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Learn why we charge you

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  • We will not charge you anything other than AdWords advertising fees.
  • Your bill includes your advertising costs and any unpaid expenses from the previous billing cycle.
  • However, your bill will not exceed yourSettlement threshold

Your bill

Your bill includes two costs, one is your advertising costs, and the other is all unpaid costs from the previous billing cycle.

Settlement amount = Current charges

(Expenses from this billing cycle)

+ Outstanding balance

(Unpaid costs from previous billing cycle)

If the total billed amount exceeds yourSettlement threshold(That is, the amount that triggered the bill), then the extra charges will be added to the outstanding balance of the next bill.


Suppose we automatically charged you AdWords fees on January 30. After charging the fee, your account balance is 63.8 yuan. Your ads continue to run and accrue costs.

  • On February 29th, 30 days after the last automatic charge, we will charge you half of the day.
  • In the 30-day period, you accumulate a fee of 1748.8 yuan, which is displayed on the \"Transaction History\" pageDebitColumn. You received a service adjustment of 6.3 yuan, shown inCreditColumn. Therefore, the amount you owe during this period is 1742.5 yuan (1748.8 yuan-6.3 yuan).
  • Don’t forget that you still have an outstanding balance of 63.8 yuan in the last payment cycle. Adding the outstanding balance to 1742.5 yuan, your total payable at the end of February 29 is 1806.3 yuan. This is displayed at the end of the dayBalanceThe amount in the column.
  • However, because we only charge you half of the day's cost, and your ads accumulate activities throughout the day, the actual fee charged is 1675.5 yuan. This is the total amount of your balance before Google made the payment request.
  • After charging the fee, your account balance is 130.8 yuan (1806.3 yuan-1675.5 yuan). This amount will be used as March 1Opening BalanceDisplayed and will be charged in the next payment.

Frequently asked questions about charges

Charge more than once in a month

We do not charge a fee once a month, nor will we collect fees uniformly at the end of the month. We may charge you on any day of the month, depending on whether your account has reached the specified threshold. A charge will be triggered once the threshold is reached, which means that the system may charge you more than once a month.

For example, if your threshold is RMB 500, we will charge you every time your fee reaches RMB 500. Therefore, if your total monthly cost is 1500 yuan, you will be charged three times, 500 yuan each time (3 x 500 = 1500).

Same charge

This rarely happens, but if you see Google AdWords charging you two identical charges on your credit card or bank statement, there may be two reasons:

  • Authorization request: This is a request generated between our settlement system and your credit card issuing bank. Every time you make a payment, the system generally generates an authorization request, and the request will appear as a pending payment, the amount is the same as a processed charge. These authorization requests usually disappear within a few days, and the time required varies by bank.
  • Double charge: System errors may result in double charges, which means that the same payment will be billed twice in your account, and neither charge will be marked as pending on the statement.

If your bank statement indicates that there are duplicate charges, or that there is an authorization request that never disappears automatically, please contact your bank for assistance.

Be sure to check your outstanding balance carefully by clicking the gear icon ,then clickSettlement. See if two payments are displayed and the balance is correct. If it is correct, there is no need to contact Google.

Some days the amount charged exceeds the daily budget

Internet search traffic is changing every day. To accommodate these fluctuations and ensure that your campaign does not miss the potential audience it should attract, Google allows a maximum of clicks in a dayDaily budget20% of the upper limit allowed. We call this situationOverdelivery

However, our system will ensure that within a specified billing cycle, you will never be charged more than your daily budget multiplied by the number of days in the corresponding billing cycle.

For example: If your daily budget is RMB 80 and the billing period is 30 days, the maximum amount you need to pay is RMB 2,400.

If Google over-delivers your ads and you incur a billing cycle that exceeds the amount allowed by your budget, we will automatically issue an overdelivery refund amount to your account. For example, if you accumulate a click cost of 350 yuan in a month, but your daily budget is 10 yuan, (that is, each 30-day billing cycle has a budget of 300 yuan), you will get 50 yuan Overdelivery refund amount.

To find out if you received a refund for overdelivery, please follow these steps:

  1. access https://adwords.google.cn And log in to your AdWords account.
  2. Click the gear icon And chooseSettlement
  3. ClickCampaign activities
    • To view events for a specific month, click in the colored bar below the corresponding monthSummary. then clickExplanationIn the columnCampaign activitieslink.
    • To view the activity of a particular day, click in the colored bar below the corresponding monthDetails. Then, click next to the date you want to viewExplanationIn the columnCampaign activities
  4. If there is any refund amount to compensate for the over-delivery of the ad, the amount will be displayed in theOverdelivery refund amountInside a box on the page.

Charged after manual payment

If you use the automatic payment setting and then make a manual payment later, the system may also charge you based on the automatic billing cycle setting. The reasons are as follows:

  • During your manual payment process, our system is charging you through the automatic payment method: The automatic payment cycle is on time, so if you make a payment while the process is in progress, our system may still charge you. This may happen if you make a payment when your account balance is close to the billing threshold, at the end of the calendar month, or at the end of the 30-day billing cycle.
  • Your account has reached the end of the billing cycle: After manual payment, your account will return to the normal billing cycle. The system will automatically charge you when the account charge reaches the billing threshold, or when the last automatic payment has reached 30 days (whichever comes first).

Charged again after redeeming the promotional code

If you set up automatic payments, your ads will continue to run and accrue charges after your promotional code credit is used up. If your credit has been exhausted and you don’t want to incur any more costs, you can pause your campaign or adjust your campaign budget (refer to the link below).

Charged outside the billing cycle

In the following cases, we may charge you outside of your billing cycle:

  • You made a manual payment (by clicking on thepaymentButton). Automatic payments are processed within the set billing cycle, but you can make manual payments at any time.
  • Your account may have recently been upgraded to the new billing interface. In this case, we will charge the account balance during the upgrade; however, you will not be charged any upgrade fees. This one-time fee will be charged outside the normal billing cycle; all future charges will be charged within your normal billing cycle.

Charge me even after stopping ad serving or canceling my account

After you choose to stop running your ads (by canceling your account or suspending/removing your campaign), it may take several hours for the AdWords system to stop your ads completely. After that, your ads will no longer incur any costs.

However, we will still charge you for any unpaid advertising costs incurred before your ads stop running. The settlement cycle of our system is 30 days. Therefore, you may not be charged the final fee until a few weeks later.

To find out if you have unpaid advertising costs, click the gear icon And chooseSettlement, Then check your current balance at the top of the page.

The cost shown on the bank statement does not match what I see in my AdWords account

In some cases, the charges shown on your bank statement will be different from what you see in your AdWords account. Some common causes of such situations are as follows:

The fee deviates from the deduction time by one or two days
In most cases, this is because AdWords and bank statements have different billing dates. AdWords and banks operate different systems, so payments cannot always occur at the same time.

Bank charges are not shown in AdWords
If this happens, you can check the two accounts as follows:

  1. If you have multiple AdWords accounts, please check each account to see if the associated costs are displayed. (In many cases, your 10-digit customer ID number will appear on the bank statement.) See below for details on how fees are displayed, or learn more aboutUnauthorized chargesDetails.
  2. If you still cannot determine the source of the cost, you canContact our support team. Please prepare a screenshot or scanned copy of the relevant expense item. This can help us investigate related expenses more conveniently. Please be sure to cover all fees and other information that are not related to the relevant fees-we take your privacy very seriously.

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