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How keywords work

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  • Keywords are words or phrases that are used to connect your ad to the words that users search for.
  • By choosing high-quality, relevant keywords for your campaign, you can reach the right customers at the right time.

Suppose you want to eat a burger. You come to a restaurant and find that the menu is full of food names such as \"food\" and \"bread with meat\". Even if the burger at this restaurant is second to none in the city, you may still leave without ordering anything. The restaurant has lost you, the customer, simply because the name of the dish they used does not match your imagination.

In order for your ads to show when users search for your products or services, the keywords you choose need to match the words or phrases they use, or be relevant to the content of the websites your customers visit.


If you sell Frisbee, you can add \"Buy Frisbee\" as a keyword in your AdWords campaign. When users enter \"Buy Frisbee\" in Google search, your ad may appear on the search results page. In addition, your advertisement may also be displayed on websites related to extreme frisbee sports.

You can also addNegative keywords, So your ads won’t show on searches that include these terms. Using negative keywords can help reduce advertising costs because it ensures that your ads will only show to the audience you need. You can use negative and regular keywords together to show your ads only to the audience you want. For example, if you specialize in pet dog clothing and do not involve any pet cat clothing, you can add \"猫\" as a negative keyword to ensure that your ad will not be displayed to users looking for pet cat clothing.

When choosing keywords, you need to decide how much you are willing to pay each time a customer clicks on your ad (this is yourCost-per-click). Choosing the most relevant keywords will not only improve your advertising performance, but also help keep your CPC low.

How keywords work on each ad network

  • Google search andSearch network partner sites: CreatedAd group, You need to choose keywords related to the search terms used by users so that your ads can show to customers the moment they find your products/services.
  • Google Play: If you want to promote mobile apps, you can choose keywords that are related to how users find apps. It’s best to add all the keywords that you think users might use, but please note that Google may expand the scope of certain keyword match types in an application-specific way. For example, AdWords may make minor changes to search terms (such as adding or removing the word \"app\"\) to better match your specified keywords.
  • Google Display Network: If you choose to show ads on sites on the Display Network, AdWords will use your keywords to place your ads next to content that matches them. Google’s technology scans the content and URL of webpages and automatically displays ads with keywords that closely match the theme or URL of the webpage. For example, on a page that introduces brownie recipes, AdWords may display ads about brownie or delicious dessert recipes. Learn howChoose keywords for Display Network campaigns

Choose relevant keywords

Relevance and quality are critical to keywords: overly broad keywords are difficult to attract potential customers, and may affect the profits your ads generate.

For example, selecting the broad keyword \"包\" to promote luggage supplies may cause your ad to show to users who search for unrelated content such as \"茶包\" and \"包钢\". This may reduce the CTR of your ad. Using more specific keywords and including words describing the products you sell will help you reach the customers you really need through advertising. In the above case, you can choose to use more relevant keywords such as \"luggage bags\", \"portable travel bags\" and \"buy bags online\".


  • Please choose your keywords carefully. Add words or phrases your customers may use to describe your products or services. Make sure the keywords are directly related to the theme of the ad and the webpages you direct customers to. Keywords composed of two or three words usually get the best results.
  • Group similar keywords together.Try to divide keywords by subject. When determining these topics, you can refer to your products, services, or other categories. For example, if you sell rings, you can specify a set of keywords for \"engagement rings\" and another set of keywords for \"wedding rings\". You can then create separate ad groups for these keyword groups and create separate ads for \"engagement rings\" and \"wedding rings\".
  • Choose the appropriate number of keywords. Most advertisers find it appropriate to use 5 to 20 keywords per ad group.

Keyword bid

Keywords will also determine to a certain extent what you need to pay. Each of your keywords has a cost-per-click bid amount. These bids represent the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click on your ad, also calledMax CPC. However, you do not necessarily need to pay the maximum CPC for each click.

Whenever a customer conducts a search, the system conducts an auction to determine the ads to be displayed for this search and the order in which the ads are displayed. The AdWords system evaluates and calculates your keywords for each auctionQuality score. Quality Score depends on the recent performance of keywords and ads, the relevance of keywords and ads to search terms, and other factors. The higher your Quality Score, the lower the bid required.


If you are new to AdWords, consider usingAutomatic bidding With this type of bidding, you only need to set a 30-day target budget, and the AdWords system will set bids for you. The goal is to get as many clicks as possible within that budget. If you want to further control keyword bidding, you can also choose manual bidding, so you can set your own bids.

When setting a maximum CPC bid, you need to consider the value of each click. How valuable is it for you to visit your website once? If the value is high, then you better set a higher bid. In general, the higher the CPC bid, the higher the position of the ad on the page.

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