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LinkedIn makes you a more professional professional

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Through leading keyword research toolsWordtrackerLinkedInSet professional information

LinkedInThe first step on the road to success is to create a well-optimizedLinkedInProfessional files.

LinkedInProfiles are usually ranked on the first or second page of search results for your name, so if you want to impress those who search for you, you will want your profile to be complete. Usually, depending on whether they are logged inLinkedIn, They will see the following information about you at the top of your profile.


Below this, they can read more about you based on the information you share in specific parts of your profile. The following are the most important things to fill out.

If you have created your own profile and want to edit it, please log in to yourLinkedInAccount and click\"personal information\"Under menu options\"Edit profile\". Then click Edit next to the corresponding area you want to modify.

Name and photo

LinkedInThe user agreement clearly states that you should not post inaccurate information in the designated fields of your profile. This means you only need to use the real first name and last name in the name field-No keywords, symbols, email addresses, links or other miscellaneous information. They also want you to use avatar photos for your profile picture.

For your profile picture, you should use a professional picture that is best for your other social profile. Make sure you allow everyone to see your profile picture. In this way, people associated with other places will be able to easilyLinkedInIdentify you.


Your title is one of the most important parts of your profile. It appears inLinkedInThe various places, including:

GoogleIn the search results on...

Googlesearch results

LinkedInIn search results...

Linkedinsearch results

Invite to contact other members...

LinkedinInvitation card

Suggest others to follow...


Next to the question you answered\"about you\"In fragment...


Popup window when someone hovering over your name...

Linkedin pop-up


Whenever you change your current position,LinkedInWill suggest that you update the title to match it. If your main goal is to improve your current position and company, that is what you should do. But remember, when people search for specific keywords, your headline has a great influence on how you rank in internal search results. I suggest that you add target keywords in the title instead of the job title.


Although they don’t have anySEOValue, but you can add up to three custom links to yourLinkedInpersonal information. Be sure to use\"other\"Drop-down menu instead\"Company website\"\"Personal website\"\"Blog\"\"RSS Feed\"\"portfolio\"Add your website.

LinkedinCustom link

This way, you can use custom anchor text for the link. These will make visitors click more attractive. I like toLinkedInConsider custom anchor text on profile conversion juice, not link juice.


LinkedInAllows you to add multipleTwitterLink to yourLinkedInPersonal information, these links will appear below your website link.

Linkedin Twitter

You can also use aTwitterAccountLinkedInUpdate personal information. If you don’t want every tweet to be in yourLinkedInAs an update in your profile, please check this box to#in#liHashtag sharing tweets.


Your summary is a part, you can write a paragraph or two about your overall professional experience. Consider your elevator spacing. If someone asks you what to do for life, that is what you will say. Consider the type of person you want to contact (recruitment manager, recruiter, business partner or client) and write down your expertise to sell them to.


Current and past positions also help optimize your specific keywordsLinkedInPersonal data becauseLinkedInDesigned to allow people to search for others by industry. Therefore, if you wish to use your personal data for\"real estate\", Then make sure you are in at least one current and/Or real estate is included in past positions.


Add the school you attended and any other details about your degree, field of study, activities, clubs and other instructions-Especially if they are relevant to your industry.

Skills and expertise

This section allows you to add professional skills keywords to your profile. You can add up to your profile50Pcs.

When you start typing each skill, you will get a drop-down list. Be sure to select the closest match from the drop-down list.

This will give you the opportunity to further optimize the profile of specific keywords and be listed as one of the top professionals in a specific skill group.

other parts

If you have filled in all of the above, but you have not updated yourLinkedInProfile, then you may miss the new section they added to get more professional details. When editing your profile, please find the link below.

When you click\"Add part\"You will get some additional partial options for certification, courses, publications, etc.

Be sure to use as much as possible. Some content, such as the publications section, even allows you to link directly to your publications, such as e-books on your own website, books on Amazon, etc.

Below the other sections you can add, you can also find the ones you can add to your profileLinkedInApplication list.

These applications allow you to further expand the functionality of the configuration file. For example, if you haveWordPressBlog, you can useWordPressThe app imports the latest posts to yourLinkedInpersonal information.

You can also view\"More\"Menu and select\"Get more apps\"To see more information about the application. Some apps allow you toSlideSharePresentations, lawyer ratings, polls, and other industry-related information are added to your profile. App will not appear as part of your public profile-People need to log inLinkedInAnd contact you to view its content.

Personal information

If you want to share personal details such as your phone number, address, instant message processing, date of birth and marital status, please be sure to\"Personal information\"Partial input. Phone numbers, instant messages and addresses will be listed for everyone-Your date of birth and marital status can be displayed publicly or only to your connections.

Contact preferences

Help others understand you by editing your contact preferencesLinkedInReason.

Please keep in mind that this area is displayed publicly, so if it may lead to conflicts with your employer, you do not want to include the job query you are searching for.

Public profile settings

After completing your profile, please be sure to modify your profile and click\"Public profile\"Next to the link\"modify\"Link to make it public. You can also customize according to your profile settings displayed in public search.

It is recommended to allow as much information as possible to be displayed publicly. In this way, people can search in regular search results andLinkedInFind your profile in the search results. Before they contact you, they can learn more about you, which will cause them to want to contact you.

Keep your personal data validWith active

In addition to participationLinkedInOutside of groups, you can also keep your profile active by adding status updates. To do this, use the menu link to go to the account’s homepage and then use\"Shared update\"frame. You can also attach links to your updates, which will extract the page title, description and some thumbnails for selection.

If you want to change the title or description of the input URL, click\"modify\"link. Otherwise, just enter another comment and click\"share it\"That's it. This will post the update to your connected newsFeedAnd your profile.

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