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On the Importance of Small Language Websites in Shijiazhuang

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When a foreign trade company started its business again, the first thing that came to mind was to build an English website as a window for business promotion, but often overlookedSmall language websiteImportance. According to Google Trends, the world's largest search site, analysis of buyers' search habits: 60% of customers use English for purchases, and 40% of buyers are used to finding products in their native language. If there are only English websites, does that mean we will lose 40% of our search customers?

ThenSmall language websiteThe advantages that can bring you are:

1. PassSmall language website marketing, The target market is more accurate and more comprehensive, there is no \"fish in the net\"
2. Small languages ​​can better cater to the search habits of target customers, localized language docking, and meet the language habits and search methods of local customers.
3.Small language websiteMore affinity, can attract and impress foreign buyers.

4. Multi-language websites have many more landing pages than single-language websites. People familiar with SEO know that the number of landing pages determines the number of keywords. Massive landing pages have a large number of keywords, and English keyword competition is very competitive. Fierce competition for keywords in small languages ​​is relatively small. Multilingual websites can bring you potentially huge amounts of traffic, and localized language search customers have high accuracy!

Shijiazhuang Sunac MediaWebsite building in small languagesThe advantages

1: Increase the search volume of target customers; the more languages ​​the website uses, the greater the international space covered by the product, which in turn increases the search volume of target customers.

2: Self-service research and development of 30 small languages, a wide range of options.

3: Very high degree of translation preparation, big data automatically detects professional terminology. No translation is required for any language translation.

4: The target market is more precise, and the order conversion rate is greatly improved; through the website, customers expand their products and services to every corner of the world, attracting many customers from small language countries, and the order conversion rate can be greatly improved.

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