:

  1. access http://adwords.google.cn And log in to your AdWords account.
  2. ClickCampaignlabel.
  3. Click the name of the campaign you want to edit.
  4. ClickSet uplabel.
  5. Click next to \"Geography\"modify,then clickAdvanced Search
  6. ClickTarget multiple locations in bulk
  7. In the box that appears, paste or enter the names of the geographic locations to be excluded (up to 1000), and you can add geographic locations for one country at a time.
  8. Select the location of the groupCountry code
  9. After entering the geographic location, clicksearch for
  10. We will display all geographic locations that match your search in the viewing panel. View your search results and clickExclude all matching locations. Under the \"Selected locations\" section, you will see the locations you just excluded.
  11. Clickcarry out
  12. After confirming your changes, click on the \"\"Settings\"\" tabsave


Please note that if selectedDelete all matching locationsOption, all these geographic locations will not only be deleted from the viewing panel, but also from the currently specified or excluded geographic locations.


Please note that you don’t need to exclude areas that are not targeted by the ad, and we will not serve your ads to areas that you do not explicitly target.

Exceptions: You target specific areas by the geographic location of the user’s search or the geographic location of the web page they are viewing, and exclude other areas by the geographic location of the user’s actual location.

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