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How to view LinkedIn visitor records

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LinkedIn has become one of the most popular online platforms for social, career, and work-related networks. Are you interested to knowWho viewed you on LinkedIn? The information you can find depends on whether you have a free membership account or a paid premium membership with certain features.

In either case, you must set privacy settings to make your profile visible so that viewers can see your name and title. This also allows the website to track information about who viewed the information you posted.

Free LinkedIn account

If you have a free account and choose to display your name and title, you can see up to five people view your profile, the number of times your profile has been visited and the number of times you appear in search results.

The information you can see about people who have visited you depends on how they specify their privacy settings. If they set \"Name and Title\", you should see their name, title and employer. If they choose to remain partially anonymous, then you can see limited information, such as title and industry, or company only.

If they choose to be completely anonymous, you will only see \" LinkedIn members \" or \"someone from the United States\".

Premium LinkedIn account

Power users can see an unlimited number of people who have accessed their profiles and other information, such as ratings and industry representative trends. However, advanced users will still not see any other information about viewers who have restricted access through their privacy settings.

Where to view your profile view

Information about who viewed your profile is displayed in the \"Your Dashboard\" section on your profile page.

  • Up to 5 people viewed your profile

  • Visits to your profile

  • The number of times you appear in search results

You may start wondering who viewed you on LinkedIn and what to do when someone views your profile. Should you leave a message or contact them?

What can you do to use those who have seen your profile? This may be a hiring manager, and you will be happy to hear that someone can help you find a new job network in an ideal company, or an old colleague who you want to contact again.

When you see the connection between them, understand why they look at you, or how they found your information, you will have more information to help you decide whether or how to respond.

Should you contact the person viewing your profile?

Compared with random people who have no obvious reason to look at your profile, it seems more natural to reach those who are logically connected to you. For example, you may graduate from the same university at the same time, or have similar majors.

Maybe you have something in common with your previous employer, although the time is different, the location is different, you live in the same area, there are many common connections, or belong to the same professional organization.

If you take the initiative to contact them, you don’t have to say that they have read your information, they may not even remember to read your information when you took the initiative to contact them. You can focus on your common bond and why you want to contact them.

When you are not sure why they look at you

Please keep in mind that viewers without an apparent connection may accidentally click on your profile. Sometimes, when people search for someone, they may click on the profile of other people with the same name.

Therefore, if you do not have any professional or private contact with this person, you may just want to ignore them. However, if you find that they work for a company you are interested in, or you find other connection points, you may want to send them a message.

After all, the worst result is usually that they ignore you, so you may have nothing to lose except for some of the information assigned to you (depending on your LinkedIn account level). In your communication, make clear why you want to communicate, including how you can help them. You can refer to their views on your profile, or simply explain why you contacted them based on their background.

When to shoot

You don’t want people to feel like you are following you on LinkedIn, so take a break first, and don’t contact someone immediately after they have read your profile. It makes sense to wait a day or two. If that person accidentally contacted you, they may not remember it.

If you are a recruiter or a hiring manager, you don’t want to leave the impression that you are desperately throwing at everyone who has seen your resume.

What to say in your LinkedIn message

If you do mention that the viewer has viewed your profile, you can say this: \"I noticed that you accidentally discovered my profile. When I checked your profile, I was curious to find that our career has Some interesting similarities. I want to talk to you...\"

In this way, you recognize the common interests between you and provide a reason for further development of the relationship. If you decide to take the initiative to contact, before contacting, take a look at these tips for sending LinkedIn messages and invitations.

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