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Overseas social media marketing

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\"No social interaction, no marketing.\" Companies that conduct overseas marketing must have no rules to avoidoverseasSocial media marketing. Well-known platforms areFacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestGoogleInstagram. According to professional statements, these are the names of social software or platforms, similar to China. Microblogging letter,Vibrato, Douban, Baidu, etc.

How to defineOverseas social media marketing

The term social media is very broad. The definition is that netizens create, share and exchange their views and experiences on virtual media or social media on an online platform. Enterprises do social media marketing, that is, in a social form, through a variety of content and consumers. Communicate through a unique media environment and break the traditional media communication model.

Currently, billions of users worldwide are using social media. Where are users and where to advertise, so advertisers have switched from traditional media to social media advertising, and social media has become a channel for advertising,Linked to consumers and corporate advertisers in the advertising industry.

Corporate advertisers spread marketing on social media, can spread the brand, build word of mouth, and can directly sell goods and directly interact with users. In the past20In the development of the Internet in 2014, social media has always been the best.

Internet communication channels

Establishing official accounts on overseas social media, such as WeChat public accounts, is an external platform for displaying corporate brands and providing brand information, such asFacebookHomepage, this is an important platform for users to understand the corporate brand.

Therefore, business owners facing global users must upgrade their new media configurations. This country mainly produces two microseisms. In foreign countries, it is necessary to openFacebookHomepage and create and disseminate content. The content of overseas social media can not be self-promotion, it is necessary to create a good brand image from the content of interest to users.

Suitable forOverseas marketingIs the main social media platform?

It mainly includes three major media, namelyFacebookYouTubeLinkedIn. They have developed very maturely and have rich advertising resources that can meet the different promotional products and promotional goals of each advertiser. Advertising resources and promotional products are optional for advertisers, just like domestic advertising circles, according to big data Analyze and provide brand's own product features, user tags and consumer features.

In addition, similar domestic forums, Wikipedia, blogs, evaluation, and Q&A community marketing are all the same. In particular, some professional thresholds and content barrier products, electronic products, software, etc. need to do these auxiliary content marketing.

Similarly, the branding of Baidu search engine is mainly conducted in Google abroad.

Just as young people in China are addicted to brushing WeChat friends or vibrato, overseas young people spend a lot of time inSnapchatInstagramFacebookWaiting on social media.

There is a very important difficulty in doing social media abroad. It is to correctly understand the real needs of users. It is different from domestic users. Due to differences in culture at home and abroad, the media environment is different. Therefore, social media itself, as the desire of export export enterprises, this is a window, a channel, an entrance, through the content test, to initially understand the true needs and ideas, opinions, suggestions, and even product research of your target users platform.

Before we traded e-cigarette projects, we passedOverseas social mediaLearned the taste, appearance and price of foreign e-cigarette users. The video is distributed through some vertical subdivisions. Familiar with labels and e-cigarette products, so that users can quickly complete the collection of opinions on products, especially new products, to avoid waste of subsequent marketing and advertising.

In foreign countries, the phenomenon of fake fans is not as serious as in China. Many domestic e-commerce platforms' network red assessments have been eliminated. This is not the user's real evaluation of the product. Through overseas social media, you can see real users. Used for real evaluation and sound of products.

Many cross-border e-commerce companies are very keenOverseas social media. Most importantly, they want to transfer goods and sell their websites and applications. This idea and starting point are correct, but this process seriously ignores the importance of content exchange.Therefore, after opening a social media account, he embarked on a path of no return to psoriasis, which led to the death of the account, and Internet celebrities did not pay attention to the creation of content.

Whether it is domestic or foreign, the first step in social media is always to accumulate content fans, and then consider monetizing.

In domestic social media marketing, there is a matrix saying that it is the same abroad. Not every platform is suitable for all corporate brands. Different social media correspond to different user groups. It is necessary to select the appropriate social media based on the target user image.

E.g,LinkedInTwitterB2BThe best choice for marketers; PinterestYouTubeMore suitableB2Cuser. Therefore, according to the marketing needs to choose different social media platform matrix operations, the operating platform must be clear, this is the strategic layout of the previous period.

For the target users of most overseas young users, it is necessary to know in time what type of social media young people like the most, because likesocial mediaSuch young people represent the latest fashion trends.

What content can attract fans and impress foreign consumers? The principle of content is king is the same, from the needs of users, to provide them with convenience, or happy, or professional content, interesting and information, more interaction, hot spots, engage in activities, play creative, send benefits.

In terms of content format, short video is currently the mainstream abroad, and the new media era in which domestic short video and graphics coexist has opened up.

YouTubeIs the world's largest video site, equivalent to China's tremolo, with a large amount of traffic and viewers, more than13.25100 million people useYouTube. Currently, every minute will300Hours of video uploaded to yourYouTube, The amount of video played per second is approximately5Hours of video content. Its powerful numbers indicate everything.

Google has acquiredYouTubeAs one of the ranking factors for Google's search engine optimization, many people may not know that the traffic and appeal of video is greater than pictures and text. If your company's products are not limited to sample introduction, if you can use video introduction, it must be a compelling eye, which is why so many people do video marketing.

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