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How to register on LinkedIn

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One,Sign up for LinkedIn

LinkedInIt is the world's largest professional network with hundreds of millions of members, and we are developing rapidly.LinkedIn'S mission is to connect professionals around the world to make them more efficient and successful. WantJoinLinkedInAnd create a profile for you:

1.Navigate toLinkedInregisteredpage.

2.Enter the name, email address and password you want to use.

Note: The real name must be used when creating the configuration file. As we explained in the user agreement, company names and pseudonyms are not allowed.

3.Click nowLinkedIn

4.Follow the prompts to complete any other steps.


LinkedInFill out a simple form on your homepage, and attach your name, email address and required password. You will then be asked to fill out a slightly longer profile form and ask about your position, employer name and geographic location. You will be asked to passClickLinkedInConfirm your email address with the link in the message sent to you. Finally, you will choose whether you need a free or paid account. That's it. This process takes about five minutes.


Everyone canLinkedin.comOn the homepage of\"todayJoinLinkedIn\"frame. Please enter your real name and email address in the box and create aaccessLinkedInPassword. Don't forget to write it down and save it. Ideally, your password will contain a mixture of numbers and letters, including uppercase and lowercase. Finally, click at the bottomJOIN NOWButton. The form will disappear and you will be invited to create your professional profile by describing your current employment status.

three,createLinkedInHome page

Filling out a simple form allows you toLinkedInCreate a basic professional file. The profile box varies according to the working status you choose, for example\"Current employment\"\"Look for work\". By default, the first box indicates you\"is using\". You can select other states by clicking the small arrow on the right (e.g.\"I am a student\") To change it. Whichever status you choose will cause other questions to pop up if you are a student, just like the school name.

If you are employed, please enter your geographic details-country/Region and postal code-And your company name. When you start typing the business name,LinkedInIt will attempt to display from its database the specific company name that matches the letter you typed. By ensuring that the company name is entered correctly, selecting the pop-up company name will makeLinkedInIt is easier to match with colleagues in the company. in caseLinkedInCan't find your company name in its database, please click from\"industry\"The small right arrow next to the box displays a long list when selecting the industry that matches your employer. If you are employed, please\"Job title\"Type your current position in the box. When finished, click at the bottom\"Create my profile\"Button. You are nowLinkedInA simple configuration file was created on the website.

four,You can ignoreLinkedInscreen

LinkedInWill immediately invite you to identify others you already knowLinkedInregisteredMember, but please feel free to click at the bottom right\"Skip this step\"link. It takes some time to contact other members. Now, at the beginning of trying to identifyLinkedInBefore the potential connection of the network, it is best to stay focused and complete the account setup.

Fives,Confirm your email address

Next,LinkedInYou will be asked to verify the email address you provided on the first screen. You should follow the confirmed instructions, which will vary depending on the address you provide. If you useGmailaddressregisteredLinkedInWill invite you to log in directlyGoogle. Alternatively, you can click at the bottom\"Send confirmation email\"link. then,LinkedInA link to your email address will be sent. You can open another browser tab or window and click the link. This link will take you backLinkedInwebsite, Where you will be asked to click on another\"confirm\"Button and use the password you created at the beginninglog inLinkedIn

six,carry out

You will see one\"Thank you\"\"You are almost done\"Message, there is also a border that invites you to enter the email addresses of colleagues and friends in order to contact them. Better click again\"Skip this step\"To finalize yourLinkedInaccount setting

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