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How about LinkedIn China

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LinkedIn has entered China, and now the number of users has increased from 4 million to 10 million.

In the past year and a half,LinkedIn ChinaThe most important thing is to launch a separate application Chitu for the Chinese local market. This application is completely built by the LinkedIn China team. This is also the first time LinkedIn has applied for a market separately. Chitu is an app that helps Chinese professionals succeed locally. This is the biggest difference between Chitu and LinkedIn. Chitu is more in line with the needs of ordinary Chinese users.

The reason why LinkedIn has the right to play this independent product is inseparable from its company structure.LinkedIn ChinaIntroduced two external investors, Sequoia Capital and China Broadband Capital, to provide the team with a more flexible approach and more local support.

Maybe inLinkedIn China, The balance of resources tends to Chitu, but it does not ignore the other end of the dual-brand strategy:LinkedIn ChinaIt is also improving its ability to adapt to the Chinese market environment.

At the end of last year, a new version of the LinkedIn application optimized for Chinese users was launched (in the past two years, the word \"specially in China\" will definitely appear on a high frequency), which enhances the IM attribute and uses more Chinese The user's position. The personnel function provides a higher priority portal and uses LinkedIn data to recommend more suitable positions and potential professional contacts.

In fact, in other places outside of China, LinkedIn has adopted a \"multi-application\" strategy, such as an independent job search called LinkedIn Job Search. However, the rise of WeChat DAMAC seems to confirm that the type of \"big brand\" polymer platform products is loved by Chinese users. The new version of LinkedIn integrates the original independent news application Pulse, the content will appear on the homepage, and \"send news\" and \"send photos\" are also added at the top of the homepage-let’s say that at least I personally think that the old and new The version is more like two applications. This once again proves the status and authority of the Chinese market to LinkedIn.

Of course, changing perspectives is like changing the environment and adapting to it at the same time-even making the entire environment more cooperative and symbiotic, LinkedIn has also entered China.

In terms of B2B, LinkedIn has also helped China. The most famous is its recruitment solution. so far,LinkedIn ChinaHas provided recruitment solutions for nearly 600 corporate customers. Unlike the local resources of other recruitment platforms, LinkedIn is the only global talent platform in China that provides global recruitment solutions companies. In the context of the increasingly urgent two-way talent flow of Chinese companies, LinkedIn's overseas advantages are undoubtedly huge.

In addition, at the two-year conference held in China, Shen Boyang announced that LinkedIn has officially launched marketing solutions for corporate customers, and is committed to accurately delivering advertising and marketing information. Due to the large number of people in the workplace, accurate delivery has become a matter of course. For example, a company that sells servers can publish advertisements on the pages of IT executives.

In addition,LinkedIn ChinaDistrict President Shen Boyang reports directly to Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s global chief executive, which allows LinkedIn’s leadership to better understand the needs of the Chinese market and make decisions that are conducive to the development of the Chinese market.

Li Wei said that to many people's surprise, LinkedIn has launched offline activities and offline advertising in China. This does not match the style of overseas Internet companies, but LinkedIn headquarters gives the Chinese team enough freedom to make such an attempt.

In product development, Li Wei focuses on LinkedIn's cooperation with Tencent and Ant Financial. LinkedIn and Tencent's WeChat and two-way account binding cooperation, you can bind LinkedIn card in WeChat. LinkedIn and Ant Financial Co., Ltd. Cooperation with Sesame Credit. By binding a LinkedIn account, you can increase the user's credit score, which allows users to get more related services, including visa processing.

In this way,LinkedInChinaContinue to explore with two brands LinkedIn and Chitu in China. The dual-brand strategy also emphasizes LinkedIn China's more independent operations.

LinkedIn ChinaAlso launched marketing solutions for corporate customers. LinkedIn's marketing solution is to provide targeted, targeted, and interactive social media advertising solutions for corporate marketers to help companies build commercial brands globally. Shen Boyang told Tencent Technology: \"This is different from other foreign social media marketing solutions. This is not only for the international market, but also for China, to provide services in China.\"

right now,LinkedIn ChinaMore and more discussions about how to become more independent on the shoulders of the LinkedIn giant next. From a capital perspective, spin-offs are a good choice. There is no doubt that whether it is a spin-off or a future LinkedIn purchase of part of China, the employees who hold options and the investors in LinkedIn China will have a good return.

\"In the future, we will cooperate more with third parties to strengthen marketing and content operations, and continue to commercialize the two product lines of recruitment solutions and marketing solutions.\" Shen Boyang said.

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