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Link Google Analysis and Google Adwords

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By linking a Google Analytics property and an AdWords account, you can analyze customer activity on your website after an ad click or ad impression occurs. This information can help you understand how much traffic or business AdWords has brought to your website, and help you improve your ads and website.

After linking the two accounts, you canImport goals and transactions in Google AnalyticsView Google Analytics data in AdWords reports,as well asImport Google Analytics Remarketing Audience. You can also view AdWords data in Google Analytics reports.

This article will show you how to link the two and how to modify or unlink Google Analytics property.

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To link AdWords to Google Analytics or modify or unlink the two, you need to use a Google account with the following Google Analytics and AdWords permissions:

  1. For Google Analytics property, you need to have\"Modify permissions
    • To check your permissions, click on the top of the Google Analytics pagemanagement, Select the property you want to link and clickUser Management. If you don’t see \"User Management\" in the property column, you can ask your account administrator if you have \"Edit\" permissions.
  2. For an AdWords account, you need to haveAdministrator rights
    • To check your account access, click the gear menu (), then select \"Account Settings\". In the menu on the left, select \"Account Access\".

How to link AdWords and Google Analytics

  1. Login to your AdWords account
  2. Click the gear menu () And selectLinked account
  3. Under \"Google Analytics\", clickcheck the detail information. At this point, the system will list the Google Analytics properties that you can access. (If you don’t see the Google Analytics property in it, make sure you own the property\"Modify permissions. )
  4. Click next to the property you want to associate with AdWordsSet Link. Choose media resources for the business you promote with AdWords. (You can associate multiple media assets.) \"Altered\" is displayed next to the media assets that have already been linked instead of \"Set Linked\".
  5. At this point, you will see one of the two screens described below:
    • If the property you selected is onlyA data viewAnd you will see the name of the view. selectImport website metricsYou can view Google Analytics data in AdWords reports. (To add this data to your report, you also need to follow the instructionsAdd Google Analytics columns to AdWords reports. )
    • If the media resource hasMultiple data views, You will see a list of all views of the property that you can associate with. There are two settings:
      • Related: Associate as many data views as needed. This allows you to view AdWords click and cost data in Google Analytics, and import goals and transactions from Google Analytics into AdWords.
      • Import website metrics: (Recommended) Select a data view from which to import website engagement metrics. Although this is optional, we recommend choosing a data view to be used in your account Google Analytics report columnShows the website engagement index.
    If your AdWords account belongs to an AdWords manager account (MCC), and the manager account is already associated with this property, you will also see a dedicated column that shows which views are associated with the manager account.
  6. Clicksave

To link other media resources, repeat the above process.


After you link your AdWords account to a Google Analytics view,Have access to this viewAnyone at will be able to view the AdWords data you imported. Similarly, if you choose to import Google Analytics data (such as goals and transactions, metrics, or remarketing lists) into your AdWords account, anyone with access to that AdWords account will be able to view your imported Google Analytics data .

Once Google Analytics data (such as goals) is imported into AdWords, it is subject to the AdWords Terms of Service.

Edit or remove linked Google Analytics property

Once linked to a Google Analytics property, you can add or remove views, modify settings, or completely disassociate the property. You must have Google Analytics \"Edit\" permissions or AdWords administrator permissions to edit or remove links.

  1. Login to your AdWords account
  2. Click the gear menu () And selectLinked account
  3. Under \"Google Analytics\", clickcheck the detail information
  4. At this point, the system will list the Google Analytics properties that you can access. Click next to the property you want to edit or unlinkmodify
    • modify: Close the view that you want to disassociate, or replace the view that you want to use for site engagement metrics.
    • Unlink: ClickRemove link
  5. Clicksave

If you unlink previously linked properties, Google Analytics reports will no longer show data from AdWords (such as clicks, impressions, CPC, etc.). But you can still access the session data that was generated before you unlinked the account. After you unlink, new sessions resulting from clicks in these linked AdWords accounts will appear as Google Analytics reports as\"(Not set)\". Any remarketing lists based on this association will be closed, and any goals or transactions you imported into AdWords from Google Analytics will also be disabled.

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