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Is LinkedIn useful in China

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enterLinkedIn, This is a popular professional network platform, since2014Successfully opened a store and operated a review version in China since 2000. Like other companies,LinkedInThere are many reasons to want to operate in China. The huge market with hundreds of millions of potential users continues to expand as more people gain Internet access.

LinkedInIt is the largest professional network in the world, with hundreds of millions of members, and is developing rapidly.LinkedInThe mission is to connect professionals around the world to make them more efficient and successful.LinkedInCan help you: build your professional fileBuild and maintain your professional networkFind and reconnect with colleagues and classmatesUnderstand other companies and gain industry insightsUse groups to find other professionals in the same industrybyLinkedIn Search for jobs, apply for jobs, and post jobs. The following mainly introduces the functions of searching jobs and posting positions.

you can use itLinkedInSearch and apply for job opportunities posted by companies and recruiters based on keywords, title or location. If you do not want to apply for a job at this time, you can save it by clicking Save above the job description. You can access the saved assignment at any time to start the application process.

1. On LinkedIn ChinaSearch job

1.ClickLinkedInWork icon at the top of the homepage.

\"search forposition\"Field, typepositionTitle, keywords or company name. Remember, you can use Boolean search modifiers to help optimize your job search.

you can use it\"Search location\"Field type city name, state//Region name or country/Region name. You can pre-fill the required location for you, but you can update it by typing another location in the text box. A drop-down list will appear, where you can select the desired location.

2.Click Search.

Use the filter at the top of the page and follow the release date,LinkedInFeatures (including your network,10Applicants under the age and simple application), company, experience level, etc. to further optimize your search. Click all filters to view other filter options. You can click the sort by drop-down menu at the top of the search results to sort the search results by relevance or publication date.positionThe number of days posted is listed at the bottom of each job summary.

3.ClickpositionTitle to view details.

two,LinkedInApply for a job

If you see a job you are interested in when searching for a job, you canLinkedInApply easily. according topositionThe content selected by the poster, you will see\"Simple application\"\"application\"Button.

1.Look for work.

2.Click the job to view detailed information.

3.Click at the top\"Simple application\"Button.

Note: If you see\"application\"Button instead\"Simple application\"Button, you will be routed to the company's website or job board to continue the application process.

4.Fill in the required fields. Required fields may vary from job to job, and may include contact information, job preferences, resume and work experience. Learn aboutLinkedInFor more information on applying for external hosting positions.

You can choose to follow the company that posted the job.

5.Click when finished\"submit\"

three,LinkedInPost jobs on

LinkedInProvides the ability to create online recruitment information to promote your company’s open positions. Job seekers can work throughoutLinkedInSearch for these opportunities on the Internet. In addition, will pass\"Jobs you may be interested in\"The function recommends job postings to potential candidates.

1.ClickLinkedInThe job icon in the upper right corner of the homepage, and then select Publish Job from the displayed menu.

2.Click to post a copyposition

3.You will be prompted to fill in the following fields:

Company: Start entering your company name, then select the appropriate option from the drop-down list that appears. Remember, you must first create a company page for the company you want to post the job.

Job title: When you enter a job title, you will see a list of standard job suggestions. Select the appropriate title from the displayed drop-down list.LinkedInThe recommendation technology will make recommendations throughout the job posting process based on the job you provide.

Location: When you enter at this location, you will see a drop-down list where you can select the appropriate location.

4.Click Next.

positionChoose up to three on the posting pagepositionFunction and company industry. Automatically fill in the employment type and seniority level according to the position you provide. If you want to choose a more accurate option, click the drop-down list. You can also click to edit the icon at the top of the original company name, position and location editing page.

5.Type in the text boxpositionDescription (required).

6.Click to specify the skill required for the job and add the skill icon.

Choose how you want people to apply: If you choose to let candidates apply for theirLinkedInPersonal information and notify me via email, the system will prompt you to confirm to which email address to send the notification. Choose letLinkedInCollect applications and notify you that your email address will not be disclosed to the applicantIf you choose to apply directly to the external website, the system will prompt you to provide the external website’sURL(Ie your company's applicant tracking system). Add any screening questions to ask the qualifications of the best applicant when applying.

7.Click continueSet a daily budget.

Note: After setting the daily budget, you will be able to see the following instructions: Cost breakdown How your daily budget can serve you

8.Click Continue to checkout.

Fill in your credit card details. If you already have a file payment method, your default payment method will be displayed. If you want to add a new payment method for this purchase, select Add payment. You can view the order details before posting the job. You will be able to see the daily budget, total budget and other detailed information.

9.Click Publishjobs

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