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FACEBOOK advertising optimization method

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FacebookNews about it earlier this yearFeedThe changes made by the algorithm mean that social media marketers need to promote their advertising games on the platform. This is especially true for social media teams with smaller budgets, who may see a drop in organic coverage.

Social marketers atFacebookOne of the most important metrics tracked on the website is the conversion rate. Generally, conversion refers to the point at which a user switches from a browser to a buyer.

For many marketers, conversion is a top priority. A good conversion rate is one of the best indicators of success and the key to achieving a strong return on investment.

Conversion is not just about driving purchases. They are also about driving actions. Perhaps the goal of the campaign is to increase newsletter subscriptions or shoppers to add products to the wish list. All these operations can be regarded as conversion events.


FacebookIs the number one social media site driving conversions, which makes creating effectiveFacebookAdvertising becomes more important.

Follow thisTips for your nextFacebookCampaign conversion to success.

1.Define conversion events

Before trying to convert anyone, you should clearly understand what you want users to do after seeing your ad.

FacebookSupported conversion types include: view content, add to heartWish list, start checkout and purchase. If you have other goals, you can also create custom conversion events.Don’t expect an ad to meet all your conversion goals. Create separate ads for each goal, consider where these goals fit in the consumer journey, and target accordingly.

2.The premise of keeping the destination

Ads can only be as good as their landing pages. When you decide where you want to convert, make sure you have everything ready to fulfill the promise of advertising.

Here are a few steps to take when preparing a landing page:

ImplementPixel. Once you have determined the page where you want the conversion event to occur, you need to changeFacebook PixelCode is added to the page to track events. For more information on this, please readHootsuiteuseFacebook PixelGuide.

Aim for continuity. If your ad promises one thing, make sure the landing page is provided. You do not want users to find shoes on the pants product page. Design and language should also run through.

Optimize the application. As more and more people are willing to shop on their phones, you may want to attract users to your app. In this case, please make sure you register your app and contactFacebook SDKintegrated.

3.Create compelling visual effects

User only2.6You can select the location to log in on the webpage in seconds. Using eye-catching images will increase the chance that their eyes will fall on the advertisement. Most first impressions are obtained through design, so treat the visual effects like a handshake.

Don't use text to overload images. In fact,FacebookIt is recommended that you use text carefully in images, if any. Don’t use text to crowd out visual effects, but consider moving the copy to a specified text area. If you must include text, useFacebookThe image text check tool gets a rating.

Dimensions. The low-resolution visual effects reflect your brand. ViewHootsuiteA convenient image size guide to ensure that your assets meet the correct size specifications.

useGIFOr video. Select the movement on the static image to attract the user's attention. Don’t forget to test the vertical video on your mobile device.

4.Keep the copy short and sweet

Clear copying is usually the second element of strong advertising, but if there are too many, users may not even bother to read it.

personalise. Use personal pronouns like you and the relationship between your suggested brand and audience. But please pay attention to \"us\". A recent study found that \"we\" is more suitable for repeat customers.

Don't use jargon. Speak in the language of your audience, not technical vernacular that no one understands.

Keep it short. Too many words can be intimidating, so focus on the necessities and discard the rest. The Hemingway app helps this.

5.Include direct call-to-action

Since conversion is all about motivating action, strong call-to-action is essential. If your conversion goal is to let users visit product pages or understand your company, powerful verbs such as start, discover, find, and explore will be great.

If your goal is to promote purchases or subscriptions, please use words such as \"Buy Now\" or \"Register\" directly.

Read about effectiveCTAFor more guides.

6.Expand your audience

When creating an ad, please select \"Targeting Extension\",FacebookYou will find more users similar to the ones you specified in the \"Interest targeting\" section. Not only does this allow you to reach more people, it may also drive more conversions at a lower cost per conversion.

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