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Difference between Google auction ranking and Baidu auction ranking

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Google's bid ranking is also called Google Adowords. Google can be said to be the first search engine company to launch bid ranking. Baidu is modeled after Google's Baidu bid ranking. Different companies have different ideas, different business strategies, and the business forms they make are also very different. Here is a detailed analysis of the difference between Google's bid ranking and Baidu's bid ranking.

1. Auction Ranking Rules

Google’s bidding ranking rules are similar to Baidu’s bidding ranking rules. They are ranked based on the comprehensive scores of quality and bids derived from keyword traffic, relevance, creative recognition, etc., but Google has a rule. The higher the quality score, the more Baidu has tended to imitate Google since the recent incident. It is unclear whether this aspect has changed like Google.

2. Charging rules

Google: 3,500 ad storage fees, 700 service fees, 600 account opening fees, a total of 4,800 yuan, with a minimum click starting from $0.30.

Baidu: 5000 yuan for pre-storing of advertisements, 600 for service fees, a total of 5600 yuan, minimum clicks, starting from ¥0.50.

The other charging rules are similar, and they are charged based on the number of clicks.

3. Coverage

Baidu basically only faces China, and Google has 112 interface languages, supporting local search results in 55 countries and 35 languages, covering more than 250 countries and regions around the world.

4. Bidding promotion signs

Baidu's bidding ranking promotion is on the left, and it is only distinguished by small letters \"promotion\" and \"snapshot\". It is not easy to distinguish the search results from the normal ranking. The Google bidding ranking promotion is on the right, and it is clear Indicates the sponsor, which is why Baidu promotion is better than Google promotion.
Difference between Google auction ranking and Baidu auction ranking

5. Single advertising display mode

Generally speaking, search engines will display customer’s promotional ads in sequence within the limit. If there is only one keyword in a certain situation, Baidu will only display the customer’s ad in the first place, followed by the normal ranking results, and Google’s on the right. The client’s ads are all displayed on the side.

6. Regional control

Baidu customers can be promoted according to the company's product sales scope, can be placed in a municipality, or can be promoted to the whole country. Google has done more finely. Customers can set different regions to advertise themselves, and the positioning is very accurate, which can be divided into a few kilometers.

7. Daily budget

Baidu has a limit on the amount of daily traffic based on keywords, with a minimum of 50 yuan, and Google has no limit.

In general, Google is more user-friendly, and Baidu favors commercial and economic benefits.

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