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Great collection of English website search engines

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In this era of rapid development of the Internet, all walks of life have taken advantage of its ride, especially in the foreign trade industry. In order to facilitate foreign trade personnel to find more resources overseas, I have summarized some English website search engines for you.

Great collection of English website search engines

Yahoo search engine


There are more than 10 language versions in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Danish, and the content of each version is different from each other. Provide category, website and full-text search functions. The catalog classification is relatively reasonable, the level is deep, the category is set well, the website summary is strict and clear, but some websites have no summary. The website contains a rich collection, the search results are highly accurate, and there are query links for related web pages and news. Full text search is supported by Inktomi. There are advanced search methods, support logical query, time limit query. There are new station and cool station directories.

AltaVista search engine


There are English version and several other Western versions. Provide text-only search. Provide full-text search function, and have a more detailed catalog. The web page contains an extremely rich collection of web pages in 25 languages ​​including English, Chinese and Japanese. The search homepage does not support Chinese keyword search, but there are pages that support Chinese keyword search. Capable of recognizing upper and lower case and special nouns, and supports logical conditional limit query. Advanced search function is stronger. Provide retrieval services such as news retrieval, discussion groups, graphics, MP3/audio, video, etc., and access to channel zones to search for topics such as health, news, and travel. There are two-way online translation services such as English and other languages, and there is a \"family filter\" function that can filter out unhealthy content about drugs, pornography, etc. in the search results.

Excite search engine


It is a concept-based search engine. It not only searches the keywords entered by the user, but also \"intelligently\" infers the relevant content that the user is looking for when searching. In addition to the US site, there are multiple sites in Chinese and France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Support 11 types of keywords in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, etc. Provide category, website, full text and news retrieval functions. The catalog classification is close to daily life, detailed and clear, and the website contains a rich collection. The website summary is clear and complete. There are many search results and high accuracy. There are advanced search functions, support logical conditional limit query (AND and OR search).

InfoSeek search engine


Provide full-text search function, and have a more detailed classification directory, you can also search for images. The web page collection is extremely rich, mainly in Western languages, supports simplified and traditional Chinese retrieval, but the Chinese web page collection is less. It can recognize case and idiom during query, and supports logical condition limit query (AND, OR, NOT, etc.). Advanced search function is stronger, and there are other services such as dictionary, event query, yellow pages, stock quotes and so on.

Lycos search engine


Multi-functional search engine, providing multiple retrieval functions such as categories, websites, images and sound files. The catalogue classification specifications are set with detailed categories, the website classification is more accurate, and the summary is concise. Rich collection. The accuracy of search results is high, especially the function of searching images and sound files. There is an advanced search function that supports logical conditions to limit queries.

AOL search engine


Provide multiple functions such as category search, website search, white page (person name) query, yellow page query, job query, etc. The catalog is meticulously categorized, the website contains a wealth of information, and the search results have a website summary, sorted according to accuracy, so that users can get the desired results. Supports Boolean operators, including AND, OR, AND NOT, ADJ, and NEAR. There are advanced search functions, and there are options to search within the corresponding range according to user requirements.

HotBot search engine


Provides a detailed index of classified categories, rich website collection, and faster search speed. Advanced search with strong functions, search function in multiple languages, selection of restrictive conditions such as time and region, etc. It also provides special search services such as music, yellow pages, white pages (names), email addresses, discussion groups, road maps, stock quotes, work and resumes, news titles, and FTP search.

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