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Google auction ranking experience

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Google auction ranking experience
1. Google auction ranking account opening: There are currently two account opening modes in China, one is the self-managed account mode, which is responsible for account opening, recharge, optimization and maintenance of accounts. At present, Google offers free up to 1,000 yuan for this mode. Keyword advertising; the other is the more traditional and currently more popular Google agent model, that is, Google agents are responsible for account opening, recharge, optimization, etc., you only need to do certain supervision work. The general account opening fee of the model is 600 yuan/year, and the agent's technical service fee is 20%, that is, 1W is pre-stored, and a 2K technical service fee is required. Different accounts should have different options.
2. Selection of Google auction keywords: After opening an account, you must choose the keywords you promote with the customer service. At this time, you need to use the Google keyword tool. This keyword tool is based on Google's local and global related keywords. Search volume and bidding situation to provide reference for you to choose keywords. The selection of keywords should pay attention to the following points: first of all, the main keywords and long-tail keywords should be selected in combination with the actual site, and at the same time, the remaining keywords can be retained as candidate keywords, which is convenient for future optimization. Select; Secondly, pay attention to observe the keyword selection rules of competitors. If the competition is very fierce, there is no need to fight with the opponent, avoid its edge, attack it, and do long tail and blue ocean can often achieve better conversion results.
3. Google auction description ad setting: After selecting keywords, the next important job is the setting of the ad description. This is actually a very important part. Often, the click-through rate and conversion rate of the campaign are not high or not. Descriptors are directly related. The description is generally divided into four lines, the first is the title, the second two lines are the description, and the last is the link URL, each line has a word limit, and there can be no such as \"most\", \"top\", \"first\" and the like Extreme and subjective keywords. The key to writing a good Google auction description is as follows: 1) The title and description should contain the target keywords of the website as much as possible; 2) The description should be as concise and clear as possible, try to highlight the characteristics of the website, and attract the attention of the target audience; 3) more Write a few ad descriptions, and observe which description has the highest click-through rate after going online, which is often the best; 4) The link URL is not just a link to the homepage of the website, but the link to the keyword corresponding to the ad description. Destination URL to increase conversion rate.
4. Google auction account settings: After completing the above three steps, you also need to set up the entire account. There are many aspects here. The first is the setting of keyword campaigns, including the budget of the campaign, the advertising language arrangement of the campaign, etc., followed by It is the delivery setting of the entire account, including delivery area, delivery time, etc.
5. Google auction keyword optimization techniques: This part of the content is obviously the most important, of course, each of the previous work is a premise and foundation. Google’s bidding keyword optimization techniques mainly summarize the following points: 1) Keyword budget setting skills at the beginning of the launch: Don’t be afraid of high click unit prices at the beginning, try to get as many high click rates as possible at the beginning, click rates come up, the unit price is It will automatically come down, and the higher the click rate, the faster the unit price will come down, and the cost of the last single click is the lowest. This is generally difficult for novices to control. After all, looking at such expensive click costs, I have no idea. 2) Keyword optimization techniques: In the initial stage of optimization, you must always observe the changes in the unit price of keywords in the account. Some keywords may fall quickly, the click rate remains stable, and the traffic is also very high. These are the key keywords in the future. Words may slow down slowly, and the unit price can’t always be said. You have to see if the competition is too fierce, and then look at the quality of the traffic brought by the analyzer. If the quality is not good, simply drop it, and the quality can be Observe again. In addition, when the unit price continues to decrease, your campaign budget can also be reduced immediately, which can prevent the unit price of keywords from rebounding.
6. Other techniques for promoting Google auctions: In addition to the above, doing Google auctions must be closely integrated with Google Analyzer to observe the quality and conversion rate of keywords in a timely manner; regularly change ad descriptions, often rotate some keywords online, and do a good job Daily data report for timely analysis and adjustment, and so on.

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