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Edit disapproved ads

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If any of your ads are disapproved, then unfortunately, this means that the ad is currently not running properly. To get your ads running, please find the specific disapproved ads, and then modify the content of the ads to match ourAdvertising policy

Please follow the steps below to correct the disapproved ad and resubmit it for review.


Step 1: Find out why your ad was disapproved

You can log in to your account to viewadlabel\"Status\" column in, to understand which ads are disapproved and what is the reason for disapproval. Hover over the white bubble icon next to \"Disapproved\" Ad disapproval bubble Go to, and click Disapproval Reason to learn more about the policy.

prompt: Activate the \"Policy Details\" column in your account to view the exact relevant policies and a link to information on how to correct your ads. See howEnable \"Policy Details\" column

If you think your ad has been disapproved by mistake and it matches AdWords policy, Then you only need to make a small change to the ad text and save the changes, the system will automatically resubmit your ad for us to review again. \"Resubmit my campaign for review\" The link will send the entire campaign for review, and we will only review its compliance with URL-related policies. Please also note that changing and resubmitting the ad will reset the statistics related to it to 0.

How to view all disapproved ads at the same time

If your account is large and contains a large number of ads, we recommend that you use filters to find all disapproved ads:
  1. Access the account's advertising tab
  2. Above the statistics table, clickFilter
  3. selectCreate filter
  4. Choose from the first drop-down menuApproval Status
  5. Uncheck all other check boxes, just keepDisapprovedCheck box.
  6. If you will use this filter in the future and you want to save time, you can checkSave filterCheck box.
  7. Clickapplication

The ad form will automatically update to show all disapproved ads.

Step 2: Edit the ad or website

Is the website suspended? If your website is suspended due to policy issues, please resubmit your adprior to, First understand howFix website

To correct disapproved ads, please read the relevant policies carefully, and then modify the ads to comply with the policy. The method to modify the advertisement is as follows:

  1. Access the account's advertising tab
  2. Hover your mouse over the ad you want to modify, and a pencil icon will appear next to the ad. Click the icon to edit the ad directly in the corresponding row.
  3. Make changes to the ad to comply with all our policies, then clicksave. Be sure to modify your ad. If you do not make any changes to the ad, you will not be able to resubmit your ad for review.
  4. The system will automatically resubmit your ad for review.
    Before you submit your ads for review, be sure to correct any violations. This is important because if your ads, keywords, or website are again disapproved for violating advertising policies, your AdWords account may be subject toTemporarily disabled, Which means your ads will stop running. If you believe that the alleged violations are caused by our misjudgment, you cancontact us. However, please note that if after review we find that your ads do violate our policies, you will need to correct and submit your ads again, which will cause you to wait longer for your ads to resume running .

caution,Edit your adThis is equivalent to removing the original ad and creating a new one. Therefore, the statistics of the ad will be cleared. However, you can still view the performance history of the original ad. To do this, select from the \"All but removed campaigns\" drop-down menu above the statistics tableAll

  1. Ad disapproval bubble

How to resubmit the entire campaign for review

If your ad is disapproved because of an issue with the ad’s landing page or URL, you can use the link in your account to resubmit all active ads in the entire campaign. For example, if your ad was initially disapproved because the landing page was temporarily unavailable, you can use this option to resubmit the campaign after your page returns to normal.
Please note that this option only applies to ads that have been disapproved due to certain issues related to the website or URL.
  1. Access the account's advertising tab
  2. Check the \"Status\" column and hover over the white bubble icon next to \"Disapproved\" Ad disapproval bubble on.
  3. ClickResubmit my campaign for review. Please note that this link will only appear if your ad has been disapproved due to issues related to the landing page or URL.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to resubmit the disapproved ads that meet the above criteria in this campaign.

Step 3: Wait for us to review your ad

After you modify and save the ad, the system will automatically submit the ad for review.statusThe column will change from \"Disapproved\" tounder revieweffective

For most ads, we will 1 working dayComplete the review within. However, the review process for some advertisements is more complicated, so it may take longer. After we review your ad, the status of the ad will be updated to the current one in your accountApproval Status. If you encounter the situation where the ad review time exceeds a full working day, please be patient! We will review your ad as soon as possible. In this case, you can alsocontact us

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