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LinkedIn promotion

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If you are in B2B,LinkedIn promotionIt is a good idea to be a channel for collecting potential customers.

No matter what niche market you focus on, there will always be a focus on bringing qualified potential customers out of the door. After all, potential customers become customers and customers become revenue.

So as a B2B marketer, where do you spend most of your time?

When you consider content distribution, which channels do you choose first?

What strategy did you bring to introduce these leads?

Have you seen the results you want?

In B2B,LinkedIn promotionIt's KING.

Sure Facebook and Twitter have more users, and Instagram prefers fun, but the bottom line isLinkedIn promotionThe result. If you are looking for some LinkedIn statistics focused on B2B...

· This is the primary channel used by B2B marketers to distribute 94% of content.

· 91% of marketing executives rank LinkedIn as the first choice for finding quality content.

· LinkedIn accounts for more than 50% of social traffic on B2B websites and blogs.

As great as those statistics, the most important are:

80% of B2B potential customers come from LinkedIn, while 13% on Twitter and 7% on Facebook.

If you focus on potential customers, then these numbers should be yourLinkedIn promotionAll the convincing data support required in

1. Share from your LinkedIn business page

This may seem effortless, but I have seen too many B2B brands abandon this. When you consider content distribution on LinkedIn, make sure you have set up a company page and use it to share your content.

When your content is displayed in LinkedIn users' feeds, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to identify your brand and associate it with the value you provide.

2. Post a comment on other LinkedIn posts

I support posting as many comments as possible for two reasons:

When you comment on a post, you are setting up a conversation between the author of the post and yourself. This dialogue is the key to building a relationship between you two. The more times you comment and participate in their posts, the more likely they are to do the same thing on your posts.

Build a one-to-one relationship. If you comment on someone's post, your name will find any connections there and see when the post pops up. Just place a valuable comment on a valuable post and you can put your name in front of a brand new audience interested in your area of ​​expertise.

3. Write a long LinkedIn post or article

In order for your content to be as successful as you hope, the focus must be on providing value first. If you don't provide any value, no one will pay attention to anything you share.

The premise for people to pay attention to subscription is to share valuable LinkedIn articles. Don't just share a standard post, you have to be creative and bring some value.

4. Distribute content in LinkedIn groups

According to LinkedIn itself, the LinkedIn community is on the rise again. With the recent success that the Facebook team has seen, this news should not be surprising. Let's break it down...

The LinkedIn group is essentially a huge room filled with people you want to locate. If you are trying to contact B2B marketers, please join some B2B marketing LinkedIn groups. Trying to contact the SaaS founder? Join the LinkedIn group centered on SaaS.

Once you enter, start discussing the discussion posts that complete two things: (1) provide important value to those who see it, because value should always be ranked first, (2) bring traffic back to your content.

5. Access your audience's LinkedIn profile

This may sound like a small move, but if you do it at the same time as something else, then something as simple as viewing the profile of the person you want to reach can work wonders.

Every time you view someone's profile, they will be notified. They will see your face and name and know that you are showing some interest in them. If they see your post or your direct message in their feed, they will recognize you and are more likely to attract their attention.

Not just hoping that the top executives you want to reach happen to see your content full of noisy information, but take some extra steps to make it jump out as much as possible.

6. Share text-based status updates

On most social networks, when you attach a picture or video to a post, engagement usually increases. The same is true of LinkedIn. The following is a quick study of Social Media Examiner's views and participation:

When you scroll through the feed, how often do you see a picture with a link or a picture with likes and comments? Maybe you have seen some, but you are more likely to see text posts in the feed explode.

It may be an algorithmic thing, or it may just be a plain text post that seems to fit the feed more naturally and is easier to consume. In any case, don't evade the plain text method. They are the key to building trust with your connection and proving your credibility in your professional field.

7. Ask colleagues to share your LinkedIn posts

In the age of algorithms, the more traction your post gets in the early stages, the more love it gets from the algorithm, and it will eventually have more influence.

If you are a 10-person sales team, don't just click to post, hope they meet it and give it a like. Take a link to your team and ask if they can take a moment to like it. Even if only 6 or 7 people give you this feeling, you still have 6 or 7 people who like your previous question.

Of course, this does not sound like the viral traction you are looking for, but remember: every time you share a new LinkedIn post, the more engagement you get, the more information you get.

8. Share images with reference content

At this point, we know that providing value in every post is the key. With this in mind, try to share certain images from the content, which can provide a little value.

If you have an infographic in one of your blog posts, please insert it into your LinkedIn post, and if they are looking for more information, please send it to the full post. If you have completed some major research, please share one of your charts or tables to gain insight. When you are thinking about value first, you are preparing for your success.

9. Sharing videos brings people into your content

Many new video marketing trends are changing the game. In the past year, LinkedIn has begun to launch some of its own native video sharing tools. If this does not prove that they promote the video content in the user’s feed, I don’t know what.

Just as images can provide value in advance, video can provide great value to readers before they read words.

Above areLinkedIn promotionSome suggestions.

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